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  1. Best Mud Flaps?

    The link to Gwyn Lewis is just the brackets, it doesn't include the actual mud flaps.
  2. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    Can you loose some weight from bits like the shock turrets? Seat base from angle rather than box would save a bit?
  3. Superwinch Tigershark range

    I've not looked inside any of my low line winches but the inside of the Husky is rather beefy. If going for a lowline I'd look at the Goldfish range personally... David's show one seems to live in a tank of water and still works. After all they were designed to be well sealed hence the name! Milemarker is going to pull all day, as would the Husky. Goldfish too, but might need a snatchblock?
  4. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Are you going to log the hours like the miles and fuel Ralph? Will be interesting to see the comparison.
  5. Re-flooring my trailer

    Worth stripping it and having it redipped James?
  6. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Excellent news! Glad it's going well Ralph!
  7. New Workshop Planned

    They're one of my favourite ones.... but expensive for a big one! This is what a friend uses on the farm.... useful when there's a telehandler to move them out the way. I'm wondering about building a fixed set with removable ramps as they can then be stacked out the way when not being used. stood on end maybe.
  8. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    Ah fair enough! The word 'had' in your post above have it away
  9. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    So is this replacing the portal axled buggy Soren?
  10. New Workshop Planned

    The chap that owns the forklift at the farm regularly has cars on it for either working on or cutting the cat off and draining the fuel before scrapping.
  11. New Workshop Planned

    There was one on the Garage Journal forum, he made a single post lift out of a forklift front.
  12. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    I think I'd be getting a little twitchy if it was me, we've had some really cold mornings this week! Thick ice on the screens.
  13. I'd love to have a look round your setup one day if I'm nearby!
  14. New Workshop Planned

    Well that sort of works... but doesn't let you work on one with the other in there easily, without shuffling about.
  15. New Workshop Planned

    Soren has a scissor type one, that's portable once its down. I'm interested too as my workshop is only really about 1 bay... if I put a permanent lift in I wouldn't be able to put more than one vehicle in there in the future.
  16. Nice one! Well deserved going by the quality of the work on the Rangie!
  17. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    That's not too bad money wise then Ralph. Good job sir!
  18. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    I like that Sören! As you say the clamping force should be taking all the load which is still there. Also good that it doesn't loose you any wheelbase.
  19. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    Shortening them a bit would tip the pinion up.
  20. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    Castor corrected arms on the rear?
  21. Bobbed and caged RRC called The "JWH"

    I'm gonna go a bit lighter Sören.... 750kg.
  22. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    You might already know Ralph, but gentle engine braking is aparrently good for breaking in.
  23. Breakdown cover for a series with trailer

    Santana on the back?
  24. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Looking good Ralph! I really enjoy seeing an engine come together.