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  1. Keeper96

    series 2a clutch issue

    Ohh happy days 😂😂 i should learn to never trust the word or work of someone selling “an unfinished project” thanks jamie
  2. Keeper96

    series 2a clutch issue

    That’s what I really hope. Heres a picture of the clutch anyway to see what you lads think Sorry it’s not great but it’s just a generic one from then I pulled the engine out a while ago
  3. Keeper96

    series 2a clutch issue

    I guys as some of you may have seen I have a series 2a that I'm trying to fix up. the latest issue is that the clutch pedal doesn't return when pressed down and has to be pulled back up, there is no pressure on the pedal on the way up or down, and the system has been bled. I'm starting to think that possibly the wrong clutch has been fitted and the clutch fork isn't against the clutch plate which could cause these symptoms? the engine is 2.25 diesel from a series 3, do series 3 and series 2 have different clutches? thanks jamie
  4. Keeper96

    Re installing track rods and steering linkage

    Hi Lofi, that would be great if you could do that? Cheers
  5. Hi folks I’m refitting the steering system to my series 3 rebuild and was wandering if people have any clues on how to ensure everything is fitted straight ahead? Such as where should the bottom and top arm on the steering relay point when in the straight ahead position? Amd any other tips are appreciated. Jamie
  6. Keeper96

    300tdi overhaul

    Thanks guys, I totally forgot turners even existed! Is there anything else you would be doing once it’s on bits or just wait and see depending on what I find? Jamie
  7. Keeper96

    300tdi overhaul

    Hi guys I’ve got my 90 off the road for some repairs to get it through an mot buts going to be off for about a year so I’m planning on doing some bigger jobs while I’m on. The engine is good but it’s just got a general air of old age so I’m planning on giving it some tlc without going to a full rebuild, I’m thinking new big end shells, piston ring and a head gasket plus the usual seals etc. Can anyone recommend good suppliers of bearings or should I just go for genuine items seeing as they’re known to last? Jamie
  8. Keeper96

    Draining a series 2 fuel tank

    That’s a definite possibility, at least it’s easy enough to drop the tank and then I can Tip it upside down and make sure it’s empty
  9. Keeper96

    Draining a series 2 fuel tank

    The fuel filler isn’t attached as the pipe has a hole in, the inlet on the tank is taped over so that should t be leaking, it’s only been filled once from the same station that all of our cars are filled from. Mom going to drop the tank this weekend and have a good look at it. Cheers
  10. Keeper96

    Draining a series 2 fuel tank

    Hi guys I’ve got a 2a that I’m putting back on the road but the fuel system is full of water again. Prior to filling up with fuel there was water in the bottom of the tank, I just assumed it was from sitting for a while, so I removed the bung and drained the tank of about 3 litres of water and a tiny bit of diesel, I put 10 litres of diesel in and bled the engine and had it running. I had to remove the engine to sort a clutch issue but On bleeding the system I found everything full of water again. Firstly is there a proper procedure to ensure the tank is fully drained secondly are there baffles in these tanks? Thanks Jamie
  11. Keeper96

    2a throttle bodge

    Do you have any pictures of how you routed it? I’m away from the car at the moment so haven’t had a chance to get a look and work it out. Jamie
  12. Keeper96

    2a throttle bodge

    Hi guys as you may have seen I’ve got 2a I’m currently getting back on the road. The PO swapped the petrol for a 2.25 diesel but never finished. Ive gotten the engine running but I’m struggling to find a way to improvise a foot throttle as I don’t have the bits needed to go from the bulkhead bar to the injection pump or from the throttle pedal to the bar. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improvise a solution? Jamie
  13. Keeper96

    Series 2a ignition switch

    Yeah sorry for the double post 😂 ive wired it up as Jordan has said with a separate start button Jamie
  14. Keeper96

    Series 2a clutch bleeding

    In fairness it was in place but it didn’t have any thing actually locking the
  15. Keeper96

    Series 2a clutch bleeding

    After further investigating it wouldn’t bleed as the bloke we bought it from had the pipes the wrong way round. Got it all bled up and realised the pin that connects the slave to the rod inside the box had snapped 😬

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