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  1. The one with the hopper works but it is hard to keep the blast medium form going every where. Some type of enclosure for smal parts and if doing really big parts bigger enclosure. a larger hopper obviously allows longer run time.
  2. Anyone know if the wiring for the battery charge gauge would be in a 1995 300 tdi loom behind the dash. My 1986 110 has a battery charge gauge which works and I want to stick one in the 90 if possible. Regards Mark.
  3. Hi, not trying to be funny at all but what about a horse or donkey with a cart? Just a thought?
  4. Hi should the part shown be free to turn or tight? What does it do?
  5. If I thought they would parcel it up I wouldn't mind one of those. 😎
  6. Has anyone any simple designs for spare wheel carriers they would not mind sharing. I need to get the weight of the 110 rear door and the spare out of the 90 truck cab load bay.
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. I have 5 x 285 75 16 I was just interested to know if there was any leeway as I have seem others with a different size stuck on their back door. And they dont realise the potential failures.
  8. I can't say I understand the whole workings of diffs but from what I was told I will stick to same size spare. Thanks guys, regards Mark
  9. I am not actually doing this. I was told a long time ago to not do it as it would wreck the diffs. But does anyone know if there is any leeway? I have just got 285 75 16 tyres and wanted to check if the 30mm difference in 265 75 16 would wind up the diffs if I run it as a spare?
  10. Thanks Snagger, had a wee look at Bustle About's FB page really good workmanship. Thanks for that. PaulN, that looks to be the business. But my problem is at the top there is a thin rod that goes across and a flap on the the seat cover hooks onto through the back sponge for tension and shape. Where the outside holes are on the origanal they have frayed no new piece in the retrim kits to replace them. Yous have given me some ideas. Thanks. Mark.
  11. Hi out there, has anyone used something other than the orange mesh and rubber part on defender seats. It seems it is called a "diafram" or so I believe. It basically is a back piece strung by 6 hooks to stop the foam back pushing through.
  12. I feel your pain. Good luck with which ever way you go. Regards Mark.
  13. Hi it was in the Lurgan store and they still had a few Thursday just passed. It is the 40 amp they had and it may not run on household electrics but I am not sure if I have got this correct, please check this out. Regards Mark.
  14. No problem I thought the logistics would prove awkward. They are actually advertised at £99:99
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