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  1. No problem I thought the logistics would prove awkward. They are actually advertised at £99:99
  2. Not sure if anyone is still interested in the plsma cutter. 12 in my local as of 15:00hrs today, but I am in Northern Ireland.
  3. Our local LRC use MSA I have been keeping an eye on this topic. Although MSA say the licence is free. To make use of it they have jacked up the price for events. Does anyone know exactly way the fee has increased and passengers need a licence. On the licence front could it have anything to with 3rd party claims? O I will say it people at MSA need paid and some may feel they need more.
  4. Thanks to all for the replies to another daft question. I have learnt a lesson about what is not possible with a 12 volt system. I had to ask as other info on the internet was not conclusive. I will keep eye on write ups on the Chinese heaters and definitely get something sorted for next winter. Regards Mark.
  5. The 300w 12volt small heater is no more than a hand warmer and you would need one in each hand. Just another thought could I use an inverter to run a small blow heater while driving until the 110 engine gets heat in to it about 10 to 15 mile, no viscous fan running. It's not for me but for others who will be passengers. Honest.😬 Has anyone come across a 12 volt vehicle heater that actually gives out heat to a noticeable affect? I have seen a couple of ideas to patch a ptc heater out another car in but posts have stopped would the amps draw be to much again? I would like something handy to use and remove when not needed. Am I pissing in to the wind. Can't do the diesel heater right now toooo near the hols for that sort of a punt. Good luck and kind wishes to everyone.
  6. I have watched a few youtube installs for the chinese heaters and all are positive so far. There was one guy who had his heater installed from last winter didn't use it over the summer fired it up a couple of weeks ago and it is still ok for him. UK guy even cut the head of one and ran it for test purposes, it did flame out eventually but it let him see what was happening in the burn chamber. Everyone should err on the side of caution with this sort of kit and keep a good fire extinguisher real handy.
  7. I will have a look at the whole system as you suggest. Managed to get an old heater box from a 200tdi to see what way the flaps operate. I will post up any findings.
  8. Hi all thanks for all the info. I think my options are. 1 Diesel heater cheap new (expensive ones not an option) 2 House type plug in heater on before a journey. This heat disappears almost as soon as you turn the heater off. 3 Second battery for heating maybe running on a second alternator 100amp. 4 Carry on with the hat, warm coat and gloves. Diesel heater has to be the way so I must start saving. Thanks again guys. 🥶
  9. Toying with the idea of using an 800 watt 12 volt small heater to use on really cold days. I have a 300 watt at the minute and heat wise the jury is still out with more testing required. As we all know LR diesels take for ever to get hot and with my short journey's it's not going to happen. Also noticed you can buy Planer heaters for £112 odd on Ebay but are they any good and the real McCoy? Please don't hang me out to dry it's too near Xmas.
  10. To all thank you. Old unit will be in the junk pile for sure.
  11. Alternator removed and looking a bit rough, if the date on it is anything to go by it has been there for 25 years. Going to put a complete new alternator, belt, waterpump, gasket and p gasket on. I will maybe do up this old one. How does the center shaft come out, is it pressed in? If anyone thinks it is not worth it looking at this pics please say so.
  12. Will do, don't need to use the vehicle. Trying to chase up a repair kit for the alternator, proving not as easy as I thought it would be. A few part nos to check out. Is it worth putting in a 100A. I have thought about it, but some say do some say don't?
  13. Thanks for that very well explained answer.
  14. Alternator red light not going out stays on but not bright and it will flicker slightly as the revs are increased. 1995 Defender 300tdi Managed to find this info and will try it out tomorrow, but is there anyway to identify if the resister/part behind the dash is at fault and not the alternator?
  15. Hi just found your excellent info on alternator problems. Very useful indeed. Just replying so I can find it in the future. 🤗

    1. bushwhacker


      Is there a way to tell when the alternator dash light is on (vehicle running) if it is the resistor part in behind the dash at fault or the actual alternator.

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