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  1. 90 & 110 rear dimension

    The reason I wanted the measurements is I decided to build another chassis and build the 69’ SIIA as a 100”. Other than needing to get a pair of 109 tub side panels and building another chassis nows the time to go build it as a 100”. Want to build another chassis anyway, since I learn a good bit from building the first one. This one will go together quick. Im adding 10” just behind the middle cross member and 2” behind the rear axle. Wanted to know the dimensions of the 90 & 110 rear overhang for reference. Cheers, Allen
  2. 90 & 110 rear dimension

    I typed this yesterday, guess I didn’t hit send! Lol
  3. 90 & 110 rear dimension

    Thanks AV8R! :-) Cheers, Allen
  4. 90 & 110 rear dimension

    What is the measurement from rear axle center to rear of tub/cross member for the 90 and 110? I've looked everywhere I could think of and haven't found these measurements. Cheers, Allen
  5. New Series II/A Bulkhead Being Built

    Not sure which part you are referring to. He is making complete bulkheads ready to fit the vent flaps. You can ask Dave, he’s on FB as Dave Marsh and as Westlakes All Wheel Drive. Cheers, Allen
  6. I have a build thread here and on FB 69’ Series SIIA Build going. But thought the new bulkheads Dave Marsh of Westlaked All Wheel Drive is building could use its own thread, Serial #1 is my bulkhead. Here are the footwells, door posts & feet for serial #1. Here are the lazer cut out, pieces for 4 bulkheads. Here are some bulkhead parts formed and made this morning. As Sherlock Holmes’ lesser known brother Sherlock Appartment, would say, “The building is afoot!” I will post more pics as they come. Cheers, Allen
  7. 69' Series IIA Build

    This is what the lazer cut out pieces for 4 SII/A bulkheads look like. Here are a few parts made from those pieces Dave Marsh of Westlakes All Wheel Drive, this morning. It’s happening! :-D Cheers, Allen
  8. 69' Series IIA Build

    Yep, using FJ60 power steering box, mounts on outside of left rail, 4 bolts through rail with crush tubes and ¼” plates on both side of rail. The ¼” plates are also front spring hanger components. Cheers, Allen
  9. 69' Series IIA Build

    A small but exciting progress, the footwells, pillars & feet for my bulkhead that Dave Marsh is building have arrived at his shop. The laser cut parts for the bulkhead was supposed to be delivered this week also, but the laser cutting place is behind. So will be next Wednesday or Thursday before they can be picked up. Dave will be spending the last week of this month working like a busy bee on it. So will be able to be put in the crate with everything else and start its journey the the Big Island! :-) Cheers, Allen
  10. 69' Series IIA Build

    I got everything removed from the tub, ready to be soda blasted to bare metal. All brackets, braces, cappings, stiffeners are removed. The only places that I won’t be able to strip down to bare metal is the factory lap joints, and there isn’t any corrosion in them at all. Using all YRM parts for rebuilding the tub, except for cappings being stripped & regalvanized. The floor is all new YRM parts underneath and their 3mm floor. All the stiffeners, braces and such are new HD YRM parts. Getting their tub liner in smooth (no checker plate!) but not using the tub liner kits floor because have the HD 3mm floor. The two rear quarter panels are being replaced with pair of Paintman Panels ones. Reason for removing and using all new braces & stiffeners, is when I took them off they were packed full of mud & sand. There was no provision for the debris to get out. So will make drainage openings for everything that has any kind of a cavity. Plus each piece will be coated with Buzzweld coatings on all sides before riveting on and the mounting surfaces will likewise be coated first. Defanatly will eliminate the possibility of this happening again. More on FB page 69’ Series IIA Build. Cheers, Allen
  11. 69' Series IIA Build

    The chassis is basically done. Few little things to do after the engine, gearbox, TC & springs get here to determine location of motor mounts, under bell housing & gearbox bolt in cross members will be. The two bolt in cross members are finished & I threw a coat of primer for temporary, they will be sand blasted down to bare metal when prepping for Buzzweld 2K Armor, CIO & WAR. The extended shock towers are mocked-up in approx location. Shocks will be 12”- 14” front & rear. After springs arrive & can check range of articulation. I cut the sheet metal diff cover off the front housing. It incorporated a thin reinforcing ring in it. So I made a reinforcing ring out of 3/16” material and welded it around inner & outer perimeter. This gives a bit extra material so when the diff ring is ground dead flat have plenty of material. This also give more material when it is drilled & tapped for the Ruff Stuff diff cover. It makes it about a 1/16” thicker than the rear one, I don’t mind as the front is going to take more hits anyway. This shows the housing extension sleeve on the short side & reinforcing ring where was machined, the long side just has a reinforcing ring on the machined part. My FB page, 69’ Series IIA Build, has more informations & pics about all of it. Cheers, Allen
  12. 69' Series IIA Build

    It’s not that much heavier than the stock one, I mean yes it’s heavier, but I can lift the front off the saw horse easily enough. the rear is heavier of course, but people put bumpers & things on the back of some. Its going to be a rag top. With the tuned 300Tdi, Stubby R380 & LT230 and lowish gears she should move along fine. Compared to some of the loaded overland 200/300Tdi 110s I’ve seen, she’ll be almost light weight! Lol But yes, if she hits anything other than an immovable object, it’s going to crumple and hurt what she hits! Wsit till you see the Camel Trophy style bumper & bull bar she’s getting. It’s going to be a bull bar, no brush bar here. ;-) Well trianglated bracing to handle front impact from pushing bumper or bar back. Cheers, Allen
  13. 69' Series IIA Build

    Well chassis is basically built. Have a few brackets & such to go on it but nothing much really. Things like tub supports, hand brake brackets, radiator brackets. Some of which will get welded on as fitting various components to know where the exact locations are. They are already made and ready to weld in place. I guess ready to set tub on there & start figuring tub mount locations. Got the corner gussets welded on on one side, ready for the other side now. Well it kinda looks like it has for a while, but she’s all finish welded. Have to drill the holes for the Buzzweld application & drainage yet. i guess I can weld on the chassis horn caps too. The 4”x 4”x 3/16” corner gussets that tie in the rails & rear cross member together. Plus the bottom of the rails have the 3/16” x 3” wide plate that goes all the way over on the cross member, welded on all sides and runs several inches forward of the shackle hanger. The top sets of gussets weld onto the 3/16” cross member and directly to the chassis rail sides right next to the built up weld on rails seams. The bottom gussets on each side of both rails weld to the 3/16”stiffener plates of the shackle hange assemblies and weld onto the 3/16” rear cross member. Cheers, Allen
  14. 69' Series IIA Build

    Not sure yet, don’t know if it would be better to leave holes open so anything can drain out or try to plug them. If I plug them and some moisture gets in, it won’t be able to get out. So a bit on the fence on this. Cheers, Allen
  15. 69' Series IIA Build

    Side view of front spring hanger outside reinforcement plates. Waiting to be derusted and finish welded. Front shackle hanger tacked in place with shackle. Rear shackle hanger & one shackle. The weld in the upper right corner of pic will be cleaned up and finish welded, it won’t stay like that! :-) i have a FB page, 69’ Series IIA Build that has more in progress pics if anyone would like to see them. Cheers, Allen