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  1. I'm currently considering this as an option http://www.bak-rak.com/uni-rak.htm and fabricating my own add ons, or maybe this http://www.bak-rak.com/pole-rak.htm. I need something that is flexible and could be used as a ski / bike / storage rack and I don't mind doing a bit of fabrication. This looks good value considering how flexible the system is http://www.bak-rak.com/bike-rak.htm
  2. Thanks Ally V8, Oops ... I'm not as remote as you might think ... I moved back from the Wild West of Colorado to Wild West Sussex ... forgot to update Profile Location. Nanocom seems the way to go, just joined the http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/ where they have a useful map of people with nanocom and hawkeye devices willing to help follow owners. Think a nanocom of my own might be in the future though. Cheers
  3. Hi all, It has been a while (5 years) but I am now back in the LR family way. Gone is the 1987 90, replaced with an almost as rusty 1999 TD5 Disco 2. As purchased it came with two keys: The first one operates in the door and ignition and also operates the central locking and disables the immobiliser.The second flashes the red light but does not operate the central locking, If I open the door with it the alarm goes off.I have read about the EKA but I do not have it (previous owner is having a rummage). I am wondering what the best way forward is ... I have opened up the keyfob and there is a sticker on the chip and I believe that someone with a nanocom could use this information and verify whether the key was recognised by the vehicle. If it is not then the nancom can be used to "pair it". Alternatively I could go to an LR dealer and ask for the same exercise to be performed. With respect to the EKA code, this can be obtained from LR if I tell them the VIN. The only wrinkle is that the BCU was replaced sometime in the past, presumably whoever did this would have transferred the programming and the EKA would still be the same as that known by LR. Cheers Aaron
  4. Might also be worth giving these guys a call. Global Land rovers The age might be a factor though. I recall that the emission requirements were quite stringent when I looked at bringing my 1987 LR90 over. I think vehicles over 25 years old have an easier time of it. They have lots of info and prices (RORO) vary from GBP 960 (east coast) to GBP1500 (west coast). They also say "As a guide a 40' container from Southeast UK to Baltimore USA would be approx £2550.00 inclusive of USA dock fees. " Cheers Aaron
  5. I too was quite taken with idea with MS plus EFi on my 2.5 petrol it was these pages that inspired me Otly 2.25 MS + EFI he even has a schematic for the Single point injection to 2.25 manifold adapter. Ther project seemed to die a death but nevertheless has some useful pointers.
  6. Not cheap @ £22.50 but less than £40 here
  7. Sounds like some form of fuel starvation either blocked jets, dirty filter or weak fuel pump. Do a search for "DMTL" there are plenty of threads discussing similar symptoms and potential solutions. I have a 2.5 petrol and I've had them all, just work through the suggestions methodically.
  8. The power steering pump in my 2.5 petrol 90 is leaking. Offroading today and there was fluid all around the reservoir and when I took the lid off the fluid was half gone and hot and frothy. Looks like the fluid had boiled? and been forced out. To be honest the pump sounds it bit louder and the assistance is fine in one direction but there is a half turn delay before it kicks in on the opposite lock. Is the pump fubar'ed or can you dismantle / replace seals? TIA Aaron
  9. Just back from a look see visit, and will probably settle in Fruita. Went for a drive around the Mesa and National Monument ... impressive. Interesting input on the trucks .. not a single US manufacturer, my company car is most likely going to be a big chevy flatbed king / crew cab, don't remember the model (I was rather overawed by the sheer size!) but the passenger doors opened suicide style e.g. hinged at back. Did see a few rusting series vehicles on farms though.
  10. I did exacly the same thing only when I did it the top and two sides were missing. Funny thing was I stood there for about 5 seconds wondering why the grinder had blown up but was still working. It was only when my face was stinging and I noticed the overhead flouro lights were missing I realised what had happened. What made it worse was I must have said to myself "must move that battery behind the vice before grinding", one minor fettle later and the neighbours came running expecting "to be first on the scene".
  11. According to these guys the shipping cost to Baltimore is $2k then I guess theres the cost of having it licensed for the US, all in all it looks like a big hassle despite the fact that early 110s and 90s are going for silly money
  12. A the thread title says what would you get. The background is that I've accepted a job in Grand Junction Colorado on a temporary visa, this means I'll be selling my '87 2.5 petrol 90. I'm guessing there is going to be very little mud there and from what I can gather 25 year old LRs cost over $10k. I think there are few trails for "wheeling?" and as US distances go the MOAB is just down the road. The pay-n-play site I go to has a fair proportion of Suzukis which I have to say do pretty well with a bit of momentum, but what's cheap and fun in the US (apart from the petrol) So what's worth a look for about $5k, so far as I can see Ebay is practically empty in that area.
  13. The middle one vents the float chamber to the atmosphere when the ignition is not live. The bottom is tee'ed into rocker and intake plenum.
  14. Thanks Ralph, I've just measured the threads and there are 10 in 15mm so I guess that means I need an M10x1.5 tap.
  15. The exhaust manifold stud on has sheared off below the surface, I would like to drill it out and retap or if necessary put in a helicoil (I have a replacement stud), does anyone know what size the thread is. All I know is that the nut requires a 15mm spanner, and the thread is quite coarse. Cheers Aaron
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