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  1. I think i know where this comes from. frustration.. Just take a deep breath and start again. Nobody here can be blamed for the trouble you are going through. You have a door, that needs welding? And a electrical problem with the rear door? I'm not living close to you, but i do know that people here help one and other. Just do not ask out of frustration, that does not help.
  2. Allways nice to see that. Where i work there is coming a new mixer and batch off machine. They took the mixer out in one piece. 23 tons. That's a nice lift
  3. Just make the bulkhead wider, and the rear tub. Bonnet to , offcourse😊 It's still in my head to take that route.
  4. I'm the same, with that.. at work , i'm the one pulling stuff from the scrap bin😁
  5. Your workbench looks the same as mine. It needs to look like a war zone😁
  6. I'm loving the work you put in.. next phase in the project must be a diesel V8😁
  7. As above, need to see your's done. Like i want to get mine mot'd
  8. A little burr inside the bush?
  9. Not what you asked, but i went for Bilstein B18 , Fridge and toyrover lander used them and they where very happy with them. Can understand if you want use something from the uk
  10. I did make my own. Without a lift. Think about what you like it to do. Buy some tube, and some bend's. A muffler or two. And start
  11. When i looked around for a long travel shock for mine, i found them to. and review's on them to.. Most people didn't like them
  12. Not sure, was in a disco 2. and i'm no expert on this engine. I like the older stuff more.. 😇 He did say, there are two generations, one without coding and the second is coded?
  13. A mate of mine said that even switching two injectors around it could make a td5 run rough. So i think you really need to do your homework on this. If you got all the wiring and ecu and stuff with the td5 , then use that, i would say.
  14. Are you going standard electronic's? is it all there? Or going a aftermarket ecu and loom?
  15. Looks like 10mm will do it. Take them apart, sand the contact patches, and just grease them before putting them together again. Will give a more smooth ride to
  16. Lovely new build, will be watching this. About the springs, are they new or used ones? New , maybe to much paint between the leafs? Used , maybe to much crusty bits between the leafs, or paint aswell?
  17. With aeroquip you can make your own. Used in motorsport for as long as i can remember.
  18. Some of them just want to hear... yes, put a V8 in it🙃
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