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  1. Dorsetfreelander


    Why do you need to change the oil in the diff? Is it dirty?
  2. Dorsetfreelander

    Freelander 2 differential issue

    http://www.freel2.com/forum/topic23661.html or http://www.freel2.com/forum/topic16714.html?highlight=haldex
  3. Dorsetfreelander

    Freelander 2 differential issue

    Lots of people, it's caused by the Haldex unit which sounds as if it's stuck. Be prepared to have your wallet emptied unless you have a warranty.
  4. Dorsetfreelander

    Automatic juddering Freelander 2 2.2 diesel

    I suspect that the last owner had the same problem and that's why he got rid of it. Putting in sports mode will make it stay in lower gears so does the problem then occur at 60/70 etc What happens if you use command shift, can you identify that it's in one particular gear? Can you take it back to the dealer?
  5. Dorsetfreelander

    Nsf door and glowplugs

    " idiot reversed into the wife " "Also on mornings the old girl takes some starting up once she fires up she kicks a bit of smoke out the exhaust" To get this clear we are talking about the Freelander aren't we? Yes sounds like glowplugs, I had just this on Citroen. You will probably find that only one needs changing so if you can get to them with a meter you might be able to determine which one is opencircuit. Biggest problem replacing a door is the weight, you will need a couple of helpers.
  6. Dorsetfreelander

    Advice for a newbie please

    The reason for the petrol versions being cheaper is that you need to budget for a head gasket repair ! It's very common on the K series engine, happened to me in 2003 on a 2 year old FL1 company car at around 40k miles. The TD4 is basically a redesigned car after BMW took them over, not only changed the engine but they changed the rear diff ratio to reduce excess "castellation" wear on the rear tyres, They also changed the wiring loom and generally made it a much better car. I had a 52 manual and an 04 auto and had no problems with either apart from a rear window motor failing which wasn't too difficult to change.
  7. Dorsetfreelander

    Advice for a newbie please

    I had three FL1s with no real problems up to about 80k miles when I moved them on apart from the first one being a petrol so had the inevitable head gasket go. Remember though, that you are buying a car that's around 13 years old so expect trouble at any time. Also you mention the size of the 4 door version, it's exactly the same as the 3 just a clever piece of design work. You might be better off going for an early FL2, more room, quieter, more fuel efficient, etc although I think that the FL1 looks more like a proper 4x4 with the wheel on the back.
  8. Dorsetfreelander


    Passenger side wheel bearing probably front.
  9. Dorsetfreelander

    Loss of Power

    Hard to say at this stage but have a look at this for a start
  10. Dorsetfreelander

    2002 td4 auto freelander turbo problems

    Surely the critical clue here is the collapsing intake pipe (if that is what is happening), what evidence have you got suggesting the MAF sensor?
  11. Dorsetfreelander

    2002 td4 auto freelander turbo problems

    Sorry I just read your thread title which says it's a 2002 TD4 auto.
  12. Dorsetfreelander

    2002 td4 auto freelander turbo problems

    You haven't told us which engine (TD4 or TDi) or age or manual/auto etc I guess it's a diesel auto with a turbo problem . Conrod bearing (big end?) failure is unusual (especially at 160k kms) if car has had oil changed regularly. If not then poor oil could affect the turbo life. What other damage was caused when the conrod bearing failed - piston hit valves perhaps? If the intake pipes are collapsing there could be a blockage in the intercooler but you basically need to get the air intake circuit from air cleaner to turbo apart and checked for oil sludge. Fundamentally, when the cost of repairs gets to this level on an old car there is only one sensible way out.
  13. Dorsetfreelander

    freelander 50th bearing type drone from the front

    It might sound a bit obvious but as it is speed related, have you checked the tyres? I have a Freelander 2 and had a rear end noise which sounded like a wheel bearing but turned out to be the tyres. Some tyres when they get low (especially Wranglers) can exhibit this effect. On the 1st gen FL1 there was well known problem with "castellation" especially on the rear ones which resulted in noisy tyres, this was caused by the fact that the rear diff ratio was slightly different to the front so as to keep the drive train "tight" (the VCU allowed some slippage) . When BMW took over they altered the rear diff ratio to reduce the effect on the gen 2 TD4 version of the FL1 but did not completely fix it. It might be worth swapping front to back to see if this is your problem.
  14. Dorsetfreelander

    freelander di wheel bearing sound from the front

    It's unlikely that both wheel bearings have gone at the same time and you can't always tell by jacking the car up as there is no weight on the wheel. Have you tried going around a corner and seeing if the sound is worse? If it was a wheel bearing it would be worse going around a corner when loaded ie on the outside of the bend. Also check for brakes binding (are they hot after a run along a straight road, check handbrake too. What happens if you go over 30mph and put car in neutral, is it engine speed dependent etc.
  15. Dorsetfreelander

    Front drive problems

    I would be looking along 3 routes. 1. is there an ABS problem on the wheel with the problem? ie are the brakes being applied by the ABS system to that wheel. Reasons for this could be a damaged sensor when you took the hub off to replace the cv. 2. is the front diff damaged? Turning the front wheels by hand might tell you if some diff teeth have dropped off somewhere. 3. did you replace the whole half shaft or just one end of it? What is the other end joint like? I would also be wondering why the front cv failed rather than just going "clunky" or is the sudden failure indicative of something else ? Good luck, not a good time of year to be crawling under a car.

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