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  1. bushwhacker

    Washer on the steering shaft

    Again Western to the rescue, 😌 thank you. That AEU4025 is exactly the same as I have on my 110 and thought it would be a better item to use than 600265 washer that I thought went on.
  2. bushwhacker

    Washer on the steering shaft

    Hello. Guys on a 95 300tdi defender 90 does the washer 600265 on the steering shaft that the drop arm goes on to need to be bent over the nut and the drop arm. It is way to small a diameter to do this. My rescued 90 came with none on it. I put the 2 tab type on my 86 110 thinking it was safer?
  3. bushwhacker

    Defender 300 tdi handbrake

    Hi all. Trying to get my 90 ready for it's mot but I have run into a problem in that I dont know exactly what parts I need for the handbrake. I have a cable attached to a hand leaver, cable has a sort of stub end on the loose end (not the type you put a cotter pin through I have a back plate but it may belong to a 200 tdi I also have a bracket that looks like it bolts to the transfer box by 2 short bilts but the back end does not line up with any threaded holes. Basicly I am looking for pics or diagrams that show the parts I need. I have the 90 parts book but it is not showing me what I need Any info would be greatfully appreciated in deed.
  4. bushwhacker

    UJ joint propshaft - part confirm

    Guys, I have been in flap with Hardy Spicers / UJs. I want to do the front and rear on both shafts and thought RTC3346 was the correct pt/no but these ujs are too big width wise measuring 82/83 depending on eyesight. The old one measured 73 / 74 again depending on eyesight. I done a bit of trawling and seen this topic. I now think I require RTC4587 superceded by TVC100010. Could someone please confirm this is correct before I order another 4 UJs. Ps I note that you guys get 93mm outside face to outside face which I do not have it mentions RTC3346 and RTC3458 are superseded by TVC100010 which is contrary to what info I have above???????????????????????????????
  5. bushwhacker

    Diff lock sector and linkage

    Hi In the small housing that the hi/low rod comes out of there is a plate/spacer with a square hole in it I found enlarging the hole allowed the rod to better engage hi/low.
  6. bushwhacker

    Drawing the line

    Hopefully the spare will get out of a pickle. I'm no expert (buy any strech of the imagination) but try and find out if possible what might have caused the damage. Elring headgasket and a new set of head bolts (bolts about £25ish) worth the expense make sure and do the tightening in the correct sequence torque lbs and degree turns. Hoping for good results for you.
  7. bushwhacker

    Just a quick chassis repair 90 defender

    Nice job, pump the inside of the chassis with waxoil or waste oil to keep internal rust at bay.
  8. bushwhacker

    Drawing the line

    You have had a bad run with your D1but good to know at least you can turn a spanner to help with the running costs. Good luck with what ever you decide buddy.
  9. bushwhacker

    Drawing the line

    I wouldn't have wanted to pay for all that work, but if you are able to do it your self (it takes a small bit of the sting out of it) I'm in the same mind myself as for calling it a day but not sure. Trying to revive a 95 90 300tdi and it's been a pain in the ass. Have a 86 110 csw for over 15 years and it's never ending. Had an 88 not std a RRC a Lightweight a 200 disco and a 300 disco.
  10. bushwhacker

    90 Land Rover Technical Blog

    Hi Is there a download for the above a 90 type, I have the 110 one and very useful it is. Also trying to get a pt no for the front door latch button the old type long black job push down pull up. 😜
  11. bushwhacker

    Servo problem?

    Your original from the pics is a 300tdi type identical to my 300tdi diagonal studs for m/cyl I've just taken off. Did the two new servo's look like the old?
  12. bushwhacker

    Servo problem?

    Hi. Any chance the new servo's are for ABS models? Just a thought mind you as you seen to get everything working as it should with the old servo. The pedal should go down with the engine running but when I say down it is only slightly, like a softer pedal. Just spotted rust on my own servo and my small screw driver went straight through. (You are not alone) Let us know if you get it sorted.
  13. bushwhacker

    Defender 90 300tdi air filter housing support bracket

    Thanks for the info guys, I'll not forget that one
  14. Guys Iv'e doing a tidy up on my 90 and want to remove the above mentioned bracket but its held down by two head bolts can I just remover these bolts and not affect the "head torque setting". Don't really want to get the angle grinder to the bracket if I can avoid it.
  15. bushwhacker

    Discovery 2 TD5 parts diagram, please.

    Aaaaaaaaaa pointy arrow head shows the way. Got it now. Thanks guys.

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