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  1. Lol yeah bin = have been So there's nothing to do with an extra battery then, is that just a "mod" people do to run extra things of it eg spot lights winch etc, t
  2. Hi fellas can any of you tell me what this actually is please??? Bin told a variety of things so bit confused!?!?!? Bin told its an extra battery, Then I was told it was something do with heated seats?!?!? Then I've bin told its something do with heated windscreen, heated washers?!? Anyone tell me what it is please?????
  3. Lol wish we had one?!?! It seams to be the the answer to cleaning a hell of a lot with these things, thanks for the tips guys!!!
  4. Hi, fellas any of you got any tips for cleaning all the carbon build up in my inlet manifold???? Can you dunk it in a solution of sorts of is it best with hot soapy water, When I did my head gasket it was nearly 1/4 inch thick I got a long thin brush to get the thick off but now it's kicking out loads of s@#t (loosened it up) any suggestions????
  5. Thank you, that's what I thought.
  6. Hi fellas can anyone clear this up for me, need cv pass front side, but in my book it says about 2 sorts need find the right bin number, because they change for newer/older or something like that, says ja blah blah but look on vin plate where it says vin number and it starts sall jgm blah blah, any idea please folks
  7. Any cheap suggestions for head light up grades???
  8. I was, was told about a place in Lycett near Scott hay, outskirts silverdale,???
  9. Thank you all for the advise and tips, I'm not to experienced in off-roading done some greenlaning, going a place in stoke for the 1st time next weekend in my truck, so will take it from there I guess, Thanks again and anymore suggestions are welcome Thanks gav
  10. I know I wanna get rid of the front bumper, but to put in its place I don't know??? Then there's the 2" lift but wanna build to that, when the money's in a bit more of supply,
  11. It's in every day use, but it will be used for off roading now and again, so maybe extream greenlaning, eventually be used as an off road toy permintally,
  12. hi fellas, i've had my disco for a bit now, bog standard. i'm looking to start the mods, any suggestions where to start?? and cheapest? not cheapest parts but mods, then work my way up, many thanks gav
  13. gavfurn


    top man!!! thank you
  14. gavfurn


    i have a knocking noise when I reverse with the lock on, but only between half lock an full, an only on the pass side, its sounds as if some things catching, but under inspection we can not find what it is, there was a lil wheel wobble so we checked bearings re tightened etc now the wheel is sound (no wobble) but still got the knocking, we think it might be the cv but not 100%, never done a cv before, are they hard/easy or what??? any tips on or advise on what to do/look for??? many thanks gav
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