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  1. I had a facet red top gold flo fuel pump in my V8 series on SU carbs and this has only lasted 2 years and very little mileage. Pump got very hot and expired letting out smoke and blowing the fuse. Leaving me stranded at the side of the road. Have opened the pump and there is no blockages so not sure what went wrong. When I brought this pump I didn’t realise it was too high pressure for carbs so put a fuel pressure regulator and filter on after the pum and before the carbs. Is this restriction likely to have caused issues? I also have an in-line filter before the pump as didn’t want any gunk getting into the pump and it’s filter. Tank is clean as it was new 2 years ago along with fuel line, so I’m pretty sure it’s not things blocking up causing the pump to burn out. So which pump do I fit now to replace it, and do I carry a spare to prevent being stranded? Thanks Jon
  2. Reading the rules. I don’t think I can bring my series. It doesn’t state anything about roll bars on soft tops, as currently have no roof or hood sticks. butthink I fall down on this bit ”If your vehicle is a 4×4 which has a valid MOT and insurance, as well as seats & seat belts for ALL occupants (regardless of MOT requirement) then you are welcome to attend.” currently no seat belts but I do intend to fit some, it’s on the to do list. Would lap belts do for now? thanks Jon
  3. Venturing off road again.......

    Haha remember it well! Not many would take a Range Rover that new the places Steve did! Also remember the heavy drinking round the camp fire in the evening! We need more events like that again
  4. Which clutch?

    Thanks for all the replies, just having a look through now and found this on bearmach website, they are supplying clutch fix clutch for £160 but is it worth £60 more than the others listed there, or £100 more than bearmachs own brand. choices choices
  5. Which clutch?

    Intended use is off road, and potentially a lot of towing horse box around if I let my wife get hold of it. Will have a look a niges release bearings, and when it is apart look at the pivot point.
  6. Which clutch?

    Thanks. It’s ok I am happy with the gearing as it has been in the family the last 18years, and my brother put in a like for like exchange box a few years back so I know the box is ok.
  7. Which clutch?

    It’s had a recon box so not sure if it is a LT77S or what really. Yes was planning a reinforced clutch fork. It will Ben interesting to see what the pivot point looks like as it does squeak really loudly currently hence splitting the engine and box. I remember years back the clutch failed a few years after i replaced it and the reason was thought to be the wrong clutch, as I had put in a 200tdi discovery clutch and not one which was matched to the gearbox. Could this have been the case? It wasn’t in my possession at the time so haven’t got many more details. I will be doing rear main oil seal, spigot, release fork and any other parts which look worn Thanks
  8. Which clutch?

    During my rebuild I am going to change the clutch while it’s all apart. Discovery 200tdi engine onto a defender LT77 box. The engine wont be anything special just the usual pump tweaks and intercooler. So is it a defender clutch I need? So looking at a HD clutch kit, so who is the favourite at the moment Valeo, Borg & beck you hear horror stories about both. Or do I go for something from like of the next companies such as clutch fix clutches or synchro gearboxes? Thanks Jon
  9. Venturing off road again.......

    Both are great and cheap. D2 with a set of mud terrains and 2 inch lift will go further than a 90 a lot of the time. Traction control works very well. I had a manual td5 for off road, and now have a V8 auto on road, would love to take it off road though! However due to chassis rust issues unless you find a good one or one already on a galv chassis I would go for the P38. I looked at 6 or more discos before buying my current one. a bit more complicated but most common issues are easily sorted now, and people have started to build things for them. Only thing is they are a bit more lardy than a disco. Ashamed to say it but have to agree a bit with above about the xj, they do seem smooth off road You could have my D2 if you wanted, chassis is ‘solid enough’ as told by the MOT tester 😉 Good luck with the search.
  10. Roller painting

    Also foam roller vary massively I think I found wickes to be the firmest and best results
  11. Roller painting

    I was a bit concerned how it would turn out so started on a few panels 1st. I just used the paint paddocks spares supply, and used a foam roller. If you can be bothered rubbing down lots in between you will get a better finish. Mine does seem to chip a bit easily in places such as the edge of the wheel arches but it may be that it went on a bit thick. If I was to do it again I would have a go at spraying it myself. Rollering it took a long time with panels spread around the garden doing a few at a time. I imagine once prepped then spraying would be quicker and a better finish. The rollered look does suit a series though not quite so sure it would suit a defender as well. Best thing is if it does get scratch you can give it a light rub down and another coat
  12. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    Ok thanks Les, if it’s easy to do I will definitely be interested in doing it as found the discovery a lot smoother
  13. Winch recomendations

    I think electric, good value for money and easy to install. You are just pulling some timber about not like you will be working it everyday. If battery power becomes a problem just add a split charge or alternate the work your doing and chop up logs in between hauling the timber up to let the battery recharge. A friend ran a challenge truck on a single battery for quite a while without problems. But if you want
  14. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    How have you managed this Les on a galv chassis, did you request it from the supplier or did you fab it all up and then have the chassis galvanised. I would like these on mine and it would be great if there are some bolt on mount to standard chassis mounting points. thanks Jon
  15. Chassis purchase

    Yes any update on this would be good as am looking at chassis for mine at the moment

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