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  1. landroversforever

    ibex 300 build

    That looks great Mike Nice and subtle.
  2. landroversforever

    ibex 300 build

    I'd completely lost track of it's scale as I was thinking it looked a bit small.... but it sounds more than strong enough when a size reference is put on it!!
  3. landroversforever

    Locking wheel nuts for steel wheels

    Defender/D1/RRC are M16x1.5 aren't they
  4. landroversforever

    Locking wheel nuts for steel wheels

    So you did! I always forget about that bit
  5. landroversforever

    Locking wheel nuts for steel wheels

    Bish hasn't put it, but they're for a D2 so those won't fit as they're for a defender/D1/RRC
  6. landroversforever

    Locking wheel nuts for steel wheels

    Are they not the same as the earlier Discos in that the nuts fit on a steel spare? So the locking nut would fit on the steel rims?
  7. landroversforever

    Fitting a servo to assist Clutch - help please

    I was about to say Jason fitted one.
  8. landroversforever

    Show me your switches!

    Might be worth mentioning the Carling do some lovely rubberised versions of the Contura II switch face. I've got a couple lined up for my winches.
  9. landroversforever

    broken half shaft 1990 def 200tdi

    Just lifting one wheel at a time will let the wheel turn as the gears in the diff centre will move. If you life up both and turn one (with the handbrake on to stop the prop turning) it should turn the opposite wheel the other way.
  10. landroversforever

    Show me your switches!

    Interesting, I've never found that with any of the Contura ones. They do a more 'basic' looking one which is a little plasticy. I know its also only an example, and without going into details I'd personally steer well clear of Fourby. Their business ethics are incredibly poor.
  11. landroversforever

    Show me your switches!

    Carling Contura for me every time.
  12. landroversforever

    What axle innards does the 70th Anni Defender use?

    I know the V6 110 was raced on standard axle internals, so I wouldn't be surprised if the 70th was too.
  13. landroversforever

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    The TD5 is actually all Land Rover. BMW turned up on the scene after it was finished. It was a LR designed engine, originally going to be a family of 4, 5 and 6 cylinders but BMW came along an already had the 4 and the 6.
  14. landroversforever

    TD5 fuel economy

    And the front output flange?
  15. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    I can't remember Will's design weight, but it was surprisingly light. It looks heavy but Will is definitely a man of lightness! (Not just his small stature , he's a lotus man).
  16. landroversforever

    Series IIA/III vs 90/110/Defender

    Series: Defender is about 10-15mm from memory inside of the edge of the plastic all round: Hope that's of some use
  17. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    You beat me to it Mike!
  18. landroversforever

    kiwi series build

    That setup has a hint of Will Warne about it! The big box sills and bulkhead shape.
  19. landroversforever

    Garage lighting

    They've come down a hell of a lot then!
  20. landroversforever

    Garage lighting

    Thought of something else too... painting the floor! Just painting the floor in mine a light grey really lifted the light levels in there, even without painting the walls (still got no idea why I painted the floor first!!!) and the old 6ft tube only.
  21. landroversforever

    exhaust wrap

    Two reasons I don't like it on a LR.... First the one fridge mentions, dragging your arms past it leaves you itching for ages. The second one being the water and mud retention, it steams for ages after its had a dunking. As an alternative I've been looking at ceramic coatings for my stainless exhaust. This is all mainly for the heat containment properties, not sure what it would do for the sound.
  22. landroversforever

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Calling the fiberglass wizard.... @miketomcat
  23. landroversforever

    Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    Ouch! Hope you're not sore! What's your plan with the body style? Same again or going to change it?
  24. landroversforever

    Unknown axle, which cv-joint? Help needed

    Have a look for the axle number on the top of the long side of the case. That's how I was able to track down the origins of my replacement rear axle.
  25. landroversforever

    Garage lighting

    Any particular reason for LED over tubes? I'd be surprised if LED units have reached the price point of normal tube fittings. When I put the lights up in my unit I went for 3 x 2ft twin tubes across the 2.4m long 700(?)mm deep workbench. Perfect as I've got loads of light even when I lean over and block one or more tubes' light. For the main area, There is 1 original 6ft twin tube running across the workshop which would be about bonnet area if a car was driven straight in. The rest of the lights are 5ft twin tubes, two on each side running length-ways. They're offset towards the outer edges so they'd shine more down the side of a vehicle rather than on the roof. I should also add that they're all daylight tubes and the kind without starters so they're straight on and full brightly pretty much instantly. The only place in the workshop I wish I had more light is underneath whatever I'm working on! I could also do with a bit under the big 'shelf' above the workbench so I can see into the cupboards better, but I've managed for 5 years without . Everywhere else in the workshop is lovely and bright.

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