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  1. I am pleased there is no test as it saves me money from having to pay to do it. There is no difference between a person who passed before 1997 to a person who passed after 1997. Granted maybe under 21 should maybe be made to have lessons? The stupid thing about the old test is that it really didn't teach you much, other than how to pass a test. My wife did it so she could tow her horse box. I asked about nose weights and towing weights and limts etc and she said nothing of that was covered in the training or the test, so it wasn't really making anyone more aware or safer anyway.
  2. Pay the ferry and my fuel and I will be out in a jiffy with a spare one for you Mo 😉
  3. A friend has just bought one of these and has the vacuum pump issue. I am guessing cutting a diaphragm to size is the best way to go to fix the issue. I think everything dash related is 24volt so not worth removing the big alternator and changing it to 12volt??? Thanks
  4. T washed mine Then Tractol tractor primer and top coat sprayed on Has been very good
  5. They can take a bit of pressure. They make a satisfying noise when the grease squeezes through. The double carden joint can cause issues if it fails as tends to take the transmission out. So worth inspecting carefully. Then depending on the type of use, if off road a lot maybe change joint for some with grease nipples to allow greasing.
  6. A shamelessly stolen picture. No 2 post lift just ask a local farmer for help
  7. I have ended up with 2 tents, a big Kyham quick erect tent which is big enough for me and wife and dog with a large porch area for holidays etc. But have also just got a Caranex to use when it is just me on my own in the land rover. Keep an eye out 2nd hand, I just got one of this forum. Jury is out on whether I would get an awning or not having borrowed one it had some uses but im not fully convinced but if I was to stump up the cash I would get an ARB 2m to fit on the 90 and it extends out futher to 2.5m so I could fit my camp bed in it. Oztent are really good but unfortunately don't pack up small as are over 2m long folded so would have to go on the roof of a short vehicle. A better solution I think is the Darche Awning tent which can attach to an awning or just use it as a large porch area. https://www.trekoverland.com/collections/darche-australian-roof-tents-awnings-and-camping-accessories/products/xtender-2-5-awning-tent-darche-t050801765 but packs down small, there are some you tube videos of putting it up. Bit pricey but most these type of tents seem to be Other options are landie tent but not real room to cook etc Jon
  8. The only thing which differs is the swivel housing number of bolts on some of the very early 10 spline I think. I also have a front axle case sitting here needing a home. Front radius arm brackets a bit bent, but you would be removing those anyway. I am on the look out for a 300tdi era rear axle casing if anyone has one
  9. Rear Tub Braces. Fuel Tank Brackets Suspension Brackets: Spring Seats. Shock Mounts. Spring Retainers Inner Frame of the Bonnet? Power Steering reservoir Holder. Screen wash Bracket Radiator Frame
  10. Nick what make were your 1ton dampers?
  11. If you want to build your own chassis to save yourself some money I know someone who would probably sell you an Ikea style flat pack chassis if you want to stick it all together. He builds chassis so the extend to which it is built would up to you. Let me know if your interested and I will,put you in touch.
  12. I haven't read the whole thread, but if it hasn't been mentioned already. I would probably be easiest to swap to a later 24spline disc braked rear axle. As then you have more choice of shafts/ easier to get hold of. Also benefit of disc brakes which are easier to clean and service after off road use. Jon
  13. I was going to put a set of 1ton shocks on the front of mine as not that keep on the procomps and also the price of them. But mine doesnt actually run properly at the moment so haven't bought any yet
  14. This is a good thread on the different shock length https://www.lrukforums.com/threads/parabolics-and-shocks.244233/
  15. @reb78 what is the situation with your boost pin? How has bob set it do you know? I am not advocating swapping the pin for anyone’s super pins at all as sometimes they need more setting up and spacers yadda yadda or sometimes you end up with no power off boost and loads on. On mine I gave the top torx screw 1 turn clockwise which has given much better pulling away and off boost power. Then turned the factory boost pin so the profile is facing forwards. This made a massive difference and it is so much more drivable. I haven’t played with the max fuel screw as don’t want the smoke.
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