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  1. Happy Egg melting Easter.... Perfect Weather to change a head gasket on a 300tdi. Two of us spannering a side each 3.5 hours job done On a roll I thought let's break out the boost pin that was in my box of 'things to attach'. Opened up pump cover (was reconditioned 4 years ago so stock). Pin out - no nylon washer! Also I think my pump looks different see pics below. It's a doner 300tdi Disco put into an ex mod 110. Thought I would try pin for low and top end. In it went pointing right way. Been for a spin. Went well before but I can't tell any difference with this ne
  2. I have one of these when they were sold as BOSCH batteries by Halfords - its the same battery though. I have had it for a 3 years on a 2.5na and a 300tdi and it has been excellent. Will get another for split charge I think soon!
  3. There are some carp ones out there - I will see if I can trace where I got my last ones from - there are two sizes too - or where on mine - depth that is. Fingers crossed it just a split in the cap
  4. I second this as an initial check - clean wheel and put a new hub cap on(check old one for splits) did it and problem solved. Did take new one off and check it wasn't full of oil a week later and it was OK - so seems OK. Checked diff level also of course. Worth a check first - otherwise its not a bad job - lots of videos of people doing various seals and bearings on hub's. They are designed to be fixed on the trail!
  5. Hi - I have an MOD 110 so already fitted but make model and some vehicle details may help jog someone. Alternatively if it is the same as the MOD one I am more that happy to take pics or measure - while the sun is out - any excuse to take pictures of my defender!!!
  6. Hi Ian I am back onto Mintex after trying in a number of different pads in my 110 (discs all around) and Discovery's over the years. Tbh brake fade or dust on the rim's was never an issue for me - what I found was the Mintex brakes worked as well on these vehicles as any other but lasted the longest so for me it was a £ choice and oem one! Good luck!
  7. Sorry could not resist. I have a 95 110 ex MOD FFR 'SoftTop' and with 3 daughters (of course I bought it as a family car !) they love the summer (when we get it) roof off driving but complained about the lack of 'Disco' facilities in the vehicle. As a Mad Landy owner/professional IT nerd I had the below setup (Logitech Z906) in my office meeting room that was going spare. Well with a power Inverter and Bluetooth receiver - bolted two speakers in the front under dash - two in the rear corners - fit perfect and the base bungeed on the floor in rear needless to say the kids are a little happie
  8. ......if you get the filter change wrong the oil runs up your arm across chest and onto said nipples. My wife has commented a few times how soft my skin is in that region The fun is only beginning.....
  9. Welcome to maybe the most fun you can will have on your own.............with some spanners! Its a bit of a steep learning curve but once you get above the cloud level the view is amazing. Taffia.
  10. Hi I have yet to do mine yet. I picked up a set from Newbury weekend and it depends on the type as some have two heat settings but I fou do this http://www.briandorey.com/post/Wiring-Land-Rover-Defender-Heated-Seats.aspx Hope it helps and let us know how it goes. P's how do you find the matting and did you get it direct? Taffia
  11. OCD and Ex MOD Landies is a hard mix - I know! I have seen both in Military stock versions for Army and other services so I guess its down to personal preference! That should be a sleepless night for the OCD (I did a wheel Bearing on my 110 yesterday and found that the Hub Seal was in the wrong way around hence the leak and there was no shim or circlip on the end of the axle - which is why at 0630 on a Sunday Morning I am going out to check the other wheels - sleepless night yes! Taffia
  12. Hi, Wondering if anyone has had any experience of fitting Jackable Rock/Tree (protector) Sliders onto their 110 FFR. The side lockers are overhanding the area at the moment and I have read on some US sites where they have cut the bottom of the locker doors a bit to get them to fit but wondered if anyone has done this is in the UK or can recommend a supplier? Thanks Taffia
  13. Just because I like to close the loop. No.8 1/2 inch self tapper does the job. 40p for 8 from my local nut and bolt store. Thanks for the help.
  14. Thanks to everyone for the help - been away. Back onto it now! Thanks again Taffia
  15. Hi All, Our family ride is a 03 Discovery 2 TD5 which we love - my main spanner time is spent with my 95 110 MOD Defender but I need some help on the D2. Went to the Newbury Land Rover Spares day yesterday in said Disco - had a lovely time as always with two mates - wish we had brought a trolley again! On returning to my Disco, and loading the goodies into the boot - we were gob smacked to find that some not nice person had unscrewed some after market light guards off both the rear light clusters on the vertical pillars either side of the boot - gone - lenses just sitting/hanging there no
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