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  1. Jon, I think I've still got my old NA/TD rad sat in the workshop, one of the full width ones with the oil cooler loop in the end tank. It's a proper metal tanked one, not sure if its 100% or whether a hose was leaking but would make a good core to have rebuilt. Assuming I can find it and haven't scrapped it, you're welcome to it.
  2. I'm sure the Superseal and Econoseal take the same crimper, as I bought the matching ratchet crimper from Durite when I got plugs. They've worked perfectly for me every time. EDIT: Same for both super and econo: https://www.durite.co.uk/itm/70886/Crimping-Tools/Ratchet-Crimping-Tool-for-Econoseal-Superseal-Terminals/070351 Also worth adding that the crimpers were only about £25-30 when I bought them and the quality is great. I think I've got the other one for noninsulated terminals too. I'd happily get another crimper from them when I next need one.
  3. International built both the 2.8 versions and a normal 2.5 version IIRC. I want to say they were used in Mazda/ford Pickup?
  4. Polestar blue is a gorgeous colour. Just wish they actually built the 4wd C30 as more than just a single concept car
  5. That depends so much on the use though? My JCW MINI needed new fronts after about 10-12K miles.... first set of tyres were also bald by 10K.
  6. Still follow that thread after you put me onto it Ben! Even pinned to my browser.
  7. If it was that iconic, why use so little of the design cues!
  8. I really like it. The front view is like someone said above... a bit of a cheap chinese copy look. But other than that I really like it. I think it shows that Jim Ratcliffe/Ineos won the case against LR with regard to the shape! I just can't help but feel a bit sad that LR missed the opportunity by a country mile. The Ineos has FAR more Defender about it. Whilst the new Defender is a great bit of engineering it shouldn't have been the defender and I think the Grenadier shows what it should have been. It could have done all of what LR are doing with the new Defender and been a tough working vehicle too.
  9. Likewise. I deal with surface contamination with both tritium (radiation) and beryllium. As you say, people still can need reminding to do a glove change that use them every day. Let alone joe-public who simply doesn't understand surface contamination of stuff. It amazes me the number of people I see with gloves etc on still touching their face and eating etc.
  10. FYI just copy and paste the URL from your browser straight into the box like you would any other text and it sorts it out itself.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if that ended up as a graphic rather than pressed in too.
  12. Got some brackets underneath... but had the Pigeon out in comparison to Allisport
  13. IMO that looks like a render to me rather than a photo
  14. Which shafts are they? A lot of them aren't the same diameter as the spline the whole length.
  15. I usually do it against an old file in the vice... makes quick work of it... makes a mess though
  16. Err, I thought the P38 used the stronger HP24?
  17. I've found the tyreleader prices can vary quite a lot. Sometimes I've looked and they've been significantly cheaper, other times they've ended up more.
  18. It's a fine balance though.... as much as I'd love to pop to the local for a pint and see the hospitality industry get back up on its feet (I also work in catering as well as the engineering).... we still need to be careful that this doesn't give us a spike.
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