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  1. yes, but needs new wheel nusts and a centre ring (can be found on eBay)
  2. Spotted a very muddy trayback on trailer behind a burgundy Toyota land cruiser (with snorkel, etc) on the hard shoulder on the M5 (before Bristol)... Orange van was already on site... anyone of you ??? Also big Thank You to Anton (OEC), who told me... "no problem to access Uplowman site.... easy track... Adrian will be there until 4pm".... He just forgot that my Disco was on slicks.. and Adrian had already left the site at 3:30pm.... (But happy to say that I did not need a tow to go back to the road... but the disco needs a serious clean now and the tow bar is well scratched ...) I hope that Adrian managed to retrieve his porn DVDs...
  3. I'll pop around at the camp site on saturday late aftwernoon. Note that I'll be at D44 in the morning... so if you need anything, please pm me before firday 1pm, (otherwise Mr Turner has my mobile)
  4. Congratulations to Team Gigglepin (Jim & Chris) for winning for Trophy !!!
  5. expat69


    I've done mine with Dinitrol spray cans. Did not have the budget to have it done by a professional. I found Dinitrol better than waxoil; not as oily, dried quicker, good coverage, and good choice of products in the dinitrol range
  6. I will be going from Kent... was there last year.. a great show.... not overcrowded, lots of actions and a few good traders.
  7. i notice that you have more axle articulation with your bike than the disco... and the bike cost more that your disco as well !!!!!
  8. A standard Disco 300tdi auto speedo is usually reading 6% lower than true speed yours is way off...
  9. or get 2 sepatate portable ones... At least the kids dont fit to decide what film to watch... trust me.. 2 screens, 1 film.. does not work on long journey
  10. I know (and have seen) a few Matzker tuned D90 and D110 between 199bhp and 202 bhp (rolling road tested) there must be others I'm sure... but always hard to see the charts
  11. I need to re-book my Disco on the rolling road... That was my chart from last year... (196bhp / 400Nm) with a standard turbo since then I've got: - a new AFM (mine was in agony) - latest boost module from Pete (BAS) - another map (I'm peaking at lower rpm now) - proper exhaust system... I must be over the 200bhp by now Then I'll fit he VNT !!! Another know of a proper clutch and gearbox ???? (got the feeling it will not last long)
  12. I'd say Gigglepin4x4 as well if you are in the Kent area
  13. If the ARB is disconnected and the pipe "sealed" by the scrutineer, is that OK for Class 2 (i'm rebuilding my Disco and may have a rear ARB... but with a slow winch and small tyres, I dont see myself going to class1)
  14. I know that Innovation4x4 / GPC were looking at creating a set of sliders for Discos. Not sure if they have completed that project
  15. OK.. but my mate has one of those in a crate a home... so just might just use it for a project... so no idea where to find a bell housing or plate ???
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