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  1. Great work Stephen! I've removed that quote you couldn't remove . Which Railway are you involved with @lo-fi I can't remember?
  2. I don't normally like to generalise, but sadly I think it has a lot to do with the whole 'van life' types.... people who aren't normally outdoors types so just don't respect where they stop. Also probably made worse by those who have stayed in the UK rather than travel through the pandemic.
  3. Vote for POR15 here. Waaaaaay better than hammerite. Has it been painted before or Galv?
  4. Hello all. I've been getting a bit twitchy about the final weight of the 90 after its rebuild with all the additions. So have any of you out there got the following you can weigh complete (or say if not) it would be a great help! And worth adding to the component weights thread. Thanks in advance! Front Doors Series door - a message to an ebay seller yielded a guesstimate of 5-10kg, but not sure. Pre-Puma door - Puma Door - I've weighed at 26kg (with manual window, mirror and hinge) Rear Door Pre 02 (square bottom glass corners) - 17kg with no door card
  5. Following on from the hijack... my snorkel was well and truely tested. It was the 'wing seal' type one. The PO of the 90 had wedged a 90Deg silicone bend up into the snorkel and sealed it up with half a ton of silicone. Wasn't the neatest but seemed to work out OK. My plan is to do a neater version when it comes to it as I like the Safari shape.
  6. Just thinking there might not be the material left for it now.
  7. Little late now, but have you machined the flats for the bolts in such a way that they can lock the bolt heads? Only need one spanner then!
  8. I’ve seen it done with a welded pipe following the inside of the wheelarch.
  9. Does the Volvo have another transfer case for splitting the rear output in two?
  10. Surely the gaitor would squash enough to get the bolts in?
  11. I believe Mike’s buggy is a Dual triangulated 4 link both ends.
  12. I think the only real plan of of attack is to bolt up what you can and see where it falls to make another bracket to attach the opposite end.
  13. My annoyance is that there’s no benefit to it at all. None of the cylinders take air at the same time as any of the others. So comparing them like that is pointless unless it’s a flow meter in line on a running engine.
  14. Looking forward to more updates of either P38 Filip!
  15. I've tried asking them on numerous occasions about their testing (usually when I've been moaned at for calling them out on a lack of any proof) and they have never come back with anything worthwhile.
  16. That was my understanding as they pay the tax based on their location in the states.
  17. Neither are the standard entry. They chop that off the front and add those two. As for the air turning into the engine anyway... it’s in a plenum at that point. So the air just goes to whoever the pressure is lower IE a port opens.
  18. It’s not getting any more air though. It’s still being fed the same amount. A snorkel makes a difference because any improvements to that are lowering the pressure drop over that length.
  19. Any supposed extra flow of the double pipe would be negated by the fact the its still being fed by the same amount of air as before.
  20. Nailed it. These manifolds are a complete and utter waste of time. The only info they ever say is that 'each port gets equal flow', totally forgetting that each cylinder takes air at a different point. All these do is add volume to the intake and a sharp 90 for the air to travel round. Horrible bits of kit I'm afraid.
  21. I don't know if you'll find enough holes in the chassis for them.
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