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  1. Since posting the above, I've sussed that the noise is coming from what I believe to be the rear heater relay - the small can that's located in the middle of the fuseboard with 056700-5260 written on it. I thought that simply replacing it might sort the problem (I had a spare one), but it's made no difference at all. If I remove the component, the noise goes away, but when it's fitted, every time I activate the door switch it makes a 'weeee' sound, a bit like a rusted hinge being forced open. So - I now know where it's coming from, but I'm still none the wiser as to why!
  2. I have a strange problem with my D1 - whenever one of the doors is closed (or at least the door switch is operated), a relay at the right end of the dash (above and behind the steering wheel) goes mental for about half a second, making like a sort of 'wheee' noise. About the same time that this started happening, I noticed that the illumination on the switch for the heated rear screen was staying on (so I removed it to reduce the risk of a flat battery in the middle of nowhere). Whether two are connected - and I suspect they are, I don't yet know. My initial thought is that they may share a common earth, so that could well have failed. But before delving into the inner recesses of my truck, I thought it'd make sense to see if anyone here knew what the problem might be - so, over to you guys... As ever, any help would be most appreciated!
  3. Thanks, but this is, apparently, a factory-made hole - I saw it referred to in LRO a couple of years back, but have never managed to find it!
  4. I've read about there being a hole somewhere under the windscreen seal that causes rain to leak into the interior. Despite looking for it on several occasions though, I've never found it. For some time I thought it was the sun roof, but after completely sealing it in place with Sikaflex, the leak was still there. I then thought I'd found it this week when doing some MOT welding - there were large pieces of metal missing behind the wing, just in front of the A post. But, after re-panelling the whole area and then seam sealing it, I still have water coming in. So - it's back to looking for this mythical leak-point - any help in locating it would therefore be most appreciated!
  5. I bought a genuine one in the end as I had to go to D44 for a new front prop for the Disco!
  6. Thanks for your thoughts - I did look at the lrworkshop website, but the latch assembly from there (http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/8242/MUC6457-BONNET-SAFETY-HOOK.html) works out at just shy of £25 by the time you've added VAT and postage, which seemed a bit much. If all else fails, I will go for it though!
  7. As part of my 'extensive' rebuild of my 110, I decided to buy a new bonnet catch as the nasty old one sticks out like a sore thumb. The replacement came from the blue box people... While I appreciate that they're improving the quality of their parts by leaps and bounds, the item I got was so shoddy that I would be embarrassed to use it on a lawnmower. The metal is not much thicker than that found on a drinks can, and if I was in a bad mood I could crush it with one hand. I've got a couple of old genuine ones that I could sandblast, but the assembly itself has a spring in the middle, which because it's riveted together, you can't strip (well, not easily). Consequently, you'd never be able to do a thorough job, which would make a mockery of the whole thing. There is a 'new' genuine one on the Bay of Evil, but looking at the photos it's almost as rusty as the ones I have here. There are absolutely loads of others for sale too, but most of them don't say what make they are. As far as I can see, this is the list of options: Britpart Bearmach Allmakes Land Rover The first and the last I know about, so I would be most grateful if anyone has knowledge regarding the quality of the Bearmach and Allmakes items!
  8. I suggest that you fit an extension pipe to the drain with an easily-accessible tap so that you can empty the water out of the tank nice and easily - I do mine every time I use it as the air is horrendously wet at this time of year!
  9. Thanks for posting this - it's always interesting to see how other people do such things, especially when they're better than you - that car he was working on looked awesome!
  10. It looks like a nice piece of kit - do you know the make/model? If so, it might help someone come up with a manual!
  11. Excellent stuff - let us know how you get on!
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