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  1. Depending how big they are, I'm regularly doing Oxfordshire to Taunton/Ilminster if that helps.
  2. https://www.bowlermotors.com/our-services/bowler-racing/bowler-defender-challenge/
  3. I’m planning on removing mine but building it back up underneath. Pending gearbox clearance!
  4. This, and the quality of the fuel. SimonR did some calcs a few years back on the various vehicles he had and the benefits of branded vs. supermarket fuel. IIRC, even a few pence a litre extra was worth it for the non supermarket fuel.
  5. I find the same with my two Dewalt, the cordless one is much better balanced with a 5ah pack on it than the corded. Fat nicer to use one handed.
  6. Christmas come early by the looks of that grin!
  7. I keep meaning to get some outside 90deg ones. Been a few occasions where I’ve struggled with (or just can’t) use the conventional type ones.
  8. They can be a bit of a drinker Tim. Parents old '51 plate D2 manual used to get 25 at best on a run and 18-20 at best towing the caravan.
  9. I know a few people with more expensive drivers cars that enjoy throwing their STs around.
  10. Meaning I don’t have any of the c grip types only the normal plier type ones. So hopefully the quality of those is indicative of each brand’s c grip quality.
  11. I’m guessing that experience will translate to the c grips!
  12. To add to that, if you chaps could make one work well... then get on it! There must be a good supply of TDV6 and 8 engines from crash damaged cars that aren't viable to repair.
  13. I'm sure a bit of that would have been development costs. I appreciate yours and Fridge's backgrounds, but its a bit different to throwing MS on a Rover V8. The bodylogic one wasn't spoken kindly of regarding how well it would run the 2.7 or the 3.0. I'd trust Ian's work in that respect as he spent a long time at JLR as a powertrain engineer so has no doubt got some background knowledge of them.
  14. You're not allowed to do one of the Mini based kits unless there's a build thread
  15. Different to Fridge's as he's got an R56 from memory, but by F56 JCW will do anything from 8mpg on a 'fun' afternoon to ~50mpg drive to work. That's a 2L turbo petrol JCW too. I think Fridge's will be the 1.6 turbo at that age.
  16. Comparing my various 'normal' vice-grip type ones, the irwin/vice-grip ones are top in the quality stakes, Draper Expert are second place and the cheapy ones are next to useless.
  17. CMG are often advertising back loads etc to and from europe so might be worth a call?
  18. Waeco CF40 (or is it a 50?! I'd have to check) it is I've got, equivalent is now Dometic branded I think. Happily runs for a hot weekend off a leisure battery in a tent, just had one of the little top up solar panels on it. It's a bit of a unit size wise, but its tall enough for 2L pop bottles along with plenty of beer and Bacon .
  19. Definitely one of those wasted effort ones. Could have been so much better.
  20. Stephen is in the dark north… he’ll have waist deep snow
  21. Are they notched into the base plate and welded on the back too?
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