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  1. Sorry for thread hi-jack @scotts90 Currently I have a power flow stainless custom system on it from a Steve Parker downpipe 200tdi disco conversion. 300 would fit, but the Td5 has a silencer in it? Which would be good for me. The middle section isn’t standard anyway so I could have a 3 bolt flange put on it but it might end up a a bit of a cobble together. So I may put a complete 300 or Td5 system on it as can chop the front pipe and slide onto it. Then can sell the previous system rather than butcher it Thanks
  2. I need to look into this as have just put a td5 style tank on mine. Would a td5 rear box fit also?
  3. Jon W

    Galvanised bulkheads Yes or No!!

    I have attacked most of it with the Grinder to get it off, good idea about the blow torch, I will get some more gas for mine as really it is only the corners above the footwells which need a bit more attention. will drill a few more holes also Once galved I will t wash. Then what paint have people used for a good finish? I am guessing high build primer of some sort to smooth it off a bit? Then was going to go 2 pack
  4. Jon W

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    I have a 2001 D2 which I love driving but usually find a pain in the arse to work on, everything seem a bit crusty and bolts are a pain to undo compared with my older defender and series. But maybe that is just me. If it was on a new chassis then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad as wouldn’t be showered in rust flakes and under seal. shielder are now making chassis’s for them as Richards always seem way over priced. So it could be worth looking at? A year ago or so the chap who has discovery2.co.uk was selling his discovery which I was very tempted by as it was already on a galv chassis and well looked after. Can’t remember if it was up for £6-8k. I was very tempted but didnt have the funds at the time and was trying to decide what vehicle I needed for towing/off road hack etc and whether 1 vehicle would do both. Maybe worth contacting him to see if it sold. Disco 3 my father in law has is a nice truck. Doesn’t feel very lively but you look down at the speedo and you a going fairly quick without realising. Problems he has had: seized handbrake, egr valve, wheel bearing/cv. Manual is ok, but I would prefer the D4 auto So, longevity re chassis yours. If you don’t like the auto then chip it and a HD torque converter. Love the auto in my V8, but not sure I would in a Td5. £10k you could do a lot with it. D2 could be fitted out for sleeping in but removing rear seats will free up a lot of room Touring the D3/4 would be more spacious with it being very transit shaped
  5. Jon W

    Galvanised bulkheads Yes or No!!

    Dragging an old thread up. I am prepping my bulkhead for galv. Had it shy blasted and welded up. But what does everyone do about seam sealer as mine has a lot on it. It will be a pain to scrape it all off. Will the acid dip get rid of all of this? I hope it is as it will save me a big job. Also if any other holes need to be drilled where have people drilled them etc. thanks
  6. Tdi project worth more than what has been said above. £1000-£2500 possibly depending on condition
  7. Jon W

    Disco 2 4.0 into Defender 110?

    Your a bad influence also, as when is time to get rid of my disco I am now tempted to keep the engine!
  8. Jon W

    Disco 2 4.0 into Defender 110?

    Just for your info, My D2 is probably what you call throaty to begin with at start up. All standard exhaust, but on start up the viscous fan will run for a bit making a bit of a roar and then it settles when the idle settles down. Also if parked by the house the exhaust can reverb quite a bit
  9. Jon W

    Disco 2 4.0 into Defender 110?

    Having just swapped your chassis, it would have been easier to have ordered a V8 chassis to avoid playing with engine mounts. But it’s nothing a welder couldn’t sort. Love the Thor V8 in my disco, and it works well with the disco auto box but a tad thirsty
  10. Jon W

    Bolt kits ?????????

    Bringing this back up, I am just about to buy some now bolts for my galv chassis swap and have got some stainless bolts for the seatbox and floor plates. A lot of the chassis bolts I have been surprised how good they are for 27years old. So am I best going for zinc plated nuts and bolts on the chassis fixings? I was going to copper slip them all anyway. And is it just where aluminium comes into contact that I need to apply the special paste? Thanks Jon
  11. Jon W

    Silverstone classic

    It is a fantastic event, we went a couple of years back and were amazed at how open the event is with access to all the pits and the pit lane you can stand right on it, health and safety hasn't caught up with it thankfully. Literally could stand next to pit crews as they were tinkering pre race. Loved the classic mini's hooning around having a great time amongst the other classic e types americal muscle and all sorts
  12. Some disco 2s have a power steering cooler as standard, so you could try one of those, well mine does. To be honest my old VW T4 had a cooler on the steering as standard as well and always thought it was strange that Land Rovers didn’t have them. But bigger reservoir could be the answer, at least when it is leaking you won’t have to top it up so often 😂
  13. When putting it back on just run the engine with the bottom hose connected, then it is dried out with the air passing through it and nothing will end up in the engine
  14. Jon W

    Disco 4.0 V8 overheating issue - help please!

    My 2001 V8 auto has a autobox cooler as standard. Aswell as a cooler for the ACE system. So 4 coolers in total with the aircon and engine rad. To the original question Mine over heated while towing and I couldn't understand it. Got recovered home and couldn't find anything wrong with it. So i took it out and it was fine for 15 miles or so. Then it threw the belt off turned out one of the idlers had seized throwing the belt off. So it must have been effecting the viscous fan or water pump turning. Changed all the idlers tensioner and water pump while it was all apart. Not problem since touch wood. Looking at the state of my aircon rad i think it would benefit from having that taken out.
  15. Jon W

    Electric fuel pump for V8 on carbs

    Well i brought a bearmach pump for £28 or something like that designed for car V8 land rover of some sort. This seems to do the job, have fitted it and it runs. Just need to test or adjust the pressure on my filter pressure regulator thing yet (fitted because the last pump was too high pressure for the carbs.. So will do that next before taking it out on a test drive. Have also removed the filter before the pump in case this was causing any problems. Thanks all Jon

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