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  1. I’ve done a few 15mpg average journeys in the mini ... and that’s only a 2L turbo 4 pot. As for Harry, he’s come from a farming background, but from a car point of view he was behind the start of EVO magazine.
  2. Always made me laugh that my Aunt'y good friend always used to use her Bentley Arnage for everything... be that a tip run or bags of compost from the garden centre
  3. My rear axle is a 200 era D1 axle and its got the imperial caliper bolts. 7/16UNF IIRC.
  4. That's what I love about Harry's video's. Be it a car review, talking about the farm, going into the facts and figures of his collection or facts and figures about ICE vs electric its always a balanced look at everything. None of the all too often youtuber rubbish where they're worried about saying the wrong thing and not getting another car, or they're reviewing something they know nothing about. Same reason why I like listening to people like Andrew Frankel, Clarkson et-al, not some youtube yuppy who's reviewing the latest supercar with no background knowledge.
  5. Stick some pictures up here, would be good to see some.
  6. Si, do you end up doing much building/tweaking of stuff on site with some kind of mobile workshop wagon?
  7. I’m sure the crank issue is more of an issue with the old 2.7 rather than the later 3.0.
  8. I’ve used a fair bit of their wood machines over the years and they’ve always been great. On the bandsaw front I was looking at a Baileigh but the reviews didn’t come across well so ended up looking at the slightly different Axminster one with great reviews. I think that’s the one Stephen has got!
  9. Nice! Is that the Axminster one? I keep looking at a horizontal bandsaw.
  10. Opening and closing grills I've seen on a few old cars, but also on the front of some of the american big rigs.
  11. Bulldog chassis, different cage to make the space for another two seats and then a few more doors.
  12. Had an email back about the weight of the 8x8 above.... 20T!
  13. Normally in its component parts then you'd work from the rear. I think with a td5 and one that's whole I'd set the adjustable bit of the crossmember mounting somewhere about right and just see how it goes.
  14. would it be any easier jacking the chassis to meet the body? Just thinking lots more readily accessible places to jack on the axles and or chassis.
  15. I don't think so, other than the whole casing being heated first normally. I think a lot of that is down to helping the difficulties of welding cast.
  16. Yup! Looks like one of Hybrid_From_Hell's kits.
  17. Wash your mouth out! that thing is awful! Complete with ‘Cab is fitted with a double glazed bubble window to the rear’ also known as a caravan window
  18. As Ralph says its on bowlers own chassis and cage, so saying its 'based' on the 110 is a misnomer. The doors, roof and windscreen frame are I think the old pieces that would be 'standard' parts. I wouldn't say its more onroad biased than any other station wagon Defender. If you want a more offroad biased one, then get the bulldog!
  19. For sure! I just can’t work out how even a gnome could sleep laying down?!
  20. I'd love to know what it does weigh. Got to be knocking on the door of 15T. I can't see a weight in the spec, but the smaller version they build on the 4x4 chassis has a base MGW of 13T. The article linked mentions 264Gallons of water capacity, so taking that as US ones.... 999L or a ton of water!
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