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  1. Ok, thanks 8 it will have to be then.
  2. Got nice set of 5 second hand but new 285/75-16 tyres for the 110 they came with 8 spoke steels 6.5-16 would the above tyres be better on 8 inch rims. And why if its not too much trouble. Regards Mark
  3. That should cover up well but have a look if you can disguise the repair rather than just covering the hole run a piece full length. Then coat the back of the new piece with paint. Good luck.
  4. Helllo. Been hunting for rubber mats for my 90 300tdi truck cab can anyone tell me are the floor panels from 90/110 through to 90/110 defender the same shape? Also the LT77 tunnel cover is there a big difference in its shape against the R380. Regards Mark
  5. Yes, I need one also, but at £30 + a large jubilee will do for now.
  6. Just to try and lighten your problems. I went through almost 3 liters of brake fluid and numerous times bleeding 2 man and pressure, trying to renew the old stuff only to have to change the master cylinder. Which was after having to put a servo on also. Land Rovers hooray or horror. 😖
  7. Thanks, something to ponder over.
  8. Just seeking advice on whether to keep a gear box that is popping out of reverse for spares or to refubish. I had driven the LR it came out of on many occasions and this was its only fault. The transfer box came out of a 300tdi 90 I had bought and had seized striping teeth of a couple of gears. Don't know why it seized. I am thinking there would be specialist tools and pullers to do the strip down which I don't have. Regards Mark.
  9. Well switch CDU 51 is definetly longer than AMR 3918. Copper washer an I should be sorted. 😎
  10. Mine is MA95 that was the reason I went for the AMR3918 ordered the other pt no so I"ll be able to compare. Not gen LR mind you.
  11. Mine is MA95 that was the reason I went for the AMR3918 ordered the other pt no so I"ll be able to compare. Not gen LR mind you.
  12. Thanks Western, I managed to find that pt no also on the retroanaconda parts list. Had thought about a blob of weld, but knowing my luck it would break off and jam up the gearbox. 😭 Thanks.
  13. Hi part no was AMR3918 definitely came with an o ring, Haynes refere to a sealing ring I suppose it could be metal or rubber there was no switch in the gbox at all just a plastic bung . I will try and measure depth I can put a rod in the switch orifice out of rev and in rev. Thanks.
  14. Hello to all. I put a new switch in for the rev light but it would appear the plunger is not being pushed in when I select reverse. I have screwed it in all the way to the black o ring. The switch works ok out of the gbox. Has anyone come across this before. The plunger protruds 6mm at the end of switch, does anyone happen to have one lying about they wouldn't mind measuring for me. Regards Mark.
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