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  1. Also add that if the ground is bad enough to need a front locker.... an LSD is going to just turn both wheels like a lock I’d have thought.
  2. That’s a neat conversion. I think I’d worry about use in more extreme climates though.
  3. That’s a worthy point. That said I’d still choose full lockers for both ends. The rear makes the biggest difference (assuming you’re going forwards) so you can just disengage the front one when you need to turn and it’s trying to push straight on.
  4. That's awesome. Great finish on that Stephen. Done going up the grades and then a polishing wheel?
  5. I didn't in the end Ian.... and I'd completely forgotten about it .
  6. What sort of MPG do you get out of the 4.4?
  7. That’s true. And a td5 90 with a tank guard hangs right down.
  8. Wonder if it’s exhaust plus some gubbins to measure emissions while they’re testing?
  9. I think quick fists are probably the most universal of mountings for one. A lot of the smaller extinguishers have mounts which look like they'd let it out if you put the car on it's side.
  10. Yeah I don't get that one either.... it also doesn't seem like it needs to be that low as a tank guard or whatever.... it just seems a bit scoop-like.
  11. Needed some bigger ones yesterday to get a ~4” circlip out of a Nissan NV400 wheebearing. The biggest in the set I bought above was still too small.
  12. I couldn't really find anything on it when I bought it, it just came up at the right time and right place. I think I paid ~£150 for it which seems like a good price.
  13. It's just a render at the moment... not sure if there's a plan to build one.
  14. Just a comment on the fire extinguisher... I've always kept mine within easy reach of the drivers seat. and plan to again. It used to just fit in the cubby but there are plenty of brackets available to mount it.
  15. Got the heavy lifting gear in... sorry... the old man in and got it up on the trolley. Not used it yet, but the height seems spot on Bolted down with 4 random length M12 bolts I happened upon. Will sort some better ones that actually reach through the nyloc when it gets pulled off for coating at a later date
  16. That's beautiful! Seems like a shame to use it! I think if I was putting rails like that in I'd bolt right through.
  17. I'll see if I can find the pictures again, it looked like they'd just driven slightly to one side of an otherwise well used track.
  18. Centre diff unlocked - if you spin a single wheel you'll stop. Centre diff locked - you'll need to spin a wheel on each axle to stop. Axle lockers used with the centre diff locked you're adding to the minimum number of driven wheels.
  19. Those numbers are crazy. I figured the numbers like that must be high based on how often I see that exact one... but not that high! . Doesn’t take many deposits on that volume of listings and they’re making a proper wedge.
  20. Worth chatting with one of the RRC specialists such as Kingsley Cars or Twenty-Ten Engineering?
  21. Wasn't sure which thread to put it in... The fake adverts are out in force at the moment as this vehicle I saw on ebay about 18 months ago as a genuine sale. It's currently appearing like this at least twice a week on average. Same stupid price every time from the scammers... and then often removed by ebay straight away, although not always.
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