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  1. That looks great! Any reason for not going the full width of the garage?
  2. I wonder if its this bit. I seem to remember something about being specifically licensed to sell military stuff out of the uk.
  3. The trouble you'll have with the door is you never quite know exactly how bad it is until you're in too deep. The club Mike is alluding to, is ShireLRC. Lovely friendly bunch. Whilst they do, do heavy offroading stuff they also organise socials once a month as well as green laning trips too.
  4. Any and every modification from standard should be mentioned to your insurer.
  5. Always enjoy stuff like that. This was a 35t cryo tank lift at work last year. I think its a 250t crane, needed it for the lift at reach, 130t ballast from memory. Needed a 160t crane just to put the foot pads out for the big’un. and completely unrelated… this was just off my route to work last year too I think it was. Caught the verge avoiding someone and it pulled it in and rolled it perfectly upside down!
  6. I think the issue with the rollers for an LSD is I’m sure they turn the wheels different ways, then do the reverse.
  7. You've got the rest of the roof Ralph! Or put the gauges out on the bonnet - Drag racing style
  8. Wonder who that was. Can't think of anyone down that way from the Land Rover world?
  9. Handling wise, the one-link removes the roll stiffness of the radius arm bushes so body roll will be increased.
  10. Mine fits perfectly on all sorts of mates cars I’ve used it on.
  11. Best bet is a bench grinder with a decent wheel in it. All of the specific sharpeners I’ve used have been rubbish.
  12. I’m with Ralph. Looks neat and a nice job, but I prefer the td5 setup.
  13. Something like that you’d be ok with any bolt of the same length and grade IMO.
  14. Definitely interested to see the drawings
  15. The longer ones you’re coming up with will be the ones that bolt the ball joint to the a-frame arms. Rather than the ones you need which are only on the Salisbury rear axles.
  16. That looks great! Think we need a press build thread too
  17. I remember mention of it and I joined in 2007 I think it was.
  18. I think my memory serves me correctly…@TSD whilst his is an ibex, made a comment a while back that if you take depreciation into account, it was cheaper running the ibex than anything else ‘normal’
  19. That was one of my thoughts too. Interested to hear your experience @Romahomepete. If it is short, the adaptor linked above would solve that with my DeWalt batteries.
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