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  1. Recently bought a 2003 TD6. Car is fitted with Michelin Diamaris 225 50R 20 tyres. The tyres seem to have more wear on the outside of the tread than the centre, so I assume they may be slightly under inflated. I can't find the correct tyre pressure online as the registration info gives either 18" or 19" options. Anyone help please. Also, any suggestions for different tyres next time (due for replacement in aprox 10,000 miles), I would like to try a slightly more aggressive off road tyre in future. I had General Grabber UHP's fitted to my old Disco but they are not available in the my TD6 wheel size.
  2. Recently purchased a 2003 tdv6 auto, 90,000 miles. I noticed this week (with windows open) that there is a brief whistle when I lift off the throttle pedal. It last less than a second and almost sounds like a short bird whistle/chirp, It is not audible with the windows closed. Is this something to worry about? Is it coming from the turbo? New vehicle to me so not familiar with range rover noises.
  3. Sorry if this has been covered before, but couldn't find a topic. My mate is looking at a 2004 TD5 disco and asked me what sort of problems to look out for. I have a TDi300 but don't know if there are many similar defects/problems. What are the most common things to check for? TIA
  4. The solution to any "smoking wire" and potential car fire is to replace all wiring with heavy duty battery cable. The wiring looms will be very thick and probably have to be routed over the outside of the vehicle body and be rather unsightly. But, you will NEVER have an electrical fire. Trust me, I am a firefighter and I have never been to a car fire where the car is modified as described above. ;-)
  5. That alone will slightly increase power and consumption. The fan creates a dit of drag and restricts rotation of the engine slightly. Anything that takes its drive from the engine will have a similar effect. e.g. air con, power steering, water pump etc. Obviously you wouldn't want to do without the latter 2 though. ;-)
  6. Thanks for the replies. Fingers crossed it will be the pump.
  7. I have a 300TDi. For a few months I have been losing a little steering fluid through leaks etc. I regularly top up the reservoir and everything has been fine. last night whilst driving I lost power steering. This morning it is still the same. There is still plenty of fluid in the reservoir and everything seems to be in order visually. My question. Is the problem likely top be a pump failure? What else could cause total loss of power steering? I would be glad of any suggestions on what to check/do next. Thanks
  8. The ignition key on my series 1 Disco 300 TDi, is sticking and will no longer turn in the lock, tried all sorts but it will not budge. The key can be removed and reinserted but wont turn. I am planning on ordering a new barrel/lock but would like advice on removing and fitting etc. I have searched the forums but cannot find the info here yet. Thanks in advance.
  9. My Disco 1 (300 TDi) makes a rumbling noise when using full steering lock. It isn't really a problem as it only occurs at slow speed parking etc. I generally avoid it by giving myself more room in the supermarket. lol. I was just wondering if it could be a long term problem though. Suspension and tyres etc. all standard.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Will pop over to the Rangerover forum, hope they don't mind talking to a muddy oik like me. ;-)
  11. I have a 300TDI which had electric seats fitted by a previous owner. The seats are leather with adjustable armrests fitted on the inner sides. (I believe the seats are originally Rangerover). The problem is that the armrests foul on the centre consol/box when the seats are moved forward. I don't really need the armrests and was wondering if they are easy to remove.
  12. Similar thing recently with my Tdi. The light started to malfunction after I removed some fuses, apparently it is quite common if any electrical work has been done, even just disconnecting the battery can sometimes cause the problem. So looking on the bright side it may just need the system resetting, unfortunately that has to be done by plugging in a compter at a dealers.
  13. I have an intermittent problem with the rear door-mounted speakers on my 300Tdi. They recently stopped working so I removed the (non standard) CD unit and checked the wiring, everything seemed OK, but the speakers were still not working, however they started working again a short time later. After a few days the speakers stopped working again. This time I removed the rear speaker unit to check the wiring, that seems OK, but the speakers are still not working. I was wondering if there are any other wiring connections somewhere in the bodywork that may have come loose.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I guess that is why the air-bag fuse has an extra cover on it. My fault for taking the fuse out. doh!
  15. Sorry to "bump" this message, just want to try it once more in case anyone can help. Cheers.
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