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  1. revision changes for parts

    Thanks, that clears that up nicely.
  2. revision changes for parts

    Hi to all. I want to stick some radius arm bushes in my 86 110 but the patrs list I have shows two parts NTC7307 up to LA930434 or NTC6781 from LA930435. I am thinking it should be the first part no as the 110 was reged Jan 86 any thoughts anyone. Can't any number on the axle.
  3. Tyre changing the manual way

    A puncture in a tubed tyre will go flat very quick were a tubeless will leak slower. Plus you can plug it for a quick fix.
  4. Tyre changing the manual way

    Can i ask why you don't go tubeles. You probably know this but you can get patches plugs and mushrooms on the net and all the goodies for the home puncture repairer.
  5. Tyre changing the manual way

    Or keep an eye out for the old school balancer with the bubble on top. Sure would be a nice addition to the tyre department and it would fit in well.
  6. 1986 110 swivel housing

    The swivel does not come over the half shaft. Shaft needs to be removed to let swivel be removed. What is the best method of removing broken half shafts any I have needed to do all have been well stuck. I will tell you how I got them out if you want me to but only on request.
  7. Tyre changing the manual way

    Very nice piece of kit. I went down the manual changer route, couldn't find one like you have picked up i'm so jealous. With the manual type you just can't break the bead. My bead breaker leaver bent and the hi lift can do it but so iffy. Good luck with your new toy.
  8. 1986 110 swivel housing

    Thanks for your help. I've dropped the whole axle out might as well do radius arm bushes and the likes. Maybe even a lick of paint here and there. 🤔
  9. 1986 110 swivel housing

    First swivel housing straight on Second view swivel split from axle tube Stub visable, bolt with head cut off refused to loosen.
  10. 1986 110 swivel housing

    Yes I have stripped down to axle tube end but I do not think the swivel housing will come over the halfshaft. Don't know why the halfshaft won't come out but it may have twisted at the diff end. Seen that before and had a wail of a time getting that one out. It's just i was wondering about the swivel coming off with the shaft still in.
  11. 1986 110 swivel housing

    I have a broken halfshaft that will not come out of the diff. Can anyone tell me if the swivel housing can be taken off with the halfshaft still on ? I have found a collar on the halfshaft end and do not think the swivel housing can be removed with the halfshaft still in the diff just want to be sure. I think I'm looking at an axle removeal to get the halfshaft out unless someone knows a better way, please let me know if there is a better way.
  12. Can anyone tell me if the def 300 and dis 300 have the same handbrake assembles ? (What's in behind the drum)
  13. Clutch pushrod

    Thank you. Yes stock gearboxes. I bought a 90 300tdi and couldn't get the clutch to work. Removed the clutch slave cylinder and couldn't find the rod. Split the gearbox and engine for a look and no rod at all.
  14. Clutch pushrod

    Hello out there. Can anyone tell if the rod that is pushed by the clutch slave cylinder is the same length for 300 tdi defender and 300 tdi discovery.
  15. Troubleshooting CB radio

    Hi check you are on the same frequency as who you are and communicating with. I have the same cb and had similar problems. You can get how to,s online on how to change frequency. I found I had to put an extension speaker in and velcro'd to the dash. Good wee CB should work ok when you get it set up. Good luck.