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    My wkd lime 90, Vodka & Smarties!
  1. I can't remember where that is!!! I barley found it that time!! Lol
  2. Does any body have a post code or directions to the site? Thinking I mite pop up for a looksee after wrk!!
  3. Nice to see we still have the usual confusion surrounding this event, it really wouldnt be the same with out it!!! I must say Bow i'm very impressed you seem to actually know whats going on, how the hell did that happen!!! Sounding like its gonna be a good on this year, cant wait!! See you all there!
  4. Well thats good to know, at least by the end of next weekend i'll have a stunning pair of legs!!
  5. Skittles always help!! I would never hve been able to keep running up & down that hill without them! Crikey Lee you are lucky!! That was one f***ing great big thorn, you where looking a little on the pale side! Glad to hear your ok tho
  6. I'll second that aswell, well done to everyone that took part & specially those placed!! Had a fantasic weekend & saw some pretty wkd driving & indeed co-driving!! It was a tad on the cold side but I was saved by the miricale of Jaffa Cakes Hope to see some of you next weekend at the Baskerville! Cheers, Maria
  7. There is no way I'll be able to get the week off Besides what would I do in kett/corby for a whole week?! I'll try to drive up for both seen as it looks like ya cant cope with out me & Phil you know I'd never leave you stranded on the 43 when you run outa diesel!
  8. Sunny!!! Your having a laugh aint ya!! We where trying to walk on the frozen lakes last year!! Might be, Guy told Vince I was but I cant decide whether to drive up for santa's or the baskerville?!
  9. VALLEY OFF-ROAD CENTRE! Pay & Play open this sunday August 10th!! Located near the top of Haldon Hill, exeter, it is just of the A38 so easily accesable from any direction. This is a brilliant off road site with something for everyone from families in disco's to fully kitted winch trucks. there will be people on hand should anyone need help or revovering. There is plenty of woods, side slopes, decents, axle twisters, water & mud. Its just £25.00 per vehicle for the day including use of a pressure washer at the end of the day. The site is open from 10am & anyone with any kind of 4x4 is welcome. for more info & directions please contact either Martin on 07725 048 887 Or Maria on 07772 596 658 Hopefully see you there this weekend!
  10. Frosties are the best ever but that said i'd only make a gasket out of a frosties box if the occasion really called for it, I'd agree wit Matt, phone somewhere like Brookwells, they'll send you any gasket you want and it'll cost hardly anything. I have seen an empty pot noodle pot taped over the end of the front hubs on an 07 plate defender before so they could take the shafts out, but that was in the middle of the desert in Morroco so i'd say the occasion called for it!
  11. I had the same with mine a while back, took the brakes all to pieces, made sure none of the seals in the axle where leaking any oil onto the brakes, cleaned all the brakes up & replaced all the caliper pistons & seals(which where absolutly shot), job done, problem sorted! B)
  12. Thanks Mike, Will do
  13. Hmm interesting! Yellow, did you find that the variable vein turbo made a distinct difference? Like a big enough difference to warrent spending the extra cash? I've heard that the variable vein turbo's are less reliable & have a shorter life expectancy.....?
  14. That was not exactly the response I was looking for AlliSport do do turbo's they even do a VNT one for 300tdi's with variable veins B) but they reckon theres not enough room for a VNT on a 200tdi
  15. As my turbo imploded at the weekend I need a new one and was thinking of getting the AlliSport uprated turbo for a 200tdi. Anyone had one or know anything about them?? Cheers, Maria
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