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  1. thanks for the advice i will try him thanks
  2. i need to find one of these fibre glass roofs for my Wolf 90 as im taking it to Norway in a few weeks. does anyone have one they want to sell or know of anywhere i could get one? thanks
  3. fortunately i'm a lawyer so it wont be that difficult
  4. hi all so i thought i would add a final comment to tbis as we have finally resolved tne issue. having got the newly skimmed head back and checking everything before fitting it was found on the side of the warp one of the bolts was cross threaded. therefore clearly the garage would did the initial work couldnt have torqued that bolt down and just left it. this has now cost a further £700 and much inconvenience so i will be taking tbe garage to court to get this money back, after all if they had dealt with the bolt whe it had be crosss threaded then none of this would have happened. so the TD5 runs perfectly now... thanks for all the comments and thoughts throughout tbis tread, much appreciated
  5. Thought I'd give an update on this. Basically its just been sitting on the drive since it was brought back 30 miles from garage...... Last weekend I decided to get a second opinion on the head and removed it, the took it to an engineering company recommended by Turners. They did a pressure test and found nothing wrong with it, however it was warped by 5'thou to the side of the inlet manifold. I then had the block checked to see if he was flat or it was warped as this could have been the cause of the head being warped again after 30 miles!! The block was perfectly flat. So I ask, how could it warp 5'thou in just 30 miles? - so just to re-cap, its not overheating but its now throwing coolant out the expansion tank even when cold. My suspicion is that either the skim was not done very well (although I have been told the engineering company is high quality) or more likely, the garage didn't use new bolts when putting the head back on..... Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi I am moving to Norway next week and would really like to know if anyone knows of any clubs around the Arendal area? Thanks James
  7. I guess it depends what work you do? I know they all speak perfect English but I've been told that without learning the language I will find it hard to get a job, so its back to college for me at some point. They definitely work to live, rather that live to work as we do in the UK......out of the boats in the evenings, up in the mountains to their cabins at the weekends, most of them leaving at lunchtime on a Friday to get there for the evenings etc.... I've wasted too much of my life in London and I need to go and find a new life.....one that I actually enjoy! Just need to find a Land Rover club......also, over there I will have space and use of a double garage to do my restoration, where as in London - nothing but outdoors!!
  8. Hi, My Dad has lived in Norway for about 20 years so I've been going there a few times each year for a while. I agree its a stunning place and spent many a few days walking in the mountains without seeing a single person and having the pleasure of catching my own fish for dinner etc...... I made the decision its time for me leave the UK and move to Norway and see if I can make a new life over there. Expensive you are right and not a place to go if you are an alcoholic......although most of them brew their own! Cheers
  9. thanks for this info, so I take it you are from Norway? - I'm moving to Arendal and I was wondering if you know of any Land Rover clubs around that area as I'm wanting to make friends and get involved in a club thanks James
  10. I'd like to go much wider for snow tyres as I have new G90's for normal mud and road conditions for the rest of the year. Any thoughts on a good width?
  11. if it vanishes then I'd be over the moon!!
  12. I have recently purchase am Ex-MOD Defender which is the fully winterised spec.....damn those radiators in the back get hot quick!! I'm taking the vehicle to Norway with me and I was after some advise on a good size/make of snow tyre any recommendations?
  13. Hi Unfortunately not, I have now spoken to a number of engineer firms about a new head etc, including a long conversation with a guy at Turners who was extremely helpful, who then put me on to an engineering firm in Romford. Basically my understanding from both of them was that a pressure test might not find the issue in head as its never put under the true strain of a working engine.......confused!! I then ask if there was any further test that could be done on the head and I was told there is a next level of testing which costs about £75 which 'should' show any issues. The biggest issue I have is that no-one seems to worked out a test, which gives you 100% guarantee if the head is cracked or not.......so I wonder how many people have spent £100's and £1000's getting a head skimmed, only to find out that it should have been thrown away. What am I missing?? So, I'm planning on having this test done and see what happens. I tried K-Seal but the also pressured out the expansion tank and doesn't seem to even get round the system
  14. thanks for the info, this issue is giving me a world of pain!
  15. Should water flow at the same speed through each end of the fuel cooler or is there any valves inside which would mean its one way? Thanks
  16. Hi, I wasn't aware of the specific filing process, could you let me know what it is? Thanks
  17. Hi, at the moment I'm struggling to know what to do next. You say flush the fuel cooler, but what is the process to do this? - I can see 3 hoses connected to it, so do I just take them off, take it out and push a hose down it? - will fuel then not come out the pipes? So I took the hoses off the heater matrix and pushed a hose down one end and water came out the other, however it was water and no sign of any coolant + there is no heat in the cabin even though the system if full........clearly something isn't getting through. I have replaced; thermostat, radiator, water pump, head skimmed, oil and filters I keep being told that the place that skimmed the head did a pressure test but people are saying that this might not show up, which makes the whole testing a bit pointless. Now I'm thinking I should take the head to another company to have it tested as I need to know 100%
  18. having looked at the colour of the liquid which came out of the old radiator, which was a rich copper colour, I suspect someone put this in to sell the vehicle to us 6 months ago, so its worth a try
  19. has anyone used K-Seal? - I'm assuming as the garages all do a number of tests with no problems and then one which fails, the crack can't be too big so I'm wondering if this would work any thoughts?
  20. ok but they can just say 'yes' .......is there no reading they should supply which shows it was fine or cracked? not sure I understand your last comment, the garage installed it and they drove it to find the same problem, surely it wouldn't have cracked after one drive.. why could the tests show ok and then not.......its doing my head in! thanks
  21. sorry to ask but I need to speak to the company that skimmed the head and find out what tests they did or measurements they got from reading before confirming the head was fine but just needed to be skimmed. what should I ask for to confirm this?? thanks
  22. is it worth getting a crack test on the block to be sure? is that expensive?
  23. they are the only 2 garages around here unfortunately but it seems very strange you can do 5 tests and only on the 5th it fails
  24. how can I know if its the block or head? I'm with you on it being unlikely to be block and my suspicion is the company skimmed the head and missed a crack in one of the inlet manifolds thanks
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