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  1. jimconline

    Locking Button Assembly

    Thank you, western.
  2. I am having trouble finding a part: the housing for the locking button on the door. The part is seen in the image. The two screws fit it to the door and the button slides in. In the parts manual it seems to be BRC8965PMA. Doesn't turn up anywhere and when I check the suppliers all I see is the button itself (JRC1775). Any ideas?
  3. jimconline

    Intermittent High Speed Blower

    Problem was the harness connector at the blower motor. I had suspected this early on, tested it, cleaned it, and all was working until recently. Finally decided to recheck and was able to get the high speed fan to stop and start by wiggling the connector. Obviously only the pin for the high speed line was compromised since the low speed fan never failed. Will replace plug.
  4. jimconline

    Intermittent High Speed Blower

    As mentioned, I tested connections from control through to blower; I have and understand the wiring diagram. Problem is it cuts out and comes back on so randomly and quickly I can't catch it when it's off. As you suggest, I'm thinking it's the switch.
  5. jimconline

    Intermittent High Speed Blower

    Any thoughts as to why the blower runs intermittently on high speed? Sometimes when I switch from low to high it works; other times it doesn't. If I leave it on high it will start and stop when it feels like it. Low speed always runs. I've tested connections from the fan control (replaced a couple of years ago) on the dash through to blower motor; no issues noted.
  6. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    Yesterday I was able to fix the two issues—challenge shifting into 3rd and 4th and odd behaviour of hi/lo—with help from Dave at Ashcroft. The 3rd/4th gear issue was a matter of adjusting the bias spring as per the FAQ on Ashcroft's website. The odd behaviour of the transfer box was not so odd actually: just needed to adjust the spline (see photo Dave sent to me). I must have put it back together incorrectly even though I was careful to mark the spline position on the connector before removing. Anyway, all is back together and the Defender is back to running smoothly.
  7. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    Lightning, I have been in touch with Ashcroft and they are being most helpful. I had some back and forth emails this morning with Dave who sent me info from their website's FAQs about 3rd and 4th gear issues and how to adjust (I've just fitted a rebuilt gearbox to my Defender, the third and fourth shifts are not very good. Why?) Was happy to read this and shall give it a try. If the gearbox survived unscathed through this all it will be a relief: it has been running smoothly since being put in. I agree, oneandtwo, about the transfer box. I still have the old one which was running okay if the new one is toast, though I can't help but think some linkage is stuck. I am having a hard time explaining to Dave at Ashcroft the problem. It is rather weird, well, at least to me. The lever is stuck in lo (i.e., forward) but is engaging as hi. I can't move it from lo where it's hi to hi where it should also be hi. See what I mean, confusing huh? I sent him a clip from the video included earlier in this link. I assume he's gone for the day so shall look forward to hearing from him tomorrow.
  8. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    When I have days like today I am ever thankful to my grandfather (a fisherman/carpenter from Labrador on Canada's east coast) who instilled into me when I was a teenager the joy of working with my hands. So satisfying. And while I was able to get the selector moving, quadrant screwed into place, and all the pieces back together (despite the minimal clearance—taking the floor out from under the box between the seats sure helped), there is more damage than simply a quadrant falling off. A test run showed the following: 1st, 2nd, 5th, and reverse are smooth; 3rd and 4th take some fiddling to engage; the transfer case is stuck in hi despite being in the position of lo. And so, after less than 10,000 miles on these two rebuilt boxes I now have a poorly functioning gearbox and locked transfer case. Decision time.
  9. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    Thanks oneandtwo for the clarification. Makes sense.
  10. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    I decided to take the cover off the old gearbox and look at the selector/quadrant and see if I could move it. No problem, slides easily into and out of gears and rotates smoothly in neutral. Now that I have a better sense for the extent of travel for the selector, I shall try once more with the new gearbox. Interestingly, the old one (see photo) does not have a stop on the shaft like the new.
  11. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    That I don't know. I ordered this one in 2015. I did keep the original one mostly in case I had trouble with the new one, and also, since shipping it back from Canada to the UK would have cost me the refund. The original one was functioning well after 230,000km but I am planning a long journey and decided to take preventative measures and replace it. Ha. That's been a questionable decision. May end up putting the old one back in.
  12. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    I don't feel I should take much credit as the advice I've received from here and Ashcroft has been key to getting this far. Most appreciated. It was easy to put the quadrant back on complete, this time, with Loctite on the grub screw. That's about as far as I got, however. I am unable to move the selector shaft forward or backward; nor does it rotate; clutch/no clutch. As you'll see from the photo the quadrant is positioned off-centre and toward the back. In order for me to slip the roller and pins into it, I need to move it forward and rotate it to the middle. In the second photo, you may be able to see my problem. Not being able to move the selector shaft has me wondering if there is more going on here. Finally, I do have to wonder if there is enough room to slide the cover between the housing and the console between the seats. I would most certainly prefer not to have to take the gearbox/transfer case off.
  13. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    After digging deeper, there's no problem understanding the cause of this problem.
  14. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    Today I removed the turret assembly in search of loose parts; none was found. As you can see from the attached photo, all looks in excellent shape including the grub screw which is tight. The linkage looks to be in good shape, nothing loose or worn. After putting the turret assembly back together I shot a video to show what is happening. As you can see, the gear selector is all over the place. I am able—with difficulty—to move it into 1st and 3rd and occasionally 5th. I am unable to shift into 2nd or 4th. As for the transfer case you will see that I am able to shift into Low without issue. I am unable to shift into High. The strangest part to me is that both the gearbox and transfer case exhibit similar behaviour at the same time. What's in common that may be doing this? I have written to the folks at Ashcroft to see if they have any thoughts. Gearbox_TransferCase_Issues.mp4
  15. jimconline

    Floppy Gearshift, Getting Into Gear Hit and Miss

    With the time I had today I was able to remove the tunnel cover and have a look. There was nothing wrong that I could see with the bias spring (was adjusted pretty close to where it should be) and the linkage at this level (please see photos). The next step is to remove the lever turret assembly, as suggested, and see what I find. I did discover during my work the following: I can shift into gears 1, 3, 5 fairly easily; I cannot shift into 2 and 4. On the transfer case I can shift into low but I cannot shift into high. In other words, on both the gearbox and the transfer case I can shift forward but not backward, if that makes sense.

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