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  1. There isn’t a buzz for any new car these days unless you’re some kind of enthusiast. That said, plenty of non car people have asked me what I think of the new defender.
  2. And something to add that’s one of gripes from the action pictures, is whilst the wheel downward travel is comparable to an old defender, I think it’s missing out most by the lack of bump travel.
  3. I had a poke around one in the village the other week. Sadly didn’t get that much time as it was panto time! Its a lovely place to sit and a really nice car. I just can’t help but think it should have been the new discovery. I had a look under the back of it and at the exhaust, which actually is pretty well tucked in the gap. Take a late classic defender and the exhaust at the back also hangs pretty low! Overall, I think they’ve done a really nice job. I just feel that they could have done so much more with the styling. The front could have looked more defender, even if it’s just when the lights are on (like the transit custom, I’m sure their lights are the same spacing as a defender), and I have to say the rear is the biggest let down with the lighting and design cues. If I had the cash, I’d have one in a heartbeat. I’ll always wish that JLR had made the defender more in keeping with the design and use of the old one, much like the wrangler is to the old Willys. But sadly for the size of a manufacturer like JLR, for the given cost of building a car, going away from the utility market they can make so much more money on a car.
  4. I’m not aware of a spacer? But there is a seal?
  5. It’s because the volume is also expanding as it’s pumped up. Unlike a balloon that stretches as you add air, an air spring of the likes used here rolls over itself so it just extends as it expands.
  6. For a car like that you can't go wrong with the Wright Offroad matting. It's I think 3 part matting system, one for the seatbox, one for the tunnel and then the footwells. They actually fitted them on later military defenders I believe too.
  7. I saw a bit of that video earlier.... certainly proves the defender can take a bit of a tumble better than the old one!
  8. If you want to keep it looking nicer for longer, anodising it would be good if you’ve got somewhere near that does it.
  9. But that ‘surplus’ energy at night will no longer be surplus any more as the demand goes up? My biggest gripe with the whole electric thing is access to charging... all of the new estates built round near me have loads of cars parked in the road, mostly nowhere near their house. So until a sensible home charging solution is found for that I can’t see how it’s going to work.
  10. I love the old AEC stuff, along with their Scammell contemporaries! Surprisingly cheap too as not everyone has the space for something like that.
  11. All the brackets I sent last time I blasted first. They do prefer stuff clean.
  12. Check your battery! I thought it was the light in the back of mine that was stopping it (I've even got the lights above the bench so I can switch them individually). I swapped the battery out and realised it was the original 6yr old one!
  13. Looks like a pheasant to me too.... so rare for a council estate!
  14. I always worry when I see an update on this thread with the last couple of months weather!
  15. Glad everyone’s ok! Just irritating more than anything now!
  16. That is my view of it too. The number of people raving about how great and long lasting it is within a few months of it appearing was hilarious. It was just another one what I call fan-boy products. I personally haven't used it, but it doesn't seem to have proved itself!
  17. I think a bit of a sleeper that’s capable of both!
  18. I’d personally go Clutchfix if you want something more than standard.
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