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  1. I have used Richard's in the past, fitted 4 or 5 of them now and wouldn't use anyone else. slightly steel, decent galv, no runs, no holes to clear or retread and everything lines up. by comparison the shoulder bulkhead we had for last rechassis needed 13hrs of fettling work to get it to fit. major issue being warped in the middle and bowing in. the time consuming issue being each an every square hole of screw plastic inserts had to.be filed out.
  2. i havent got a comp vehicle now, trayback sold Sep 17 and the one in the picture sold Apr 18. looking to go and crew in Chris Ables old tractor from the Howlin Wolf Days - who recalls those days?
  3. That is a good idea, the 1.1 on a tuned tdci and std tyres would mean you could actually use 1st!
  4. quite a few newer vehicles do this. if the performance of the servo is not degrading then dont worry. ie if you come off and brake again and it does it sharply in a short space of time then dont worry.
  5. this may answer my other boost quesiton - 20-25psi on a 30tdi then?
  6. as an aside i left the FIP diaphram pressure feed connected to the turbo outlet so its running slightly advanced of the turbo pressure feed so fuel delivery is not lagging.
  7. was googling trying to find a max acceptable boost level for my 2.8tgv. the vehicle is running an uprated intercooler and tweaked pump. it used to max at 720EGT. i recently changed the VVT feed from the outlet of the turbo to the back of the manifold so the vanes now change with respect to the pressure at the back of the inlet manifold rather than at the exit of the turbo compressor side. Massive difference in driveability of the vehicle and EGT are generally down as more air is now going in for any set fuel delivery relative to pressure. (as i understand it) Also decided to fit a boost gauge at the inlet manifold feed. 1.2-1.4Bar so too much for a tgv head? anyone know how it would fair on a 300tdi head running at 1.2 to 1.4bar? (17-20psi)
  8. distorted case would be my guess. same issue here.
  9. synthetic should be spooled on under load to avoid it biting down through the layers. if you have to spool it on loose. like having pulled out more than is required to get to the anchor point when you are stuck then criss cross it back on, once will do then it will only bit to that cross. after the next loaded pull, unspool the rope back to where it was criss crossed and spool it back on under load. the problems of not doing this were highligted to many when freespool drums first came to the competition scene.
  10. Thank you for your feedback, you are the first i have heard coming back to us with a problem with the website. i am not that good on the old computers, feedback very welcome. thank you.
  11. i am still lost as to what your issue is here, its an event based at a farm in the national park that has a greenlane excursion as part of the event. there is no mention that the greenlane trip is in the national park. So you have one bit of info about the National Parks lanes being out of use, i accept that, thats great, what i meant was have you actually researched the rest of the event. ie asked them where the greenlaning is taking place, looked into what they are actually doing. I guess not. its easier to just criticise and make assumptions i guess and try to paint a bad picture at others peoples expense when you have nothing to loose.
  12. have you really researched this or is this a throw away comment?
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