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  1. The form you need is V55/5 - download it from the gov.uk website, return it to dvla with insurance cert, MoT (MoT it on the dutch number plate, DVLA will modify the record when they process), dutch logbook, cheque for registration & tax - do NOVA process online beforehand as dvla need will check that before they start.
  2. Not sure but I'd have thought they are still a main supplier. Britpart is just a brand name for the blue bag stuff, they operate under Border holdings for MoD supply, I used to buy lots of ex MoD vehicles and spares and a lot of the new genuine parts on the vehicles or bagged and boxed stuff had border holdings shipping labels. They will be able to negotiate better pricing from suppliers plus save the MoD a fortune on warehousing & transport. Some of this stuff obviously finds its way into the blue bags I guess which is why some of the stuff is decent if you know what to look for..
  3. They have been a primary supplier to the mod for many years. I'd imagine thats a different side of the business to selling cheap blue bag stuff through retailers though, more about central warehousing and logistics.
  4. Not likely - it would be a very brave finance director who signs a contract for an unlaunched, unknown, untested fleet without knowing the price - LR are just running through a ticklist of marketing friendly name associations to add perceived weight to the campaign and substance to the product.
  5. Even if the wastegate spring has gone soft, it just means the gate opens easier, you loose boost but also the extra fueling generated by the diaphragm being depressed - you just get reduced performance - maybe a little extra smoke but not pouring out. Anyway, if you were able to get 12psi on the turbo to pump pipe, thats over 0.8 bar which means it's working.
  6. If you're getting over 10psi on boost then the wastegate isn't opening prematurely, and if the arm moves freely then I would rule that out. If the boost pipe is attached and diaphragm is in good nick, I'd be checking the timing belt next.
  7. Try milner engineering, m&d, or just save a search on ebay, they come up from time to time.
  8. I've got a hand throttle bracket, plastic cover and cable - if you want it you can have it for £12 posted. The cable for a n/a setup is quite short though - not sure how much use it will be. if I were going to rig something up on my own vehicle I would just use a solid wire type choke cable (rather than twisted cable), fit it in the existing choke holder in your steering column cowling, and make up a simple retainer bracket on the pump end for the cable sheath, with a little hinged arm for the cable inner to attach to, with a bent metal arm attached which collects the throttle arm and draws it back. Should be pretty easy to knock up with basic tools.
  9. I've probably got some of the parts, knob/cable and bracket, probably not got any engine side bits but will check tomorrow.
  10. I can forgive the back door satchell way before the feature chassis mural, but only if it's got tools or a takeaway in it, not a merino scarf. The marshall amp cubby box made me wretch a bit.
  11. Last week I found a note written in felt pen on the back of 2 door range rover armrest reminding someone in colourful language to cut the blinking moulding knob off the foam before sending it down the line - and there's a load of blues/villa football banter inside the roof off my rangie ambulance 🙂
  12. Only South Africa and Namibia - they'd been galvanising the series vehicles there for a while as well.
  13. Missed goodwood out this year, love that show but at least I haven't got to walk past that cammo defender again - seriously LR, you can only keep a drum roll going so long before lifting the curtain, but maybe we'll all be amazed when it's a completely different shape at launch. And has a split screen, external hinges and a rusting rear crossmember 🤣 I wonder if it can match the last & arguably best Defender launch in the early 90s when LR sold 110 station wagons, with 200tdi engines, galvanised chassis & bulkheads, air con, long range fuel tank, rev counter and four speaker stereo, velour seats, soundproofing, luxury carpet, bull bars and cubby box. Unfortunately didn't sell them in the UK though, where it might have been useful 🙄 but I got one 😍
  14. Imagine classic car shows of the future - blokes stood round a rebuilt ecu with its cover propped up and displays in the main arena of eprom flash upgrades Noooooooooooo 😭
  15. If you get into a P38 now, all the hitech wizzy features, like an electric seat or a cd player with big speakers and maybe a heated walnut steering wheel, and a tiny lcd display showing mpg look positively antique. Thus it will be with the new car, feature and fashion led. Short lifespan thanks to outdated tech, miriad ecu's, servos, actuators, sensors, probably using compact engine and transmission design a la Disco 3,4,5 which makes simple maintenance a major problem (just changed an inlet manifold on a tdv6 - what were they smoking) and quick churn to new models. In a nutshell, the 'Defender' is finito, same as the Mini, Fiat 500, Beetle, but I don't mind the looks of the new thing, assuming it's the same as the 'spyshot' of the thing they accidentaly left the keys in the ignition of to light the dash up while the driver nipped off for a coffee.. might get one in ten years time when they've ironed all the faults out though 🙂
  16. Haven't used them but a guy from D&A Steering Ltd in Birmingham visited my workshop once a few years ago, pricelist looked good and they're still going which is usually a good sign..
  17. Yesterday I thought I'd get in quick and modify my 110 to the new look before anyone else. So I've taped a printout of my landy to the centre of the dash. So far it's working pretty well and gives a visual representation of the vehicle dynamics. If I'm driving on a rough road it shakes up and down. At night it went dark, and this morning it was nice and damp. It even showed the hvac was working correctly by fluttering slightly when I put the heater on full. Development cost 5p, will still be working in 10 years 🙂
  18. If I remember correctly, the alarm ecu opens the earth path for the starter relay - fixed a non responsive alarm ecu a while back by just earthing the solenoid and job done.
  19. Metalic or mica paint contains flakes which reflect the light, if you brush paint it you get very obvious brush marks - its also a mat finish, the gloss comes from clear laquer coats on top, which again doesn't suit brush painting. You can hand paint (with roller or brush) using enamel paint (1k polyeurethane) in solid colours, if you want to keep it silver it's best to take it to a bodyshop.
  20. I know - he's bypassed us all and flown south for the summer ⛈️😩
  21. Where are you staying at the mo?
  22. They come out easy enough generally. Just be careful your guys are actually good with electrical work if you're going to move away from standard stuff. In my long experience in dealing with cars and mechanics in SA, vehicle electrics are not a national strong point to say the very least.. and don't go for generic african stuff bodged to fit - if you can't get the right senders, stick to standard. Put a post up on SA4X4 facebook page, couple of guys on there should be able to point you towards a vdo stockist.
  23. Looks like Zambizi silver. Don't be tempted to hand paint it. At least not in silver.
  24. I use a lot of Britpart exhausts and not had a problem in ten years. For the price I don't mind if it needs changing every few years, though I've not binned one yet- the cars tend to get changed or modified before an exhaust gets old.
  25. Therein will lie the nub of your future dissapointment I think - is it likely that LR are going to diverge and start building utility vehicles? Wouldn't make much sense, and they don't need to. Did they make as much money on a utility spec Defender as a fully loaded Disco 4? Nah. Do most new car buyers want small rims and massive profile rubber - nope, and that's what will drive development, demand. Even Range Rovers and Discos started out with proper suspension, 16" steelies and wind up windows but I doubt we'll see that again.
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