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  1. Yer with 1994 being the change over year no one would really know if its meant to be a 2 or 300. It looks like it has been a properly done conversion. The 300 mounts are a lot better than the 200 in terms of damping so I would go with a 300 chassis
  2. I would suggest a few loads of road plannings would save you a lot of hassle in the future and probably work out cheaper, if you want to get access in and out of the workshop. Saves a lot of winching and churned up grass.
  3. Yer swapped all mine when I did my rebuild and although expensive for a few rubber blocks it was well worth it and really improved things. Just got to get my exhaust mounts to be more flexible now to match so that the vibrations from that don't come through the body.
  4. Have you got the old pin still? Try putting that back in with it facing the front of the vehicle so the fuel pins gets most travel. Then see how it goes. If it solves your issues to will know it is the boost pin setup is what you need to play around with and the preload of that.
  5. Is it a defender tdi or a dicvoery tdi engine? Where you have the boost gauge plumbed in it is showing what the turbo is giving out but not what the inlet will be receiving. You could have a boost leak or collapsed pipe somewhere. I have mine on my discovery tdi engine plumbed into the inlet plenum so you can see what it is actually getting and then will know if it is leaking anywhere Only thing I have done on mine is twist the standard pin and put a bigger intercooler and it goes much better. The pins you can buy require more setting up and the plastic spacer adjusting sometime to get t
  6. Haven’t a clue about the regulations but my friend has done this with his 90s. Not sure I like the blanked look up top though
  7. Looks like the driver was having a whale of a time! ..... sorry couldn’t resist, I’m surprised no one else had said it already
  8. Shropshire galvanisers in Oswestry were Very good with my bulkhead and chatting to them they have lots of Land Rover parts going through
  9. Tractol Paint seems quite good that I have used. Sand it hard, then maybe try spraying lots of light coats to get it to stick better. Primer 1st, then cheap topcoat. Yes hammerite is carp.
  10. @Chicken Drumstick I am not into the engineering or science of which a lot of people are arguing, but am also sceptical about the improvement it can provide in term of power. However I do believe in what you are saying about improvement in engine smoothness. When I refined some of the pipe work and fitted a bitter intercooler into my 200tdi disco engined 90, apart from more power, it definitely felt better low down and smoother running. Yes supposedly more turbo lag, but I didn't find this either on this or my vw tdi which I had in a van and put loads more pipework and a silly big interc
  11. No they were installed correctly. If you drive a normal car with the window open you will hear the same noise when going over bumps
  12. The Britpart yellow shocks I had fitted appeared to At times have no damping at times, but rock the vehicle side to side and they would then start working, or you could hear the gas moving about. And they continued to work fine, only replaced as had to chop the rusted shocks off to change the axles during the rebuild
  13. Certified self contained/visible sticker on outside is what you need to be able to camp anywhere/wild camp. The van we hired had a porta potti to satisfy this requirement but we never used it. I can dig out what we paid for 6week hire in January-Feb if you like. That was South Island travelling to north island on a 1 way trip, for a comparison.
  14. Ah Fair enough, good to know not to bother going down that route. Another bolt in option which didnt seem to expensive were the raptor seat and rails kits, can be had cheap enough (well £350 all in) and then sell on your RX8 seats. Jon
  15. @mad_pete Have you seen these? May save a lot of work for you https://www.edgegarage.co.uk/rx8-seat-conversions#7 May help Jon
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