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  1. A 35 inside a stationwagon is not what i had in mind😉 It will probably go on the back, or mayby on the front bumper
  2. The spare for my 109 is 41.5 kilogram. Not sure yet where that will go😶
  3. That is a very nice and rewarding find!
  4. They are parabolic, are they not? Then just paint them
  5. This what i'm trying to do is just a thing in my head. If i don't try, it will allways be there. If i try and it does not work, or i would not trust it's stenght. it will get scrapped. I can allways find a set of swivels again and go for a different way. We can learn a lot from just trying. And making mistakes are good lessons. When i build something, i need it to be safe and strong. opinions from others are allways welcome, ten know more then one. But , just saying that will never work , sounds just to negative to me.
  6. Yes, i know and i will. This is just to see if it will all fit and work. It will get some sort of fork, where the rosejoint is in between. And high steer to stay level and above the springs
  7. Been doing some reading lately , and to stay on the safe side of thing's, i started today on the track rod. In the back is not possible without a big bend underneath the salisbury nose. So i went to the front. Ended up with this. It's about 6,5 inch out on ackerman, in the good way. the inner wheel has 5° more angle then the outer wheel. And the track rod stay's clear from the diff cover. Not done yet.. First get it all working and then i will take it apart and blast it all and weld it all up. But it's going the way i hoped it would.
  8. Some countries don't want it either. There are two types of defender boss splines, if i'm not mistaken?
  9. Why not use a defender column, and cut the outer tube from the defender one and weld on the series bit? It will keep it strong. And you would allready have the mountingpoint and bearing at the bottem.
  10. Go on Arjan... Do it. Always good to see more from others on here.
  11. I think , i would relocate the damper. Not a wider adapter, the forces on that would be a lot higher. And yes, keep the lip.
  12. This picture is from discomikey. You can see the spacer, and it looks like he reused the series swivelarms.
  13. I must say... Going that route myself, moving the track rod to the front on coiler swivels, and a high steer pitman arm. Did the numbers, and got two different numbers on the top and bottem pin on the swivel. Top is about 2 inches off, the bottem one less then half of a inch. But... Pushing around a non running 109 in original setup is very heavy when it's not in a straight line. And with the new setup, i can push it around a corner with a lot more ease. So, in my opinion the new situation on my 109 is better then original. And, on a 88 and a 109 are the same axle's.. So,
  14. Cut and shut half shafts would not tickle me at all.
  15. Get some used bits, and start playing around with a setup that you desire. Keep strenght in mind. Just thinking out loud here, when a half shaft goes.. Most of the time it's a short one, am i right? Why not take two coiler axles and shorten them on the long axle tube? That way you only need two bespoke halfshafts
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