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  1. I used one of these as its more heavy duty than the bog brush especially if you are working it hard towing etc . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTO-GEARBOX-OIL-COOLER-for-MITSUBISHI-PAJERO-SHOGUN-2-8-TD-1993-1996-ONLY/382253234882?fits=Car+Make%3AMitsubishi&epid=9022089285&hash=item5900117ac2:g:gCkAAOSwcZ9bZF-6:rk:27:pf:0 For extra security just double jubilee clip (stainless type) worked for several years no probs .
  2. Lovely work , lots of diesels being retrofitted , I have a 110 with BMW 3ltr M57 , but this might be the way for the future
  3. Maybe you should have told them there never was a station wagon with 16 seats max was 12 if you had 16 seats in there no one would be able to get in .
  4. The only things you would need to do to be legal would be adequate mudguarding , check position of lights with regard to distance from edge of vehicle , this would require that headlights are in wings .
  5. You can gas weld Birmabright easier than normal aluminium , it even used to have a section in the old landrover manuals telling you how to go about it , and telling you of the requirement to anneal after panel beating to prevent cracking IIRC
  6. How about an allison auto like I have in my RV First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Reverse 3.49 : 1 1.86 : 1 1.41 : 1 1.00 : 1 0.75 : 1 0.65 : 1 -5.03 :
  7. Is there any connection between the top mount and the bottom other than the airbag ? eg is it a bag over s/absorber ?
  8. Have you read this ? http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/vans/86062/best-pick-truck
  9. I would think that they would work quite well in that respect , as long as you have the ability to vary the air pressure either on board air, or lecky pump , also you need a guage that reads low as when not in use you need to keep 5 psi to stop pinching , the 130 helpers don't give the flexibility and ride of the boge unit.
  10. No I am saying the no22 spacer/locator is steel , the airlift component is black plastic (nylon) Re kits the 90 kit is right diameter for 90 front or rear , or front only on 110 as the 110 rear is larger diameter re HD springs it depends on how much extra length the HD spring gives , as you dont want to over extend the bag excessively if you are riding around empty , but you should not have max psi in bags if that is case, the real risk comes when fully laden and air bags at max, and then you "jump" and go to full extension .
  11. I have airbags in the front , but 130 helpers in rear , since Boge unit nls , IIRC the top plates just sit there located in top of spring , but the inner spring is longer than the outer . The black plastic spacer is flat , when new , I had the top turned down to fit in front spring top hole. Its a rear set,for a 90 as they dont list a front set. Works well with the snow plough , BTW I have used dual shock turrets on front , so the shock is on outside now . I don't see why you couldn't just get one turned from ali bar stock , that would solve the fluidity problem , JMHO
  12. Looks like a homebuilt attempt at the 88fc which IIRC was only ever built as engineering exercise , it would likely be very interesting to drive , as even the 11a version was very front heavy under braking , and the 11b had the wider env axles to try and improve stability , the 109 and later110 were both basically the nc chassis with a raised rail above and then a chassis extension bolted on the front to carry the front of the cab . the early 11a had a very complicated and somewhat temperamental gear linkage the later 11b had a more reliable and simpler setup as used on many commercial fc v
  13. If you are not upto speed on wiring diagrams and theory there are no real tips to diagnose the problem below the level at which i have advised . One piece of advice Dont take to main dealer try and find auto lecky or better stil a local independent landy workshop.
  14. There may be a problem with the CCU or wiring between it and the rear door or a problem with the motor in the rear door
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