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  1. Ashcroft or devon4x4? The latter definitely do them. Dave.
  2. I was hoping too come but it was just one the wrong weekend for me next weekend would have been fine! Dave.
  3. James brilliant link, the last two lot I've bought from Southdown which are a tad pricey, looks very similar too! Cheers Dave.
  4. Its always a good feeling when you can do something cheap and it still works Where did you get the flexible hose from? Dave.
  5. Most seem to be on the same days in the month which is a bit of a bugger Dave.
  6. Steve properly not enough is the answer! The old stuff was really thick and was everywhere but the CV grease is very thin in comparison... About a 1/3rd of the bottle that it comes in (britpart as its a bottle rather than a squeezy tube) I have also done what Steve mentioned and used sealant to seal the mating surfaces. Dave.
  7. Ive stripped mine down and removed all the original grease and carp that had got in, replaced the grease with One shot CV grease. Its pritty simple inside Dave.
  8. Ours Had Hay too! and lots of lighters We found 11 or 12 i think in the end Dave.
  9. I recently picked up a 2.5TD 90 Van for a freind and Payed £1000, The inside was very shabby but the chassis was fine and body work was pritty good,it had a new x member but the rest was solid. There are vehicles out there to be had but its a mine field price/condition wise, get out and have a look at some in your price range you may just get lucky like we did! Dave.
  10. I have a single MK3 Mondeo Fan on mine, cost £10 off ebay inc postage, its pritty juicy mines closer 40A it was eating 30A relays originaly Dave.
  11. Im glad someone else finds the same thing with their TDS mine is exactly the same! I was starting to think there was something wrong with mine, I have even taken it apart and all looks fine Dave
  12. persistance normally sees it off, If you make a hole in the casing more carp can get in, Im with the others if your in doubt and replace the belt. Dave.
  13. Isnt the Td5 one the same or very similar?, the vents are definitely on the same side. Dave.
  14. I imagine the Td5 Discos air springs would be much nicer to tow with as the Jeep GC has pritty soft suspension, at least our CRD one did. Dave.
  15. Problem with the drop kits are that you dont "gain" any extra travel your just moving it, longer shocks and mounts such as gwyns would be a better option. Dave.
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