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  1. bushwhacker

    110 Fuel Tank Cradle query

    Hi I had been watching your lifting roof project and then i lost track of it. Were you able to finish it ? I would like to see how it went. Only found this fuel tank project looking for options for better 2nd row seats in a 110. Not a bad idea for the front vent panel but with the weather we have had lately the stoneage air conditioning was nice if only operational with forward motion. 😜
  2. HI. Nice, left hand drive ? Now would be the time to take out the dash and put your mind to rest you will see the wiper setup and be able to sort out any problems. Sort out what ever needs done and be finished. I would also check out the heater is working 100%. Have fun. Mark
  3. bushwhacker

    Which metal for bulkhead repair

    Hi check under the windscreen hinge as well. The YRM panels look the business, when I done mine it thought about doing the panel as an over lay after cutting out the rot and welding around them on a low setting. You will see the welds but if they are tidy it will be spot on.
  4. bushwhacker


    Hi, any easy way to fix this wonky holes for the bottim of the front shocks both sides the same. Or maybe just leave them ?
  5. bushwhacker

    Welder recommendation

    Apologies for hi jacking this but are the 3 in 1 type welding machines any good. Mig, arc and what ever else? I have a supermig 150 on gas but i was thinking about moving up to 200 amps that will run of a 3 pin plug if possible.
  6. bushwhacker

    Defender 1992 clutch bleed problem

    Hi, Make sure the slave cylinder is in the correct way up with regards to the fluid in pipe and the bleed nipple. Bleed nipple to the top, pipe fitting to the bottom.
  7. bushwhacker

    Salisbury axle. End float on halfshafts,

    Hi, yes you can get circular shims of varing degrees of thickness to go on before the circlip. Personally I don't think 2.5mm is much to worry about. I'm thinking of using washers as I can't find my spare shims. Good luck.
  8. bushwhacker

    Causes for loss of wheel?

    Hi. I've had two instances with wheel nuts coming loose on separate occasions a rear and a front. Rear showed up as a knock and a wooble sorted by retightening of the wheel nuts.The front was a bit more disconcerting with a big wooble and crunching when i stopped the wheel was just hanging on by one and a half studs. Two completely knackered managed to sort out three good studs and limped home. On both occasions i had been off roading just prior to these cases. Either i had not tightened the nuts or they came loose off roading. I can recall an old wise hand in the club saying to always check your nuts after off roading. Has anyone else had this happen?
  9. bushwhacker

    Hot dip galvanized old chassis

    If your old chassis has had repairs done to it for what ever reason rust or damage you will not know where the weak bits are with more rust not yet broken through and looking good on the outside but not knowing what is lurking on the inside. Wait and do a new chassis or just keep fixing the old one. I do a bit of off road driving in my 110 that could be doing with a chassis but the cost would rule it out and there is no way I would want to damage a new galvanised chassis off roading. I bought a mig and do repairs my self until the day I have enough saved for a new gal chassis and no off roading in the 110. If you have seen the inside of an old chassis you will have a good idea of what might be lurking. Good luck with it what ever you decide. Mark
  10. bushwhacker


    Hello. If td5 is the same as 200/300 the bottom position is double speed the one up is single and the next up is blower off.
  11. bushwhacker

    Mig reccomendations h

    Hi. After a bit of inquiring I went for a Sealey 150 mig has done everything I have asked of it and more for sure. Iv'e had it about 6/7 years had to put a pcb in £60 ish, and it's easy to trouble shoot. If it's just personal use it's fine. But I would advise if you can, go for a 200 amp if funds allow. I am on the look out for a 200 mig or stick, it will give a better scope of metal thickness you will be able to weld. Any way good luck. Mark.
  12. bushwhacker

    Show me your Camping setups

    O look, a carp house with a toilet seat on the back.
  13. bushwhacker

    Goblin Works Garage

    Seen it and it's sacralidgeous. Not amused one bit. Why ?
  14. bushwhacker

    heater blower help

    If you are getting a live at the heater box and only one speed was with the lever at its furthest that should be the fast or 2nd. I found the best way to check the motor was to remove the whole unit and work onit at the bench. Its only 2 hoses and 2 nuts and the air intake cover removed.
  15. bushwhacker

    Best recovery option?

    I think those guys were not doing as much thinking as they say they were. Wrong recovery points, wrong angle of pull and wrong equipment. "Winch all day long, all day long". Bunch of idiots.

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