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  1. the first tubes he ever did for a land rover was for my 90.
  2. junni is from taiwan, seen it on taiwanese forklift trucks i used to work on. i would replace it with a resetable circuit breaker fuse whilst you establish the true fault.
  3. tell me about the one you have steve
  4. good evening gents, i have been mulling over the idea of building a p39 pick up for a little while now, the idea is a single cab with drop side body, ihave trawled the net assuming it has already been done but have found nothing, am i searching the wrong places? thoughts please.
  5. i have 18v dewalt,had it 6 years cant fault it.
  6. sam the murex is a very good welder and worth a bid if still available.
  7. i also have a ducati engined motorbike,my neighbour complains every time i use it, cant beat a v twin on straight through race cans! he is getting nasty now so i mark on the calendar time and date when i use it,, he told local bobby i only ride it to annoy him,
  8. Jason take it nice and steady,there is always tomorrow and another day after that,if the emails go back 4 months another few days won,t hurt. I admire your courage and honesty you have a massive inner strength and I wish you well.
  9. get hold of some blue jcb grease,does not go hard in my experience.
  10. company i work for builds fork trucks in taiwan.we use a taiwanese karlin type switch,they dont give any problems.
  11. google mig tig and arc,down southampton way,there website shows them and gary may well price match,top bloke to deal with,bought my big oxford mig through him.
  12. if you want to re make them there is a company called chase in wolverhampton that build loading ramps for shipping containers and curtain side type trailers,the mesh they use is perfect,it is a type of expanded mesh but uber strong.
  13. boc have a thermadyne 160 amp on promo for £200+ vat at minute,we have at work for onsite repairs,seems pretty good.
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