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  1. I used one of these as its more heavy duty than the bog brush especially if you are working it hard towing etc . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUTO-GEARBOX-OIL-COOLER-for-MITSUBISHI-PAJERO-SHOGUN-2-8-TD-1993-1996-ONLY/382253234882?fits=Car+Make%3AMitsubishi&epid=9022089285&hash=item5900117ac2:g:gCkAAOSwcZ9bZF-6:rk:27:pf:0 For extra security just double jubilee clip (stainless type) worked for several years no probs .
  2. Lovely work , lots of diesels being retrofitted , I have a 110 with BMW 3ltr M57 , but this might be the way for the future
  3. Maybe you should have told them there never was a station wagon with 16 seats max was 12 if you had 16 seats in there no one would be able to get in .
  4. The only things you would need to do to be legal would be adequate mudguarding , check position of lights with regard to distance from edge of vehicle , this would require that headlights are in wings .
  5. You can gas weld Birmabright easier than normal aluminium , it even used to have a section in the old landrover manuals telling you how to go about it , and telling you of the requirement to anneal after panel beating to prevent cracking IIRC
  6. How about an allison auto like I have in my RV First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Reverse 3.49 : 1 1.86 : 1 1.41 : 1 1.00 : 1 0.75 : 1 0.65 : 1 -5.03 :
  7. plastic items will usually have a date on them either direct or coded , plus other serial numbers on drivetrain, this should help give you a idea of what most of the vehicle is , whether its a clone , eg vin ground off chassis, and vin plate and number plates screwed on , or a gen vehicle that has had a s/h chassis put under it . If its the former then selling on would open you up to charges eg handling. If it does start to look dodgy then best answer is go to police . Due to time passed , they may not be able to identify original vehicle , or that it is subject of crime , but then th
  8. I have always used RedLine synthetic gear oil in the 230 and this would give you a safety margin with an overdrive unit JMHE
  9. An 88 with the full 1ton (Stage 1 V8) brake setup 2ls 3" front shoes ,rears were 11inch sls , is more than adequate for repeat stops when towing at max powered by a RV8 , as I did a 2a rebuild in late 70s with all new brake parts to that spec , in dry very powerful stopping , (hyd winch and spare tyre on front , gave plenty of front axle weight) in wet too much , had to be really gentle . IIRC disc conversion wasnt an option back then .
  10. Its usually that side that gets bent if they have had a big jump , its unlikey to be bearings, or the swivel bearings as it would be rattling about to get enough play to notice neg camber HTSH
  11. You will be lucky in this day of aversion to any liability that any one will stick their head above the parapet It never used to be an issue , i had 109s with spare spring leaves, jerrycans and steel boxes full of spares on hd racks in the day . The most important brace was the one to take the weight off the windscreen corners , and using a flat bar full length along the gutters to spread the load , other wise the door tops would scrape !! It does really affect the stability , even with HD 1 ton suspension . With a 110 and coils its worse , you dont want to be trying the moose test
  12. I had one of the Bahama gold 2 door in 72 didn't have any tailgate problems , or with the 81 4 door model I got next . The 72 was arguably the best of the range rovers I have owned (7) , it was certainly the best mpg and reliability wise . P38 was the worst ! The first two sold for more than I paid for them the third was evens , after that the depreciation got worse and worse. Belting windscreens into cars when they used rubber screen surrounds was the norm , during assembly , especially when they were building 34 an hour on the line I still have the LHD headlamps in the black surr
  13. The op was asking for a solution , that is what I posted , having used on various vehicles for over 40 years the info regarding aircraft was just an interesting ( I thought ) aside from a similar set up that i came across when flying . Putting an electric pump in circuit pushing from near the tank as mentioned by subsequent poster is most efficacious , where you have a built in backup ie a mech pump left in situ , with an electric pump select-able has to be an improvement over having a single system Just as I have dual battery system so I can switch in an instant jump start standby .
  14. depending on type of bonnet and size of tyres dont bother with the side rubbers . There are also bracing strips depending on type of carrier . When new the kit comes with the instructions. Later vehicles not able to have carrier on bonnet .
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