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  1. I didn't build it in the end! I would love to have done but things changed and I lost my storage/workshop and I was also worried about iva. Ended up buying another 90 so the 100 inch will have to remain a dream for now 😉
  2. Oh wow thanks for that much appreciated, great information!
  3. Thank you for the link I will have a look (I never thought to search build threads for garages!). The 100mm is the interesting bit that's pretty much what I need as the opening is 2700mm and the eaves are 2800mm. There's no room for a roller. So it looks like either side opening or sectional.
  4. I wasn't too sure which section to post this in so I hope this is ok. Now my Land rover stable is a little larger I need to replace my ageing wooden garage with steel building. The openings are going to be 2.5m wide by 2.7m high and i'm looking for some cheap and secure ideas for the doors? I don't want roller doors because of how much they reduce the head height, I'd like to be able to back a vehicle on a trailer in the garage hence the 2.7m height. So has anyone built their own? Do you have some pictures of the construction you wouldn't mind sharing? I really like the idea of using the polycarb panels to add light something like the pic below maybe (Just an idea at the minute so i'm open to all ideas please): frosted galss door
  5. Ok thanks for the help. Just to add another question what about the stumpy R380 with an LT77 to V8 conversion ring........ Will this be too short? I already have these components as they were bought for a 101 conversion but I sold the 101 before I did it. So really just trying to determine if I can reuse what I have or if I'm just making things difficult for my self. It would be great if I don't have to source more components.
  6. Quick question: If I want to put a V8 into a 300tdi Defender is the Short/Stumpy R380 the best route to go gearbox wise please?
  7. Thanks for the part numbers, the ESR4526 looks like the middle box I have from the pictures. Pretty sure there is another silencer after this though (will check). So assuming those parts are correct what should the front pipe from turbo to middle silencer be? I ordered ESR2297.
  8. I'm still not 100% sure which part is wrong, whether it's got the wrong silencer or the wrong front pipe. I pictured the only flange I found that fitted the silencer (no idea what it's off!) and you can see it's a mile out from fitting the front pipe I bought. The only other thing I thought is should it have a cat? Would that make the front pipe longer? I don't really want a cat and I don't believe it needs one as a requirement but I guess a 1998 may have had one as standard?
  9. Could this seriously be the issue? I'm not 100% sure on the make but the two flanges are definitely different sizes! I assumed I'd ordered something wrong. But couldn't find another part code. When I get a minute I'll take it off and measure it properly but the bolts will not line up. I could try this thanks but I think the biggest issue at the moment is the bolts on the flanges don't line up. Someone mentioned the back box could be bigger flanges on a Td5? Is this true maybe the back box is the problem and not the front pipe. Does anyone have a diagram of both exhausts for a 300tdi and a td5 to see if they are different please?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. Can I ask who the other companies you tried were please? NFU really don't seem keen to even give me a quote 😭.
  11. What have I done wrong! Ordered a front pipe ESR2297. 300TDI 90 on R reg. The flange from the front pipe to the large silencer bolts don't line up!!!!! The flanges also seem to be a slightly different size although if the bolt holes lined up I'm sure they'd go together. It also seems a few inches short and although I can pull them to meet it takes more effort than I'd like. I guess I ordered the wrong pipe but which one do I need? Not the best pictures I'm afraid.
  12. What do you do about insurance for large and valuable items and also tools, welders, etc items as a private user and not a company? I guess stuff like this isn't covered by the house insurance (certainly not a digger) and the value is scary when you roughly add it up. I also wouldn't like to replace everything in one go that's taken years and years to build up. So questions : 1. As a private individual how do you insure stuff like this? 2. Also I assume photographing everything is a good idea? Might sound a daft question but I guess I'm wondering how you prove what you have / had especially as some I've had for years so don't have receipts.
  13. Thank you that's exactly the type of thing I wanted to know. I'll look into getting a boost controller. Interesting information from Garret so I will set the alarm on the guage to that thank you.
  14. Ok thanks but I'm still a bit confused, to get more performance from a diesel I thought you needed more fuel and air? That article suggests giving more fuel but leaving the boost at 18psi. So is it saying the 300tdi won't live long with more than 18psi? Anyone running more that could comment good or bad? I'm also still not sure where to find a document on egt temps for a 300tdi, does anyone have a source please? Many thanks,
  15. Hi Everyone, I want a little more performance from my 300tdi Defender. I have bought a gauge to monitor EGT and Boost which has programmable alarms. This is fitted with a boost pin and timing spacer (These are the only mods). So some questions if you don't mind because I'm struggling to find definitive answers: 1. Am I right that the EGT alarm should be set to 750 degrees C? It will be fitted in the EGR blanking plate. 2. As it has a boost pin to take advantage of the extra fuel I understand I need to up the boost, what should I set it to? I think the Defender runs 15psi as standard and a Discovery runs 18psi as standard, if that's correct could I go to 20psi and will a 300tdi be ok with that? I could then set the alarm on the gauge to 21psi? Or am I way off with those figures? 3. How exactly do I adjust the boost, from what I can see it seems to suggest removing the pin and winding the rod towards the bulkhead. What I can't understand is how to get the rod back into the pin if it's shorter! Sorry I'm probably being really dim but I need some step by step instructions please.
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