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  1. nick w

    banana chassis

    yes woop the front bolts line up as do the 2 beside the seat box fridge frezzer thanks i will have to try it do i need to have it on a level surface first though ?
  2. nick w

    banana chassis

    if its what i think you mean ie the 3 rails from one side to the other then yes there still there but dont touch the chassis atall
  3. Not been her for a while but as the series111 project is on again i feel it may be more regular . My problem is i am now refitting the body panels which was going well front wings no problem tub no problem ( or so i thought ) then offered the doors up and the shut lines and door top levels are about 1 inch out . After much adjustment its now only about half but the problem seams to be the tub, it is fixed on the rear x member and sits sweet up to the seat box yet in the middle its about an inch away from the chassis . When i striped her down all seamed well but i have been at it around 3 years now so im wondering if the chassis has bowed or perhaps the tub which was lent against a wall ? im lost baffeld and completly stuck so please offer any pointers or solutions many thanks
  4. nick w

    first start

    sorted now thanks guys like a proper pratt i had put the insulating washer on the points on the wrong side so no spark was ever going to get across d,oh
  5. nick w

    first start

    not got to setting the correct gap on the points yet but they are opening
  6. nick w

    first start

    hi everyone so the 1975 series 111 petrol engine has been striped restored and now refited done all the lubricants ect and turned her over plugless and all seams well my question is though how can i just fire her up. As i am yet to rewire the ignition and stuff. obviously i have a battery installed but cant get a spark from the coil (the big one bolted to the bulk head) do i need to run any tempory connections or is this pointing to a knackerd coil also due to my lack of a wiring loom i am also arching out the solinoid to turn her over any help much appriciated cheers
  7. nick w

    help please

    ok thank you i will give it a try
  8. hello everyone would some one be kind enough to put a link to my land rover on ebay (item number is 190542276675) as i have no idea how to do it many thanks this will be much appriciated
  9. many thanks for that mate a great help cheers
  10. PM me for pics and further details cheers
  11. sorry mate i have no idea how to send pics from here pm me your email and i will try that way
  12. still not decided yet but am seriously considering which of the above to do After 2 or 3 years of slow but concice restoration i am just not finding enough time now to complete the series 111 project .It would make a lovely resto project for someone as most of the horible work is done unfortunatly though i think she is worth more and easier to shift as parts anyway if there is anyone out there who would like to purchase the series to complete the job please please let me know other wise she may become an ebay whore. basicly shes a 1975 bronze green swb lots of history very straight all parts there and much restoration already done and she was a runner before the strip down
  13. as long as it fits tightly and lets air through i think anything will do my complete unit was only £65
  14. i am pleased to anounce its still up and running paul the new owner emailed me last night from the mail i sent him by clicking on his email address on the web page dont think anyone has been killed and the next event is this sunday shame i cant attend due to the mot falier of the landy
  15. wow must have been the boxing day event then as i was at most others before that one although a have not heard anything or read anything in the local papers i have to say things had improved greatly since it was taken over around august it was bad but i am more than happy to go there with the wife and kids now . Hope there was no fatalitys and we find out that it is still up and runnin as foxham ect are just a bit far from me and defenders on muds really dont mix well with motorways
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