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    Home is Scotland, but I never seem to be there... :-(
  1. Hi all, I'm after a Toughbook (no jokes about War and Peace please ) and would like some opinions from those of you that use 'em. Since I've had no success in enticing one to fall off of the back of the QM's truck, where is the best place to get one? I've seen plenty on eblag, but most of the sellers want to deal outside of the site and I'm not hugely keen to do that... Also, whats the best one to go for? I need touchscreen, plenty of hard drive space and decent processor speed. Built in floppy/cd/dvd I can do without provided its got USB but a modem would be useful... Any thoughts? Cheers, Ross
  2. OK, next update... measured the temp at the radiator of both vehicles after a similar drive (the 90's temp guage was reading slightly higher) and they were in 13 degrees of each other.... took the tomcat out last nite and ragged it silly round the off road track - the temp guage definetly rose more but still not to the 90 degree point. So, it looks like the engine is just running cool at the moment (current weather etc) - I dont forsee that being a problem really...? Ross
  3. Check this guy out! Think Rover axles would survive this...? McS
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.... I'll try to answer all the questions.... 1. Yes, we're talking water temp here 2. The window/sunroof etc were shut (it was freezing!) 3. I've used a complete Td5 instrument pack - everything is fitted just as OE 4. The radiator is front-mounted in its normal position 5. No, I didn't feel the radiator - might have been a good idea , but the heater was working well... 6. Yes, the backof the dash is all sealed in That shed anymore light on things? Jim - I may well swap the guages etc over tonight and see if it makes a difference... If an engine is running cool, is there an issue? Cheers, Ross
  5. Took the tomcat out for quite a long drive yesterday to see that everything was bedding in nicely (and because its really good fun!). I noticed about half an hour into the journey that the temp guage still hadnt come up to the centre position as it normally does in my 90 (they're both Td5's). Now the heater was blowing warm air, the engine was running fine and the EGT gauge was giving normal readings (as per the 90). I continued to watch the gauge and to my amazement it actually dropped a couple of times. All the way through the journey (about 90mins) it never got past the 45degree point. When I got back, I checked all the wiring and connections (the vehicle's only been together about 6 weeks) and they were all fine. Now, it was quite cold and wet yesterday and the vehicle is running a large Intercooler (the same one I run in the 90) but I wouldn't expect the engine to not reach temperature.... Anyone any ideas??? Cheers, McS
  6. Dan Evans at Performance and Protection does one... McS
  7. Yeh, I've got all the kit, its just difficult because I've kept the Turbo on too - trying to get the ECU to utilise the Supercharger upto 1800rpm and then then kick the turbo in is the stumbling point... McS
  8. Yeh, I'll stick some pics up when I get back home... No, you didn't dream it (although sometimes it seems like a nightmare to me )... I've got the mechanics of the thing sorted, but its trying to figure out the ECU side of things that is taking time... Plus, I've been a bit distracted with getting a Td5 in my lad's tomcat and playing in my new car... hmm, must change my signature McS
  9. I'm running 255/55R18 BFG AT's on my 90 - incredible tyres, even this big! They had to come across fom the US, but speaking nicely to my friendly local tyre supplier did the job Heard good things about the Generals too though... McS
  10. Hi all Happy New Year! I'm after some new steels for the Tomcat - I dont want 8-spokes or Wolf's/XD's and I'm still reluctant to part with the cash for Mach 5's. Could anyone running any alternatives please post some piccies for me to look at, the quirkier the better! The vehicle is Dark green - are we thinking black wheels?? Cheers in advance, McS
  11. McS

    Quick Fist

    Yep, I've got some on my motor and I think my lad's used some on the Tomcat. Why not save yourselves some hassle and get them from here - shouldn't be too far away from you Trev and Paul's a first-class bloke to deal with. Ross
  12. Which gas shocks are you running mate? Ross
  13. I would have thought Landrover Heaven would have something in stock and not too far down the road from you either... HTH, Ross
  14. McS

    Grizzly Claws

    Right, so some fairly mixed experiences with them then.... as is only to be expected I suppose! Just to add something else to the mixing pot, would anyone care to recommend any other options? As I said, I cant justify Simex's at the moment, and I dont like Goodyears (especially G90's!! ) - so, BFG MT's are still in contention... what about Pirelli Scorpion Mud's? Or the amazon/macho? Thoughts please, Ross
  15. Thinking about getting some Grizzly's for the tomcat to play on - some road mileage to local events but a huge bias towards mud plugging - they seem to be good in the sticky stuff and cheap... What's your thoughts on them? Should I spend the extra on BFG MT's (cant justify Simex's at the mo) of look to something else...? All feedback appreciated. Regards, Ross
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