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  1. I've been asked to procure some CNC-cut sheets of perspex / acrylic / whatever transparent. Size will be approximately 1m square. They are going to form a support cradle for a racing dinghy, and will be about 20mm thick. I'd assume that this stuff is best cut with a waterjet? Does anyone know of a supplier who can supply and cut this sort of material? Ideally in the south east / London / Suffolk, and who can do the job in the next fortnight?
  2. Puma pedal lock. I've had a look at my footwell and a Pedal Lock and think it would be fairly straightforward. The length of the main face of the lock would need to be a bit shorter (or longer, I can't remember) and the bolted mounting point a bit closer to the seat box, but I think it'd work. I remember you saying that not enough Puma owners would want to drill holes in thier floor panels - as they get older, I'm sure owners will get less precious!
  3. Drop me a line when you need the engine crane back - I'll drop it round and turn some spanners for a few hours...
  4. I've just changed a chassis in 5 days. Drove into the barn on monday lunchtime and out again saturday morning. That was with new (hence unsiezed etc) bolts. I lifted the body complete. No reason a strip of a 90 shouldn't take much longer - it's fitting bolts, anti sieze paste etc that takes the time. Give yourself a week off work, and with the weekend either end you'll be sorted.
  5. Thanks for the offers chaps - might have the use of one about 15 miles from home, but will contact someone if that falls through...
  6. As the title - I have some heavy lifting coming soon, which will require an engine crane. I'd repay the loan with a slab / bottle of your preference, and can collect within a reasonable distance of North Hampshire.
  7. So, I've got to glue some window clips... ...onto the bottom of my front windows. I've tried Q-Bond but it doesn't achieve a good bond with the glass - too smooth I guess. Does anyone know what is used in the factory? Something grey coloured IIRC... My next attempt will be to use some Sikaflex - will I have the same problem? Any idea how best to score the surface of the window to allow an adhesive to bond? Simon
  8. Can anyone offer some advise? I need a pair of front windows for a Tdci Defender with electric windows. Various parts suppliers show a load of different parts numbers and prices vary between £30 and £80 each, and parts with or without the little ears on the bottom of the glass. Clearly I'd like to pay towards the lower end of the scale if possible! I can't work out if the glass is 'handed' - i.e a different part number for left and right. Thanks hugely in advance for help!
  9. Bodges? Cheeky bugger.... I might argue that your Landy's worst day was when you bought it......!
  10. Buy a Puma bulkhead would be the easiest thing I think...
  11. The 10AS may be shot - I had one that would work the central locking and do the light flashing and dash led but didn't unlock the immobiliser. Try a 10AS from another TD5.
  12. Is there a master fuse anywhere? Under the driver's seat in RHD vehicle...?
  13. I've got some 88" hard top sides about an hour east of you....
  14. X3 on the stop solenoid. Make sure it has 12v with ignition on. You will hear it click with the key turned and a head in the engine bay. You can pull it out of the pump, remove the rubber plunger and spring and refit the solenoid body to rule out the solenoid altogether. You'll have to stall it to stop the engine....
  15. Yowser - just called Footman James Rebuild TD5 100, all mods declared, unlimited mileage, £14k agreed valuation, breakdown and legal cover £165 as opposed to the £380 I was quoted in renewal. Hooray!
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