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  1. Congratulations, now the fun starts
  2. Thanks Mark, another half-arsed idea bites the dust
  3. The search continues then Wouldn't need one if there was a lower profile tow bar available for the Disco. Have been wondering if one of the small ones from a 90 would fit, but can't even seem to find oneof those to try either.
  4. Thanks Mark. The guard in question is This One Beginning to think it might just be a cradle??
  5. It's on ebay, so not really. Am in two minds as to whether it is a tank guard or just a tank cradle though....
  6. As above. Looking for a bolt on fuel tank guard and wondered if one taken off a RRC would fit, as a lot of other bits are interchangeable?
  7. Lara; despite my moanings, I knew by taking it there he would go through it with a fine tooth comb and tell me everything that was wrong, because he does a 110% job. In the past with my LR's I have wanted a 110% job and have been more than happy with his work. The fact that he didn't tell me anything over and above what I already new, i.e. confirmed that I had bought a good, solid vehicle with no hidden issues, was pleasing to hear. Having said all that, as I've outlined above, I had intended for the Disco to be more of a bangernomics approach, rather than main vehicle reliability, but if it gives me a couple of years of trouble free offroading I don't suppose I can complain too much. Interestingly enough, I've just seen a few pics of a side exit exhaust on a Disco, and they had removed the rear box and angles the pipe through the rear wing, this is effectivelyt he same as mine was, just without the extension.
  8. Chris: You are right, at a loss as to who else to use locally though, but will be doing the work myself from now on. The rear box was missing from the exhaust, although it didn't sound any louder than it should and the MOT guy (old school mechanic & long time LR owner) said as it wasn't the silencer that was missing it was OK. I told him I wanted a bare bones service and the few bits doings and made it explicitly clear it needed to be as cheap as possible. After all this, to find he had put the exhaust on without calling first was what annoyed me the most. Lesson learnt from all this, but don't have the time to spend hours fettling the Disco, hence having to pay someone else to do it. It's been getting a fair bit of use, more than I expected, but will have to make sure I get out & about and use it properly now it's costing me money.
  9. He certainly did the exhaust without asking, and at £120 +VAT it's a big part of the bill. I should have know from mine & Bushman's past experiences, that he does things 100%, when sometimes you don't want 100%, so I should have explicitly told him not to do the exhaust. I asked him to take it off when I went to pick it up and to put the old one back on, but was told the old one wouldn't go back on and it was illegal anyway. But if it was illegal, then it wouldn't have got it's MOT????
  10. The Disco was a bargain, is fairly solid and went through it's MOT with only a few advisories. Even the fact that the last 18" of exhaust was missing wasn't an issue. The intention was that it was to be an 'as cheap as possible' offroader, which wouldn't cost much over a year or two. All was going swimmingly, I have even been holding back from buying loads of accessories as I wanted to treat it as a pure toy, almost disposable. It needed a few bits doing; boot door didn't lock, NSF window needed a new regulator and despite having comprehensive history, it hadn't been looked at in 18 months / 5k miles. So my mistake was to ask my LR specialist who I've been doing business with for 10yrs, to give it a basic service, replace filters, check oils in diffs / gearboxes, sort out the door lock & window and tighten wheel bearings / replace anti roll bar bushes as advised by the MOT. Just the basics. On picking it up he mentioned the all new exhaust system he'd fitted Aparently the other one was illegal. So now I have a bill for 50% of the value of the vehicle Shoudl have just done an engine oil & filter change myself and left the rest, as with 12 months MOT it would then have been 'free' motoring. But my problem is I like my vehicles to be 100% mechanically. Lesson learnt
  11. As Tony said I ran 255 85 16 BFG MT's on mine with no noticeable rubbing - certainly nothing to make me trim anything. They really look the business too Also ran them on a stock 110 HT with no issues.
  12. I'm now running 235 85 16's as a mud tyre on my standard Disco, with only the camel cut to the rear. No issues as yet with articulation, however they do rub on full lock (only one direction though) so I need to adjust the steering arms (?)
  13. M005


    My son likes seeing the tank wrecks on the Warminster side of Imber and I ofter criss cross there on the moutain bike when it's open linking in other, more interesting bits of the Plain & surrounding areas.
  14. M005


    Good spot Chris, saves me trundling up there over easter and being disappointed.
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