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  1. Hi out there to all. I made a few changes a while back. I had the 110, an 88, a rrc, a mil lw left hand drive, a 200tdi disco and a 300tdi disco and off roading every other weekend. What struck me was "I needed to cut my cloth to suit the width/situation as I was just bouncing of one lr to try to get on with the mounting to do list. Kept the 110 the rest I of loaded and never looked back. It was nice to have had them all and the same goes for my motorcycles as well. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and only that person can fix the situation. Things change accept it, you only g
  2. Hi thanks. The valve I refer to is in the pic. Got it sorted out and should be able to get my mig up and running again soon. Regards Mark.
  3. Didn't want to start a whole new thread and I hope this is ok. I need a few spares for my Supermig 150 V2. The two items in the pic, torch vavle and gas fitting that mounts on the rear panel of the mig 4mm up to 6mm bottle hose. Thought about Euro conversion but do not know what is involved. Not worried about who makes or supplies the parts as long as i can get my door finished. Any help would be very appreciated indeed as always. 😜 Regards Mark Sorry about the massive pic.🤪
  4. Not a thing wrong with you rear my friend.
  5. I'll go panhard rod as I have had similar experience. Do update please. Regards Mark.
  6. Again you guys have come up trumps, Thanks. If anyone on the form is ever in N.I. and have a misshap and need a base feel free to contact me, and if i can help I will. Regards Mark.
  7. Guys big thanks for the help. I now need the part no for the plastic pieces of trim that slots in to the door handle top and bottom to hold the handle in place. Is there any where I can get a parts book online for a 1986 110 csw. It must be annoying to be asked for odd bits and bobs I am sure. Big thanks.
  8. Hi I the process of tidying the above doors but I can not find a diagram that shows the felt guide or any other parts realated to the small fixed window. Is it just a case of using standard guides and cut them down to size. Regards Mark
  9. The one with the hopper works but it is hard to keep the blast medium form going every where. Some type of enclosure for smal parts and if doing really big parts bigger enclosure. a larger hopper obviously allows longer run time.
  10. Anyone know if the wiring for the battery charge gauge would be in a 1995 300 tdi loom behind the dash. My 1986 110 has a battery charge gauge which works and I want to stick one in the 90 if possible. Regards Mark.
  11. Hi, not trying to be funny at all but what about a horse or donkey with a cart? Just a thought?
  12. Hi should the part shown be free to turn or tight? What does it do?
  13. If I thought they would parcel it up I wouldn't mind one of those. 😎
  14. Has anyone any simple designs for spare wheel carriers they would not mind sharing. I need to get the weight of the 110 rear door and the spare out of the 90 truck cab load bay.
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