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  1. Thanks - I'll bear that in mind!
  2. Sadly, that's exactly what I did. It would seem that my local galvanisers are not interested in anything that isn't made of RSJs.
  3. Many thanks - not heard of them before - I'll check them out!
  4. Yes, I've installed threaded bosses in some places, and drilled various mounting holes as per the original locations.
  5. Thanks, Gentlemen - it was the bottom sill channel (well, now it's box) that I was concerned about, but wasn't at all sure what the LR production 'tolerances' were!
  6. I've been refurbing my B & C posts - which were like most of those found on nearly 25 year-old Defenders, with the lower half resembling papier maché in many places... Anyway - after welding in a length of 40mm box along the horizontal section, I found that it'd bowed like a banana. Now this is obviously something you have to expect with long weld runs, so I made up a damned great jig to pull it straight again. When I'd got the bend down to a couple of millimetres, it occurred to me to see how bent the other side was - which I hadn't touched at that stage. Blow me - it was also like a banana, albeit not quite so bad... The problem therefore, is how straight should I make it? I haven't got enough of the rest of the bodywork in place to offer it up, and I'd hate to go to a lot of effort only to find that LR - in their wisdom, had designed the chassis to allow for distortion during production!
  7. Thanks for your comments, however, I'm well aware of the issues concerned. Most of the bits I wanted done were floor support brackets, seat belt mounts, and the like. My chassis is already galvanised - it's a new Richards item!
  8. I'd just like to echo the above and say what an excellent fellow David is to deal with. I had a (long) 'phone chat with him about what I was trying to do (full length braided brake and clutch lines) and how best to achieve it, and he quoted me a price far lower than any of the opposition. I also found it extremely helpful being able to talk to someone who a) cared and b) knew what the hell he was talking about. When David suggested various things I hadn't thought of, they were all very practical and worthwhile ideas. I spent some 25 years working in the motor racing industry, so it was great being able to talk things through in such a way. Everything not only turned up as promised, but fitted first time out - highly recommended!
  9. Thank you - I'll check him out!
  10. I would be most grateful if anyone would be kind enough to recommend a galvanisers for me. I live in Devon, but South West Galvanisers in Crediton just quoted me £560 to do a pile of various parts - I could buy them all new for less than that...
  11. Superb - many thanks - I'll have to put some holes in for the galvansing, but they won't want to be located there!
  12. Thank you - that'd be much appreciated!
  13. I'm about to fab up a new chassis mid-crossmember as mine is like papier maché (it's the one that sits at the front end of the rear floor). It has four bolt holes - two on each side, just inboard of the vertical brackets - inboard of those, however, on each side is also a 3/4" hole (as per the arrow in the attached image)... I'd be most grateful if anyone here would be kind enough to let me know what these are for!
  14. Thank you - that is most appreciated!
  15. Well, I've finally given up trying to find the missing top cover for my clutch pedal box (item 11 in the attached image) - it's in my garage somewhere, but it's successfully managed to evade me by finding somewhere out of sight to hide... So - I've got to make a new one - I finally found a piece of stainless that's the right size (shame it's a piece of box that I'll have to cut up, rather than a nice easy sheet...), but I'm blowed if I can work out what size the screws (item 17) are meant to be as the holes are all clogged up with paint. Anyway - am I correct in thinking that the originals are self-tappers?