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  1. Troubleshooting CB radio

    Hi check you are on the same frequency as who you are and communicating with. I have the same cb and had similar problems. You can get how to,s online on how to change frequency. I found I had to put an extension speaker in and velcro'd to the dash. Good wee CB should work ok when you get it set up. Good luck.
  2. superwinch ep9i

    Superwinch ep9i. Does anyone know exactly how much tension the small spring in the brake clutch end of the gear pack should have on it as I have it stripped and thought I better check this out ? The gear packs were not seized all gears running free (not full of muck) some wear noted.
  3. superwinch ep9i

    Thanks for the replies. Yea strong smell of burning fron the main housing and armature, it had burned a set of new brushes and looked like it would do the same with another brush set, windings on armature blackend aslo. I took the b2 off the winch and tried a battery - to -, A to F1, + to F2 and it started to arc the + to F2 post. I guess the motor is toast. What would cause the windings to burn out I'm thinking over use over long periods and water ingress and maybe a seized gear housing plus poor maintenance. Thanks again.
  4. superwinch ep9i

    Hello out there, I have the above winch with a bowmotor 2 fitted. It has just had a new set of brushes put in but as soon as i hit the in/out button it starts to heat the A treminal post causing the brush set to char at the A post reason for putting in the new brush set but still it is heating the A post. I have stripped it down and can't find the fault. I have changed brushes in a couple of different winches but this is the first time this has happened. I have also tried a bench test with another b2 housing and armature same brush set with the same results. Could the brush set be arcing/faulty in some way? Has anyone else come across this?
  5. I had an early D1 200 that had the two seal set up, but apparently they are fine with just the one.
  6. Interesting lifting roof on a Series

    Very nice indeed.
  7. Disco 300 into Defender 2.5na

    I have/had a 1986 110 2.5 na which I put a 300tdi defender engine into. Used the LT77 by cutting the center out of the 110 flywheel casing allowing me to bolt the 300 to the LT77 and no bolts left out. Cutting out the center lets you use the 300 seal on the output shaft. Made up a down pipe from 2 x 90 degree bends welded together. one engine mount will work ok the other needs made. Doing it this way no props needed to be changed the gear and trans levers stay the same. If yours is not a galvanised chassis you have this option. Good Luck
  8. underbody protection

    Mmmmm nice. UK made certainly works for me for sure.
  9. underbody protection

    It's funny you mention led's. I was toying with the idea of day running led's on the 110 to let people know I was on the way down the road and there would be a good chance I wouldn't get stopped on a sixpence. ? I'll have a look at the Terrrafirma stuff in more detail, might even phone. Dixonfab came across it yesterday and I'll get a better look at their stuff tonight. Thanks for the help.
  10. underbody protection

    Had a look at Gwynn Lewis site some very good gear. Thanks, but no axle guards might plump for the drag link guard though. I would concider decent second hand stuff as long as it is straight and complete. Proving really had to find what I am after.
  11. underbody protection

    Hi to all. I hope to be 90 owner soon so I was looking for some underbody protection. Big fan of South Down stuff (110 already sorted front steering guard, front axle guard and rear salisbury slider fitted) but they don't do their stuff any more. So can anyone point me in the direction of that type of stuff, would prefer it all came from one vendor. Is anyone on here making this sort of stuff? I done the searches and came up blank so fingers crossed. Regards Mark.
  12. Which way for clutch?

    We believe you for sure. LOL
  13. LT77 Problem

    OMG I have a box here in N.I. jumping out of reverse had considered having it repaired, or perhaps not. I wonder could I get a government grant to set up an LT77 recon outfit. It wouln't take as much as some other business incentives aided by "government" here in N.I.
  14. LT77 Problem

    Guys if it's not being cheeky what's the cost of a recon LT77?
  15. Cabs, rooves, doors.

    Thank you. And very well explained.