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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I used the B+ terminal. The loom has two inline fuses to the relays so all good. It's made a huge difference to the headlights. They have gone from a feeble orange glow to white just like all those modern cars. Well impressed. Must admit, getting the alternator back in was a pain. Spent ages trying to line it up properly with the mount. got there in the end.
  2. Evening, I've searched Googlies and this forum but haven't yet found an answer. I'm fitting a landreiziger loom to my 1989 One Ten with a retro fitted Disco 200tdi and it says to take a feed from the alternator and comes supplied with a ring terminal. I've got the alternator on the bench, cleaned it up and in addition to the main wiring I can see a W and B+ terminal. I know the W is for a stator pulse but would I be correct in saying the B+ is a battery feed and I can use this for the loom? Also, is this a A127 alternator? I haven't seen any stickers or part numbers yet but it could be under the rest of the grime. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for replies. So some say it's a fault and others say it is normal behaviour and ok.
  4. I didn’t even know ABS was such a thing on Defenders until recently when I was watching a video on replacing the swivel bearings and it was mentioned.
  5. Cheers. So we’re thinking a MC (or ABS) leak rather than expected behaviour.
  6. Hi, I've recently been driving a new (2010) 130 which is lovely compared to my rattly One Ten but the brakes are odd and I'm looking for advice. The servo works fine and it brakes really well with a firm pedal (not as firm as mine but I have just replaced the brake system very recently except servo and pump) but if you brake to a stop and keep your foot pressing on the pedal, it slowly drops all the way to the floor. It is slow and not a sudden drop but it does sink all the way. Both their same aged vehicles do exactly the same. Their garage have checked it over, checked for leaks, checked brake fluid and checked the master cylinder for leaks (not sure how they did that) and then asked one of their "Ford time serviced mechanics" who said that its a transit engine and components, and that transits do exactly the same and release brake pressure after stopping and "they all do that". As anyone who has seen my previous posts on this forum knows, I'm no expert but this doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Madcowz

    Syncro Slick shift

    This thread is good timing as I was just looking into one of these the other day. The video certainly does suggest that the nylon cup requires the removal of the grub screw. Interesting that it just lifts out. I noticed that the 2 spacers that are supplied to raise the turret up don't come with any gaskets. Do you think this will be an issue? And has anyone with an X-Eng lock fitted one of these? Not sure how compatible they are.
  8. UPDATE: I couldn't get anything to work using the existing mud shield. Every time I tightened the nut up, it was jamming the shield on the housing and wouldn't rotate, slackening it off and the flange would rotate but not the shield. So I tried the new shield and it worked fine. Was able to torque it up and it was free to rotate. Odd. Not sure if the seal is different from the previous one but that's all I can think of. Anyway, just thought I'd update the post if anyone was having a similar issue.
  9. Hi, More help required please. I've reused the original mud shield and put the new seal and flange in but when I tighten the nut up tight enough, my transfer box won't rotate. It's only when I slacken the nut off does it rotate. Is this because I have put it back in the wrong order? I put the flange on, then the fibre washer, then the thick washer and then the nut. tightened it up to 103ftlb as per the Haynes book for the rear. It was then that I couldn't rotate it. Slackening it off until the nut is loose and it rotates again. Odd as I had no problems doing the rear flange.
  10. Thanks guys, I’ll drill, tap and lever the seal out tomorrow. Hadn’t thought of doing that so thanks. The mudshield is just resting in my photo as I didn’t want to press it in then find it was the wrong way/wrong part. It’s a long cycle to my parts supplier and pretty cold and wet just now. Will grease and press it on tomorrow (after putting the bolts in :-) ).
  11. Hi, I'm trying to replace the Front Flange and seal (STC3432) on my One Ten LT230 Transfer Box and have two issues that I could do with some help and advice with please. 1) I'm confused as to how the new flange & bits go back in. 2) I can't get the old seal out (I know, pretty pathetic) 1) The old flange had a Nut, thick metal washer behind the nut, and a thin rubber washer butted up against the base of the splined shaft of the box (visible in 2nd picture). The new one has a nut and a fibre washer. No metal washer and no rubber washer. Huh? Also, the new dust cover/metal thingy is a completely different shape to my current one and once installed on the flange, doesn't seem to leave much flange to go inside the seal. Let me add a picture to help describe as I'm not very good at words. 2) How do I remove the old seal? Unless I'm being an idiot, the seal is being very stubborn and I'm having trouble removing it. Am I missing a trick here? I've tried levering it out with a large screwdriver but it's not budging, it keeps on slipping and my forearms are finding all the sharp bits under the car and it hurts a lot. Many thanks, if I've missed out any info please say. Heds
  12. Madcowz

    R380 Transfer lever - Defender vs Disco

    Cheers Ralph. I managed to get a complete brand new lever housing from Ebay for not far off the price of a lever so I'm happy with that. Looking forward to fitting it and finishing off a job I started over a year ago.
  13. Madcowz

    R380 Transfer lever - Defender vs Disco

    Holy thread resurrection... I'm in the process of revisiting this job (and yes I know this was from March 2017. Me bad). I have tried straightening the lever without any luck so will replace. But, FYI, I have seen an angled lever in the parts catalogue and have attached a screenshot of it here.
  14. Thanks everyone. ive passed this info on to the owner and they are going to look into it. They apologised for the stain on my drive and I had to laugh as my transfer box output seal has leaked and my drum is like an oily swimming pool. And the drive looks dreadful.

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