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  1. Hi Mav You can buy bolt on brackets, but i looked into this for my safety devices internal hoop, which currently doesn't have any brackets fitted but they were going to work out horrendously expensive IMHO for 2 pieces of metal (£182). So if you are making some I would happily pay you if you wanted to make a second set or get a couple of sets cut. My roll bar is the safety devices LO33a which looks very similar to the internal bar you have. Wishing I had speced roll cage mounts on my Richards Chassis but wasn't sure if they would line up Thanks Jon
  2. Where was the bumper from and dare I ask how much?
  3. Bowie has a good point. Deeper dish or more offset would be easier and less things to check. I have 30mm spacers on mine with freestyle alloys and 285/75/16 and they fill the arches perfectly, so am unsure what offset that gives in total. But will be looking to change to a modular or mach 5 with the same offset as the freestyle and spacer gives at some-point. I just find the alloys are more of a pain to line up, drive flanges are harder to get to and check etc. when working on it. Not had any problems with the spacers otherwise though
  4. On a defender but with discovery axles so bear with me. My defender is a bit of a bitsa but I want to try and standardise parts to make things easier when buying replacement parts. Discovery 10spline axle with wide radius arms. Swivels which have the bearing on the top swivel pin. i want to rebuild the swivels now but also want to change to a 24spline diff in the future. Are the swivels the same on 10 and 24spline? When I replaced the stub axles there was confusion on which stub axles to use as the inner oil seal stopped the drive shaft coming out far enough to meet the drive member. So I have run it without the stub axle inner oil seal can I find part numbers just from the axle casing number as I don’t have the original vehicle details any help much appreciated Thanks Jon
  5. Your 8th picture down the spring looks to be in the wrong place as it is on the adjuster and not the leading shoe? Or may just be the picture. i spent ages chasing a brake problem only to find I had put the top spring connecting both shoes together. So had to pump the brake twice to get a hard pedal. Spring should only be on the leading shoe and into the peg on the backing plate hope that helps Jon
  6. Bringing this thread back to the surface, are Adwest still the people to go to, i need a new steering box as mine is leaking badly now. Any recommendations? Thanks Jon
  7. Would be interested in knowing what he is after for it to be honest. As is easy thing to sort Thanks Jon
  8. From what I have done so far, the 2mm silent coat doesn’t do a great deal on its own. The 4mm silent coat was a lot better that I put under the bonnet, making me wish I had used it on the seatbox as well instead of the 2mm stuff. Td5 sound proofing has helped, think the next step is to try some of the stuff in the links above behind the td5 sound proofing
  9. Just to let you know that I am still alive. It vented off for a long time about 24 hours in the end to empty the cylinder. The tanks must run individually with a change over valve or something as the car ran on lpg once the tank stopped hissing. Getting it booked in this week for new tank or old tank removed and just run it on the rear tanks if it is sound. Will give the other a close inspection. Its not something I really put much thought into until this thread. I thought they would be mega thick tanks like dive cylinders. Wasn't picked up on MOT, only this that was mentioned was the integrity of the side steps as they were rusting.
  10. Will park it a long way from the campfire tonight then to be safe and let it vent off
  11. Oh pants mine has just let go have just filled up with hundred litres of gas hopefully the one tank will continue to drain and the other will stay full not sure if they have one way valves or why in them
  12. I agree mine is smoother with veg and sometimes feels more powerful as well. I only use svo from supermarket and max I run is 50:50 with diesel. So your not the only one
  13. Booked and Land Rover back in a useable state, I hope! See you Friday night!
  14. Look what has just pooped up on facebook now. Just what you were thinking of originally maybe?? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/402660150537259/ Jon
  15. Darthdicky and I will be going. Haven't been for a few years so can't wait!
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