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  1. If you're planning on wet sanding it before top coat, I'd leave it overnight at least. If you are priming it over filler then at least 24 hours prefereably more to let it fully absorb into the filler or you'll get shrinkage and a spoiled paint job. If you want to do it quickly, are spraying, can get a good even finish without runs then just let the primer flash off till touch dry and spray the topcoat on. If you're hand brushing the primer/topcoat, I'd take it slower and let the primer dry properly before sanding it. Air dry synthetic enamels take a week or two to harden after spraying, but touch dry in a few hours.
  2. Full time as a daily fuel I agree, but if you're in the bush, out of fuel and have 2 litres of sunflower oil in the cooking box, which will dilute in the 8 or so litres of diesel lying on the bottom of the tank, it won't do any harm and knocks 15 miles off your long walk with a can..
  3. If you're overlanding on road, off road, know your range, under estimate it, plan your fuel stops and have more than you need plus a little in reserve. Never run out of fuel! And remember if you ever do mess up, a tdi will run on cooking oil.
  4. Most roof tents can be fitted to just a pair of good quality roof bars, no need for a full rack. If you do go for a rack, avoid one with sides, a flat rack is far better.
  5. Yes I think that is a better plan. Plus It's good to have a car ready and waiting for a safari trip when we can buy flights again..
  6. The regs on building trailers are there to stop several tons of metal causing injury to inocent parties, not just a rude inconvenience to amateur trailer builders. If you can't figure out how long a trailer needs to be to carry a 5m vehicle and it will have to be built to fit the length of your workshop, maybe this isn't the hobby for you, and it might be better to hire a trailer for £50 a day?
  7. As it's over 10 years old it should be straightforward. Emmissions restrictions for new cars don't apply when it's a used vehicle. To get the car out of SA you will need an export licence, data microdot certificate, police clearance certificate. To registee in the UK you need: A Notice of Vehicle Arrival certificate (NOVA) which is issued when import tax/duty has been paid (shipping agent will normally arrange this) South African registration certificate, a current insurance document, an MoT certificate, proof of identity and UK address. I may be able to help with all or most of this depending on your plans and timescale, we may have space in a container from Durban to London when lockdown is lifted. Feel free to message me.
  8. Range is ok, seems to accelerate well, good that it's not burning oil. But take an old out of date heavy farm cart and stick an electric motor on at huge cost and limited use - what's the point and who will buy one? That's what Henry Ford realised before he went on to develop the clever model T.
  9. What I would strongly recommend if you are committed to converting, is to aquire all of the parts in advance and only proceed with converting when everything is present. Some parts are difficult to aquire, such as lhd swivel hubs, heaters, steering boxes, drag link brackets. A lot of smaller parts like heater cables, hoses, dash parts, wiper arms are easily available new from the big aftermarket suppliers in the UK and SA (Paddocks, Rimmer Bros, LP4A etc) The best way to start is by compiling a list of the parts you need, the part numbers, find what is available off the shelf then you know what you have to hunt for. There are a couple of parts lists on old forum threads (though for older vehicles), maybe have a look on Defender Source in US. If I were in your position I would maybe buy as much as possible in SA, ship the car to Chile, find a good parts supplier in EU to ship a crate of parts to finish and get the conversion done at home or do it yourself so you have some control over your vehicle. But see what Leimers say first, they may be able to help or recommend somewhere.
  10. I've done a couple of conversions on older simpler Defenders, and the list of parts needed is extensive, the job is laborious and parts are hard to find. I've also rescued a car for a customer that was having a lhd conversion with a specialist in Italy as after 12 months they threw in the towel and it came back in bits. A Kalahari is a nice Defender so I understand your thoughts, I'd steer away from having it done in SA just down to lhd parts availability and there are a lot of poor quality garages who will bodge it, though worth checking with Liemers in Jhb. LHD parts are pricey in Europe due to the very high demand in USA. To be honest the sensible option is sell your kalahari and buy a lhd in Italy/France/Germany.
  11. If you're in Windhoek, I found the Midas there pretty good for organising parts They are the same vented discs as Disco 1 and post 94 Defenders which might make a search easier
  12. I've fitted a late heated screen, easy enough - ideally pick up a heated screen timer relay from Range Rover classic, a momentary switch and suitable cable and it's an easy job. If you do a forum search there is good information.
  13. Didn't it have a wierd camper conversion that had a fold-down bed in the back and some kind of sink in the cubby box? Wrong diddly wrongwrong.
  14. If it's only for lighting, why not just link several 10w or 20w 240v led lamps together with some cable and junction boxes and put a 3 pin plug on the end? I've got eight set up in the workshop like that, uses less power than the kettle.
  15. Run them off a couple of old batteries connected to a charger or solar panel?
  16. Not aware of any differences on the 200 pumps.
  17. In order to get a Police Clearance Certificate for formal export, you will also need to get the car microdotted and get the Data Dot certificate - there are Data Dot centres in most towns.
  18. You only need police clearance to formally export the vehicle from SA. It's a process local to SA and UK authorities won't ask for one.
  19. You need to: Contact HMRC on arrival, pay any import tax & duty and get a NOVA certificate. There may be vat exemptions based on your status. Have the car MoTd using its South African registration Arrange insurance Refer to the DVLA website section for 'registering a used vehicle for the first time', download the application form and guidance document. Send off the MoT, Insurance doc, appilcation form, proof if ID and cheque making sure every detail is correct. Registration will be issued in 3-4 weeks If you want to ever own a vehicle in SA again you need to go through the formal export process, de-register or scrap it or you'll get a big unpaid licence bill
  20. Think you'll be lucky to get away with that - from memory the way to set the pump up if the pulley has been removed is to use a depth gauge on the plunger and line the pulley and slot up when the correct depth has been reached. The pump shaft naturally springs past where it should be at tdc so you have to dial it back against spring pressure to the right spot
  21. Later 2 door RRs sold into the European market up to 92 had seat belts on the B pillar and assume it would be slightly more elegant though I haven't looked at one. I guess the only thing to mention if you want to swap to a seat with integral belts is the design of the original 2 door seats & how they connect to the subframe and shell structure/chassis was very heavy duty to be able to cope with the forces of a crash & just about your only slim hope if you have a bad knock in a rangie..
  22. Yes radio fuse and a header joint which is just for joining bunches of wires together.
  23. So have you fitted a 4 door range rover belt setup with reel at the bottom of the b pillar and upper mount at the top, or an aftermarket reel on the floor?
  24. Have used one of these which was very good: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324081684188 Though if I did another I'll probably just put a 300tdi manifold on.
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