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  1. Where as I agree LR4x4 is a great tech site I believe there is a lighter side to foruming? too which other sites cater to. In the tradition of this site and not as techie, a new independent forum 4xforum.net has been set up catering for but not exclusively for Irish 4x4's all marques. There have been nearly 100 new members in the first day with a good portion being ex lra-irish forum
  2. Try this .................well not sure of the legality of it :ph34r:
  3. kkk2

    Bigger brakes

    Hi I am running a 4.2 tdi diesel in my 110 (340bhp) I am using standard landrover vented disks and calipers on the front and a standard disk rear axle set up as well. I regularly tow a 22 ft trailer for work behind this truck and it stops perfectly, as said earlier the std. setup is really good. I had std non vented disks on the front at the start but experienced serious brake fade if doing a lot of braking now I fitted the vented disks this issue had gone away.
  4. Years ago I worked for a computer company and we would remove scratches from crt (yea I know) screens with Duraglit, not sure I would tackle a full windscreen with it though however it did work on the screens. K
  5. Had something similar this week as was watching this thread with interest, we lifted the head and found head was warped between 2 and 3 cylinder, head gasket was just starting to show signs of burn. New 200 tdi head and everything is hunky dory again. K
  6. Solenoids can give trouble if wading in deep water, we just replaced a solenoid on a 200tdi yesterday, water getting in had caused the solenoid to stick intermittently just like you describe, a new part and a good dollop of copper grease and all is fine in roverland for another while.
  7. The Electric Supply Board in Ireland (ESB) always use hydraulic winches on their defenders. On the earlier 300 tdi's they used a hydraulic pump driven by an electric clutch mounted where the air con goes on a 300tdi, they found however the flat belts were not able to drive the pumps properly and they then moved to pumps fitted to the transfer boxes, not sure if this helps you but the Esb were not doing any heavy work with their winches and were having issues with them, if you were powering a log splitter I reckon you would need the pump giving its best. K
  8. I just ordered a rear crank seal and got a BP one, it however has a G at the end, It is the same as the genuine one I have taken out with both being made by Dowty
  9. Has anyone looked at the wheel bearings lately?
  10. Regardless of which is better, I also run Audi twin fans with 2 speed as well.These fitted with very little fettling onto the standard turbo diesel rad. The two speed is a nice feature too.
  11. I have a 1989 110 which I have upgraded the brakes on, fitted a fully refurbed rear disk axle, straight forward job, fitted vented front disks and new calipers to the front, the truck does not stop any better than before but on twisty roads there is no brake fade so confidence has been restored.
  12. Hi Gary, in my experience with the bottlejack on top press it means if you have a big component to press something out of, there is room to do this. I'm not sure how it would work with the jack on the bottom, My biggest concern using the press is if something slipped and flew off the press, so I have made a wire mesh to protect the user somewhat K
  13. Hi saw this on fleabay, was wondering if anyone had any information on this conversion? Range rover
  14. I vote yes as well what I see if there is any issue/repairs where wipping off the propshaft makes it easier with the tool no an issue, can I suggest you also buy a vehicle lift as this really makes taking off the propshafts really easy :D
  15. You would think this to be true, but I have been driving the truck all day today through city and country roads and it is as smooth as the clutch we took out the weekend
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