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  1. Steve200TDi's New Racer!!

    PPPPPP covers it
  2. Rotodama Rediscovery

    I was chatting to the two behind it at the Bicester event the other week. They mentioned that its the first one they've built and that the front was one of the things they are definitely changing. I quite like it, it's nice to see something to make a discovery into something else other than the usual defender shaped thing or a trayback comp truck! Sat in it and there's a surprising amount of space for someone of my size and 6'3" height.
  3. Another small accessories outfit

    Wolfs don't touch the centre diameter at all?
  4. Another small accessories outfit

    That's the way it sounds from Mike's quote. I guess they've decided the standard size is OK as it would have passed some kind of type approval. I'm sure the hubs are cast.... I can't picture any part of that area having been machined other than the drive flange face.
  5. Another small accessories outfit

    No, because LR rims locate on the studs, not the hub. As Mike's pointed out, it would just seem that their local laws have decided the LR method isn't good enough for the oversize tyres.
  6. Another small accessories outfit

    Also.... what's the point in the spigot ring things?!
  7. Another small accessories outfit

    That's nothing compared to mine
  8. Brazed rather than welded? Less distortion?
  9. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Where's that GVW from?! I'm sure the GVW of a 90 is only 2400kg and 2500kg for the later ones. I know mine was miss-plated from the factory and I had it corrected (to avoid the need for a class 7 MOT). The GVW will be the sum of the front and rear max axle weights.
  10. Defender Air Intake, Power & Fuel Efficiency

    Snorkels are a huge restriction on the air intake.
  11. Wound Glue

    Does it spend its time telling you you're a silly tw@t?
  12. Roof Rack fabrication project

    That's what I was thinking. The brownchurch ones from memory have a bolt/stud welded to the bottom foot, then a section that passes through on the main part of the rack with a nut to draw it all together.
  13. Torque Wrench Calibration

    Should always be wound back to zero after use on the spring type. None of mine have had enough use for me to think about having them calibrated... but when it's time (or for the Norbar one I've been given) I'll take them into work as we have an inspection group who do all the calibration of our micrometers/torque wrenches/calipers etc.
  14. Diff slap

    If it's the front it could be play between the drive flanges and the CV joint.
  15. Roof Rack fabrication project

    What are you going to do about putting some clamping force on the gutter?
  16. Diff slap

    Diff slap?! I guess you're meaning backlash (slop between the pinion turning and the crownwheel turning)? If so it's rebuild time, I'd imagine the crown wheel and pinion will be worn and require replacement so you've got things like the pinion height to set. In my opinion you're best off having it done by a specialist like Nigel @Hybrid_From_Hell At Xcess4x4.com.
  17. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    75kg is less than 3/4 of a Ross!
  18. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    You're right there! TDS Goldfish is 35Kg with rope and ali fairlead..... 50Kg if its steel and roller fairlead.
  19. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    It's public as in anyone can turn up throw them some money and be given a weight.
  20. Venturing off road again.......

    That's a lovely front bumper Steve
  21. car trailer straps

    I've had a few lifting straps from these guys who also do the wheel choker straps. https://www.theratchetshop.com/ratchet-straps/vehicle-recovery-sets/wheel-choker.html Their choker straps are just a short lifting strap with an anti abrasion sleeve over it, so they're all rated and tagged. As a side note, I much prefer the soft type, not the ones with a metal eye at each end as it means you're not going to damage alloys if you're moving a car.
  22. ibex 300 build

    It really does seem like a complete sh!tshow of an operation. Basic things missed that could make the whole system more efficient.
  23. Which metal for bulkhead repair

    The further you strip it and check, the better the final job will be and the longer it will last.
  24. Summer Sisters - Wales off-road weekend, 23-24 June

    Aww there's my 90 in one piece in the second video . And the one and only time my waffles have been used in the first video haha!

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