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  1. Hoping you all like my new LR4x4 android app

  2. Right then, that does it, I'll make that next weeks project. On your head be it! I'll let you all know how it goes, and probably include an illustrated guide if anyone's interested?
  3. Hi all, long time no see, I want to move the bonnet release catch to the drivers side (on my 300tdi Disco). With a little research I've found that it is on the opposite side on a LHD equivalent. The only part that differs is STC924/STC925 on a LHD vs RHD car. So if I buy the LHD equivalent part, can I route the release catch to the drivers side? or is there something in the way? I can't see why it can't be done, but Surely Land Rover have put it at the wrong side for a reason??
  4. I'd buy them too, how much would you want for them?
  5. Simple things 1st - have you checked wheel balancing (most important on the front). If your on mud tyres, especially if larger than stock, it's easy to be a long way out of balance. The other thing is prop balancing. Remove the front prop, and test drive it with the diff lock on, and if not cured, reinstall the front prop, and try the same with the rear prop. It does sound like it could be a knackered steering box though, but the steering damper would disguise most of the loose-ness, so it would need to be really knackered.
  6. Looks great, but I just wonder if it will cause bunching in the middle instead?? Will still most likely be better than a conventional fairled though. I'd be interested to see some results from usage. Keep us posted.
  7. i'd say it's a 200, a 300 has a serpentine belt which is wider than that belt. And the thermo housing is different. Does look like a 300 rubber top though
  8. I think I'd be using a welder. If you blow a hole in it, turn ur welder down a bit, and weld that hole up too. A couple of my friends with LR's have welded the bottom of gas bottled on, which meand you can make it slightly bigger allowing for more oil = cooler oil. And it is also 10mm thick so a LOT stronger. No need for diff guards.
  9. I've got the tarantula 4x4 kit fitted on mine, and can't fault it at all. It's only £35 delivered, and relocates the steering damper to a position similar to a defender.
  10. Sorry for being a smart ass, but just turn your stereo down before you get out, and hit the tuning button and volume when you get in.
  11. I have a pair of spacers up for grabs at a fair price if your looking to do it from a practical point of view? For a long time I just had them fitted to the front of my Disco to help with the turning circle, and help it fill the arches better. I wouldn't recommend them on the back while running on alloys because your tyres may hit the arches, instead of go up into the arches.
  12. I'm in heaven, spending all my spare time fiddling with LR's! :D

  13. Never mind taking it off road, how long does it take to polish all that stainless after you do?!
  14. I installed a 200 air box on mine and piped it up to a 300 safari snorkel, works a treat.
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