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  1. It’s just people getting confused with the retainer and the gasket I think. Or thinking that a second one is somehow beneficial (which it isn’t!)
  2. Sounds like a cool trip! Make sure to keep us up to date
  3. I must say it’s not the first time I’ve heard of defender doors not opening or closing when the suspension is fully twisted up. It was also something I remember from a ride round the LRE ramp setup in an L322 that they commented the defender can’t open its doors on the axle twister parts. I also know they had issues in the past with cherry picker conversions as where the chassis flexes and was then presented with a very solid mounting of the cherry picker, it would eventually crack.
  4. Cheap garden sprayer works perfectly for the mordant solution
  5. Are you aware of the PP Cages snorkels? CNC mandrel bent tube, they do various versions.
  6. Isn’t that the truth!! CNC is great, you’ve just got to accept there will be cock ups until you get experienced and then they’ll be less frequent. NC type machines are useful as they’re a half way house.... manual machine but with options to program PCDs and profiles etc.
  7. No extra info on the concrete age as my workshop is who knows how old, but they leyland trade floor paint has been great! First coat 50/50 with white spirit and then full strength for the top coat.
  8. What a stunner The black and white is particularly good.
  9. It’s worth having a watch of the Engine Masters episode on YouTube where they tested some Bashed headers back-to-back with standard on an engine dyno and it hardly made any difference to the power.
  10. Dare I say typical american attitude of adding material = stronger
  11. Have a look at some pictures of the bolt in cage from Safety Devices, they have a clamp assembly which goes round that tubular outrigger. Your bracket solution looks pretty neat to me, just might want something rearward too, maybe to the shock mount holes to stop it trying to rotate backwards? @discomikey will have some good ideas... but he's quite busy with a new business venture at the moment.
  12. That one is horrible! So its the Deluxe only now then?
  13. I thought they still made this style along with the ones you always see body coloured?
  14. My rear door used to do it so the previous owner had put a small spring on the latch to keep it pulled up.
  15. Aussie rules mean the indicators need to be on the forward most face or something to that effect so they’re for extra indicators.
  16. The brackets I bought from them were fine, nothing wonkey about them. I've give them a ring and ask, I'm sure they'd replace them if not up to standard.
  17. I can't remember, did you rebuild the box? I like Lo-Fi's idea of modifying it to be a split nut type. Got any pictures of the insides?
  18. I was only wondering the other day if there was a LR podcast out there!
  19. It is just so the diff can be taken in and out more easily. It's all got to sit snug when assembled so they can't just make it wider. The salisbury doesn't have the adjuster rings that a rover type has, so the bearings need to be shimmed around.
  20. It's not too far in the grand scheme of things... you, ben, couple of range rovers with trailers and you'll be set!
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