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  1. just give me a ring, 07989 457 485 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201716669533599&set=a.3745698756134.2141162.1086214278&type=1
  2. How are you getting on with the axle conversion, In my opinion I would bin the 80 rear and get a D70 or a GM14 bolt, the 80 is way to heavy and locker choice is limited, get hubs that will take a LR disk and re bracket to take LR callipers, this will save a load of weight and you can fit LR stud pattern rims,
  3. Go LS or LsX and you have tons of choice on drive train, I have gone manual with a Muncie SM465 mated to a NP203 'doubler' to a NP205, This set up allows me to use Muncie TG series PTO units for a rear mounted mechanical pto winch driven off the 205 and a pto unit to drive the hydraulic pump, this is mounted to the 465, The doubler is not in photos as it is in bits being sorted.
  4. Easiest way to do a 14 into a steering axle is to completely re tube it and got hold of a front D70 as the inner 'C' is larger and then you have a option of re splineing the shafts to suite, look for a front of a Dually as it is wider and you will have plenty on the shafts to use, if you cant do the work yourself you can drop it round to me, it can all be done Gordon, you have seen it, even the engine adapter, you have a mill, get one knocked up.
  5. G, you have seen my set up and it is prety simple with no specialy made addapters, why. Not go NP205 mated to the TH400 then its only a off the shelf adapter to mate to the Rv8, then it will be strong
  6. No Si, I have not taken it as criticism but while someone has thrown a part I make on here I thought I would say something, maybe overkill on the bolts bit it will never fall off and I like it.
  7. Out of all the pans I have sold not one has said anything about bolts and no bad words for it, I also do a version that requires no welding to fit to axle so anyone can fit it and this is somthing no one else does.
  8. First person to give me a good answer to how many bolts I shou have used gets a free dif pan then you can tell all how it realy is
  9. Yes, if the engine blows a electric pump should be ok just to get you out of trouble, some thing like a tipper pump, Carl.
  10. Thanks for replies, that is the correct symbol, i will tell him it needs to get pluged in to try to see what it could be, Carl.
  11. He can only read with his bad eye so probably missed that page, will get a photo of symbol so it will make more sense, Carl.
  12. A mate has phoned me asking about a warning light, he explains it as the symbol thats on the oil reservoir, behind where power steering fluid goes, Does this make sense and what is it and how to sort it, Thanks, Carl.
  13. A great way to end your life geting hooked up in a lathe chuck, even a small lathe like the one in link can drag you in, Carl.
  14. Just measure up the double cab, all the measurements you need are there, Carl.
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