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  1. I had the same problem with my Td5 90. Had it sorted by local garage and had no problems since. Simon
  2. We shall be there again this year.... Simon
  3. Less things to go wrong with it. Seems like a good idea.
  4. Make sure that they are e-marked lamps. In theory if they are not they should not pass an MoT. I had a pair of the non e-marked years ago and they produced a carp beam pattern.
  5. 02 on doors are all steel. Simon
  6. I've got round Lightforce 140's on my roof bar. http://web.mac.com/mps4x4/90XS/FOR_SALE.html Simon
  7. Try Partco or any car paint factors. Tiger seal is another brand. Simon
  8. SPI used to make the best quality rear crossmembers but sadly they closed in December. They supplied chassis manufacturers with chassis components and seemed to be the best quality available. I never had a complaint from any SPI parts I supplied, but local customers are not too keen on the Britpart crossmembers. I have two SPI 110 rear crossmembers with extensions left in stock. Simon
  9. The 90 SPI crossmembers have the body support bracket as in the pictures, the 110 does not. If you have a 110 I have some of the SPI ones left no 90 one though. Simon
  10. Some Britpart items are from SPI not all. Rear crossmembers are not SPI and are not brilliant fit. SPI parts are excellent but as of 21-12-08 SPI have ceased manufacturing/trading so unless some other manufacturer buys the tooling off them chassis parts of any quality will become hard to find. There were a lot of parts that SPI made that no one else make such as Defender 1st/2nd row doors, complete front wings, 2002 on one piece rear door, Discovery rear crossmembers, and a lot of Range Rover Classic parts. Simon
  11. Hi Matt Try here....... http://www.britpart.com/pdf/sec_16_11-07_a.pdf or on my website http://www.mps4x4store.co.uk Simon
  12. I have watched this topic with interest and would just like to mention that Engel use the Sawafuji compressor, most other compressor fridges use the Danfoss compressor. I give 3 year warranty now with all Engel chest fridges Waeco only 1 year. I have listed this last fridge + vat to reduce ebay's high commission charges. Simon
  13. Is this the step that hooks over the tyre to step up onto and folds up ? If so i have one you can buy. Simon
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, I have now made a loom to run from the lights to a plug under the bonnet. Simon
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