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  1. Thanks everybody The box is down, I borrowed a gearbox "jack" and made my own "special tool" a plate with 2 holes (8mm) and one 10mm hole. Then I could bolt the plate direct to the main box through the 8 mm holes and to the flywheel/clutch housing through the 10 mm hole, and using long bolts and 3 nuts on each you can ajust the level of the plate. After having problems taking the gearboxmounting of %?&ยง?& everything was stable and in balance so the wife (she has taken both gearboxes and engines out of a Serie III in India and Pakistan, and no she is not for sale and her sisters are n
  2. Hi As Red90 says, you can live without the glowplugs.... Back in 1994 I put a TDI 200 into a 109stw (6cyl) and didn't connect the glowplugs until a few years later, and despite low temp, minus 20 C I didn't have any problems with starting the TDI 200. If you don't want genuine relay you can use a bushbutton connected to any relay which is able to handle 70AMPs+ or so, and just relise the button after 10 sec or so, it will do the job and is probely much cheaper. Lars
  3. Hi I'm going to change the R380 box on the wifes 110 TD5 stw. It is sitting at the lift for the time being I have been looking, but don't seem to be able to find any info about this on the forum. It seems that I have to take most of the 110 apart to do this. My plan is to split the transferbox from the main box due to weight. I do have the manual, but additional info would be nice. Best regards Lars
  4. Hello Friends My friend Ole (Oddballrovers) thought I should join this forum, and so I did. To be true I have been looking into it earlier. A few word about myself. My wife and I have been driving Landrovers since 1985. We have a couple of series I and series III and currently the wife is driving a 110 TD5 Stw and I have a 90 TD5 fitted with a rollcage, ARB-locker on the rear axle and a brand new Koenig PTO-driven mechanical winch, with which I do a fair deal of offroading . In my time with Landrovers I have particpaited in many diffrent events, RTV, Challenge and so on both in Denmark and
  5. Hi Leave them in the ditch Have once seen a car in the field and wanted to help, but everyone around the car have had more than one too much so we left the where they were. Called a friend of mine who is a policeman, who sadly told me that if the police didn't take them in act, ex. pulling them out of the car they couldn't do anything, as the drunk driver just could claim that they had the beer AFTER the accident................... Sadly but true. So just leave them as they are. They can not do any harm being in the ditch . Best regards Lars
  6. Hi Ole Have you tried DeCarbon Best Regards Lars
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