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  1. bushwhacker

    indicators and hazards flashing too fast

    Thanks All bulbs are flashing I have changed them and the fuses. I have put all new lights and sockets on and rewired the rear wires that cross from offside to nearside as they were blackened. I removed a black wire as I hoped to earth through the chassis what you have explained makes a lot of sense as to my problem. I'll be putting a new earth in tomorrow where would be the best place to bring it from the one I remove was not connected to any thing at the front.
  2. The above has cropped up with my 1995 90 just as I am on the push for an mot but I can't find the cause of the fault. New indicator stalk fitted, relay swopped and hazard switch changed over with my 110 parts still fasty fast but ok on the 110. I have done the checks from the Tech forum everything seems ok. I do not know where to go next. Any help would be appreciated guys.
  3. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    Update for anyone interested. Done some adjusting at each tres and darg link tre also used 2 ladders along the tryes which gives a good guide also made up a threaded rod with an adjusting end. Gap is now down to 7/8 mm not pefect but allowing for rubbish tyres that may have bulged I am going to go with it is for now until I get new tyres on. Thanks to all for input.
  4. bushwhacker

    Blue headlight light on Dash

    They do not stay on in 200/300 Def or 200/300 Dis. It's to alert you that you are on main beam. You may have a bad earth or live rubbing on something go to the area you have been working as a start point. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  5. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    Right got the wife's extending mop shaft out (less the mop bit) done the front of the front wheels and the the back of the front wheels. I am getting approximatley plus 15mm difference at the back of the front wheels. So as it had looked the passenger front wheel needs to come in at the back or out at the front (this should bring the line in at the front of the passenger rear wheel) which is the way I think I will adjust as the track rod ends on the track rod are both nice and even. Unfortunately I ca'nt try this out until Sunday as we have a forest event on Saturday. I will keep an eye on wear. I bought this 90 as a complete unknown and I am just sorting it out for an MOT. I hope this makes sense. 😵
  6. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    The 15mm gap is only at the left side of the rear passenger tyre as you look at it everything else looks good. Completely standard set up. Yes it was Hybrid's mini tech I was using worked very well for my 110. 👍 I'll do the measuring on the front wheels and see what I have. Thanks again for the help.
  7. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    Thanks for the replies, the 15mm is on the rear passenger tyre. The fronts are even on the tyre front and rear of driver side and passenger . I'll run it how it is and see how it goes. The 90 was a fixer upper new tre's and track rod and a shed load of other things. 😢
  8. bushwhacker

    Defender wheel tracking

    Been out with the spare washing line no string or electric wire available. 😋 So I have the line touching both front and rear of each front tyre center, on the drivers side it is ok on the rear tyre but on the passenger side the rear tyre is approximatly 15mm from the line to the front of the tyre. Do I need to adjust or is it ok as is?
  9. bushwhacker

    defender front seats

    😜 I just clicked on your reply and had to think what it was about for a minute. 😜 Yes Vaseline or grease. 👍
  10. bushwhacker

    defender front seats

    Here are the rails, I have spread the end of the one on the right to get the inner slider out as the nut serts have fallen out. Could be akward tring to keep the four ballbearings in place. 😲 Any thoughts anyone ?
  11. bushwhacker

    Mating engine to gearbox problems

    Good result there, and I am happy to know I'm not the only one who wonders where the time goes.
  12. bushwhacker

    Mating engine to gearbox problems

    Hi. Try to have another person with you, one at the top and one underneath. Also try to turn the engine over slightly via the crank pully to help the splines engage. Try with a jack under the front of the engine so to slightly tilt it down at the back. Honestly two people make a big difference. There is a point on the transfer box if you bolt in an eye it will balance both boxes quite level it's either the top left or right bolt to gear box. Good luck
  13. bushwhacker

    defender front seats

    Yes they are basic but I wanted to separate the sliding rails its a rail within a rail that have the cross handle to slide the seat forward and backward. They have ballbearings down the inside to aid the sliding of the rails/frame but there are little notch to stop them falling out.
  14. bushwhacker

    defender front seats

    Hi to all and everyone, can anyone tell me if the sliding mechanisim inner rail can be taken apart? It can be hacked apart but that is not what I am after, trying to do a refurb on my seats.
  15. bushwhacker

    Thermostats that last??

    Hi, I found that fitting a new stat if the coolent was of an unknown origin or how long it has been in and ratio of anti to water (they say distilled water is also better) that it can also affect the temp readings. If it's not over heating does it matter?

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