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  1. If it’s like the estate I worked on then it’ll definitely get a good workout... several “roads” requiring diff lock and passengers grabbing the Jesus handles just to get to the end of the road 😂😂
  2. Problem solved, one of the wires on the start solenoid had snapped inside the crimp, the half hearted attempts must have been just a couple of strands making contact
  3. Hi all, drove my 90 home from work this morning, all perfect, turned it off to unlock the gates then when I went to turn it back on it wouldn’t crank, I got one half a**ed attempt to crank but that was it. Managed to bump it along the drive and it ran fine. any pointers on where to be looking? im guessing earths or battery leads possibly? could the starter just pack in so suddenly? jamie
  4. Do you know if discovery is different? The box is from a 97 300tdi disco. thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a 1989 90” that I’ve put a 300tdi and r380 plus the 1:1.2 transfer box in, the speedo cable snapped yesterday when I pulled the dash board out, I bought a replacement for a defender but it doesn’t fit the transfer box. are they actually different fittings or did I have a bad part? if I buy a Disco cable will it mate with the defender speedo head? thanks Jamie
  6. What would the price be on one of these?
  7. Once I started stripping the bottom 3 bolts where just finger tight, that explains the leak but I can’t understand how they where loose, it’s covered less than 200 miles since it’s rebuild and I always check fasteners on everything..
  8. Just replied western, really appreciate the offer but I’ve got some ordered, just need mobile ready for night shift tomorrow
  9. The above gasket has let go in spectacular fashion, I need the car ASAP and can’t get the correct gasket till Wednesday, will it be okay to make a gasket from 2mm cork sheet?
  10. Hi All, I’m putting the doors back on my rebuild but have Hit a problem, I’ve set the door gsp to 34 1/2 inches and have the bulkhead Parallel to the rear tub but the lock end of the door is 3 inches too low, it looks a lot like the front of the rear tub is 3 inches too high has anyone care across this before? Thanks Jamie
  11. Hi all, I’m reconnecting the wiring on my rebuild and have an issue, I can only get the engine to crank by shorting the start relay direct to earth, there’s a terminal on one of the engine bay plugs that I can’t find a corresponding wire for and seems to be the other end of the relay earth, does anyone know where the start relay is meant to earth to?
  12. Evening all, a friend has message asking me to source him some Allen bolts that take a 3/32” Allen key, if anyone can enlighten me as to what size shank they are I can probably sort him out, from his vague photos it appears to be a UNC thread
  13. Cheers lads, I’ve been rebuilding my 90 and while I’m a fitter by trade we never touch bodywork or welding at work so all the chassis repairs and bulkhead work has been a real learning curve
  14. Hi all, I’m about to start repairing my foot wells and have the panels from YRM and some seam sealer. my question is, does the seam sealer just get brushed over the seams once everything is welded in place or does it have to go in between the seams as well? thanks
  15. Ordered a 20t from sgs, a bit pricey but nice to have decent gear! A bigger one would be nice but the prices start going crazy!
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