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  1. 2001 Defender heating controls jammed solid

    Hi I've been doing some heater repairs myself. The levers at the dash can stick you will need to dismantle some of the dash and see if anything is out of place. As Red90 had said check the cables on th heater box it's self. Western's write up will help you also. I dismantled a heater box the heat does not actually get turned off, the heat is deflected by flaps working via the cables.
  2. Causeway Road Northern Ireland

    Hi. We stayed at Glenmore Caravan and Camping and a few other sites you can Google it. Most if not all the sites are very good with good facilities. We're from NI so would not say a bad word about the place 😁 Have you been over before ? 😎
  3. Pipe from Heater Air Intake to Fan Question

    Hi, you could try 3 self tappers spaced out and screwed in to the part so it can't fall into the blades. If water is getting in to the heater at the height it is at i'd check the starter and alternator for water damage.Just a thought mind you. Good luck.
  4. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    I found opening the heater box up to remove the resister and matrix helped me understand what the internal flaps actually done and where the flaps would be in relation to the levers on the outside of the heater box and on the dash, western’s guide on setting the levers helped a lot to. the only thing wrong with my set up now is the demist/screen or feet/legs is stuck half and half the leaver is not stuck but the flaps are not moving.
  5. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    Just an up date. Got presented with a (secondhand) TD5 heaterbox complete, installed it and hey ho we now have heat and very acceptable it is. Only hitch is the leaver for screen and low position is not working sort of stuck half and half. Does that require the whole dash to be removed for it to be fixed ?
  6. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    Guys don't worry about who the threads belong to.I don't mind as long as we can all help each other in our wee Land Rover. My thanks to all who commented.
  7. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    I never thought about it before but now you mention it I'll have a chuckle along with you. πŸ˜‚ Have a good what ever you do at this time of the year to everyine.. 😎
  8. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    Yea, seen your write up western and I will definitely be using it to set up the levers and flaps on the heater.
  9. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    My mate's 300tdi has a heater that would melt you and bog standard for by!
  10. Heater or lack there of (that old chestnut)

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll check all the pointers. Very much appreciated
  11. Hi. Has anyone been able to fab/fit in a heater blower to replace the defender one that is expensive to replace. Does the def one come apart. Would the bilge blower talked about on here do as a replacement ? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. revision changes for parts

    Thanks, that clears that up nicely.
  13. revision changes for parts

    Hi to all. I want to stick some radius arm bushes in my 86 110 but the patrs list I have shows two parts NTC7307 up to LA930434 or NTC6781 from LA930435. I am thinking it should be the first part no as the 110 was reged Jan 86 any thoughts anyone. Can't any number on the axle.
  14. Tyre changing the manual way

    A puncture in a tubed tyre will go flat very quick were a tubeless will leak slower. Plus you can plug it for a quick fix.
  15. Tyre changing the manual way

    Can i ask why you don't go tubeles. You probably know this but you can get patches plugs and mushrooms on the net and all the goodies for the home puncture repairer.