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  1. Door Hinge Numbers?

    Many thanks for the links - I still remain confused, however, as none of the parts shown have 'BEF' codes?
  2. Door Hinge Numbers?

    Many thanks - unfortunately, the link you gave won't allow me in! Since posting my request I've altered the part numbers slightly as I realised the ones I gave were actually on the frame side, not the door side (i.e. I put 'BEF 050' when it should have been 'BEF 030'). A quick question - are the numbers on the parts themselves the same as those listed in the parts catalogues? I ask this because the original '93 hinges don't tally with the '93 LR parts list.
  3. Head gasket blown? - odd symptoms

    I had this exact same problem with my 300Tdi - as it wasn't giving blown head gasket symptoms, I posted on here asking for help. After about 10 replies saying it was my head gasket, a very helpful fellow suggested that it might be a blocked anti-siphon valve (near the header tank). I replaced it and the associated tubing for just over twenty quid. That was the best part of ten years ago now, and it's not troubled me ever again!
  4. Door Hinge Numbers?

    I've got to replace the hinges on my '93 110 SW - I want to use the later ones as they're much more substantially built. I've got four, but need another four - they have 'BEF 030' (I need one) and 'BEF 020' (I need three) on the door halves of the hinge. The problem I have is that I don't know what models these cover, so would very much appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to let me know!
  5. Fuel Tank Connections, 110

    Many thanks - that's most useful!
  6. Fuel Tank Connections, 110

    Gentlemen - many thanks for your help on this. Rather embarrassingly, I've now realised that I've wasted everyone's time - at gone midnight there wasn't enough light to see properly, but I've now discovered that the stub doesn't do anything. That is, it's blanked off inside - it didn't look right when I peered at it in daylight this morning, so I shone a torch up inside and found it was a dead end...
  7. Fuel Tank Connections, 110

    1993, diesel, steel tank.
  8. Fuel Tank Connections, 110

    I'm just getting the rear end reassembled on my 110, but would appreciate some help - on the fuel outlet on the side of the tank, there's a stub for the fuel to come out of, but there's also a much shorter stub beside it. I'm confused as to what it's for - does a breather pipe go on it?
  9. Td5/300tdi wipers / bulkhead help please

    The wheelbox spindle on the Td5 has flats on either side to stop it spinning out of position, whereas the earlier ones didn't. I just fitted a Td5 bulkhead to my 200Tdi Defender, and thus had to source two of the late type wheelboxes. Since they're a vast improvement over the earlier ones, I wasn't complaining!
  10. Galvaniser Recommendations, Please...

    Yes, I agree - like you, I always take heaps of photos and then provide a list of what there is.
  11. Galvaniser Recommendations, Please...

    Thanks - I'll bear that in mind!
  12. Galvaniser Recommendations, Please...

    Sadly, that's exactly what I did. It would seem that my local galvanisers are not interested in anything that isn't made of RSJs.
  13. Galvaniser Recommendations, Please...

    Many thanks - not heard of them before - I'll check them out!
  14. How Straight Should The B & C Posts Be?

    Yes, I've installed threaded bosses in some places, and drilled various mounting holes as per the original locations.
  15. How Straight Should The B & C Posts Be?

    Thanks, Gentlemen - it was the bottom sill channel (well, now it's box) that I was concerned about, but wasn't at all sure what the LR production 'tolerances' were!