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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will check these at the weekend. I was hoping that with it being apart that all seals had been replaced.....but maybe not!
  2. So I have just bought a new to me 300tdi 90 which has been apart and fully resprayed. When I was going down the motorway at 50ish in the rain, water is literally dripping on my feet and it seems the passenger floor is also wet. I guess there is some seal missing but none that are obvious I can see missing.......any ideas please?
  3. Nige, Can I ask why it doesn't fit the Puma bonnets? Is it weight or are they different mountings etc? I have a 300tdi but it has a puma bonnet, so I guess I can't fit this kit?
  4. Thanks for the help and answer much appreciated! I guess from that then that using the drain plug in the tank is going to be pretty useless in getting everything out? The tank needs to come off and be turned upside down and flushed through the drain plug, ideally? Bugger!!! At least I know though, thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone, Quick question, does a Defender 300 TDI fuel tank have baffles in the tank? Tank has been replaced with what was supposed to be a good second hand one however it appears there's lots of hay/straw in it! The lift pump keeps pulling it through and blocking the filter and the fuel pickup pipe. I thought it might just be a bit but so far I've pulled an entire handful out and it's still coming. I'm just wondering if draining and flushing the tank is an option or if it will just get caught in the baffles and I'm fighting a loosing battle and need to put a new tank on? Each time I thought it was clear I drive up the road and it conks out Just trying to decide if I can solve it without a new tank or not, I want to use it without fear of it leaving me at the roadside. Thanks,
  6. Anyone on here done a 3.2 TDCI conversion? How easy/hard is it? Any idea what's involved? Separate question how easy is it to swap an engine but keep ABS, Speedo, etc working? Not talking about the 3.2 TDCI here, my point is how easy would it to put a mechanical engine in a TDCI like a Cummins? No doubt people will want to know why I'm asking, simples really, I want to replace my 300tdi Defender with something newer (I like the TDCI interior) but I want something nicer to drive that I don't have to go up and down the gears constantly when towing so I want something with power! The Defender is an awesome vehicle but it does lack power in standard form.
  7. Retropower, wow what an amazing job your doing!!!! I wish I had the patience and skills Can I ask a quick question about your clutch arrangement please? I guess from what you have said so far that you used the Sprinter dual mass delete with a custom spigot bearing and the TDI clutch plate, have you used the standard clutch slave cylinder, push rod (Not sure what it's called) and release bearing from the R380 and does this work without any modification? I currently have an OM603 flywheel and Merc clutch plate with a Mitsubishi drive plate (Which fits the TDI splines exactly), I haven't got them together yet as I'm moving house and need to get a garage installed first but it would be handy to know for when I get to that point.
  8. Ok this is not something I'm going to do but I'm interested to know the answer! How integrated is the TDCI engine management into the rest of the vehicle, is it completely standalone or would removing the engine and ECU render others things inoperable? Or in other words how feasible is it to fit a none TDCI engine to a TDCI Defender and has anyone done it?
  9. The issue is the old rims are too narrow for the tyres I have, hence buying the upgraded one's from Craddocks which are wider. The spacers will sort the issue I just need to find some at a decent price.
  10. They need to be 30mm so I really need some making.
  11. Yes that's what it has temporarily ....................... it's ok moving it round the yard but not sure I fancy driving it on the road with them on though.
  12. Hi Garry, Thanks for the link. Yes the spacers are fitted they are literally only a few mm thick (3mm from memory). You are correct that the rims are different, basically the inside of the rim isn't flat it's ridged presumably to add strength, this obviously reduces the internal diameter of the rim and therefore the caliper catches. (Should have taken a picture it might make more sense). The only ways round it are: 1. Back to drums (Not keen on that idea it stops pretty well with the discs). 2. Different wheels (Again not keen as these are brand new). 3. 30mm spacers (This seems the easiest option, although be it at a cost). Pete
  13. Hi, The rims are Craddocks. The 101 has the Zeus disc brake conversion fitted on the front and this catches the rims. Mach 6 would probably solve the issue but I have other things to do on this project at the moment and at the moment I can't move it because the rims don't fit which is holding me up (Didn't know the rims wouldn't fit until after I'd sold my originals and tried to fit the new one's ).
  14. Thanks, the price they quoted I'd need to have won the lottery
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