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  1. No one got any words of wisdom? They seem to be w kind of clip but mine are rusted solid. The lever end I can drill out on he work bench but will struggle to access it where it is on the transfer box end
  2. My cable snapped so am in the process of changing it. I have the old one off but can’t get the pins out the end of the cable which attach it to the transfer box end and the lever end. These are rusted and seem an odd configuration. Also can find out any info on replacements or how the are meant to work. Is there a special way they release as mine are stuck fast. Lever is on the bench so access is good. Butntransfer box end will be more difficult to reach which is where the cable snapped in the 1st place thanks Jon
  3. Jon W

    Is this practical

    I have the V8 auto D2 and mileage wise on petrol the best I think I had was a motorway run which gave 17-18mpg. On lpg I get 13mpg running around home about 300miles to 100litres. Towing drops to 200mile ish which is about 10mpg. so it isn’t great but that is on an engine which is 130k and had no significant work. Drives lovely though, just a shame the rest of the vehicle needs attention around it
  4. Guessing the spare axle case wasn’t for this one then? Actually you could have taken the front axle case with you as the mounts would be correct for your radius arms???
  5. Have you thought about making your own trailer chassis? Reason I ask is a friend of mine makes fridge trailers by building a chassis and then putting sansburies fridge bodies on them. Could put you in touch, think he does single axle and double axles. Could be a simple starting point Jon
  6. It is as I thought then, most people say to avoid plastic. Interesting mike, what did you buy and how much was it and if buying again, what make would you go for? I May have to bend the credit card and go for the recore and for £40 extra go for the strong HD core Thanks
  7. I need a need a new radiator for a 200tdi. currently an all brass/ copper which is falling apart and is about 10years old. Was a cheap Isa rad at the time. i have had a price to recore it of £235 or £275 for a better spec stronger core in it. Which I would like to do but budget is tight with everything else on the rebuild I am doing. Has anyone had any experience of the aluminium/plastic rads available which are around £100. Are they any good? A friend had one but he didn’t rate it much after the oil cooler split and caused mixing of oil and coolant. All aluminium rad there are some on eBay for about £185 has anyone had any experience of these. I know you get what you pay for but I can’t stretch to allisport prices. Thanks Jon
  8. Jon W

    Brake master cylinders and servos

    Seems to be put together ok but I will check. If not there is a non abs puma servo and master on eBay for £60 would that work? Thanks
  9. During my rebuild I want to change the servo and master cylinder on the 90. The original I think is from when the vehicle was a 2.5petrol and the brakes have always been hard to press. They will lock up if you give them a hard jab. Rear disc axle. But it always feels like hard work. It has 110 calipers and vented discs on the front. Servo seemed to work as pedal dropped on starting the vehicle. so to improve it i have the following parts which were given to me But can’t get them to match up or make sense. lucas master cylinder 74471201 Lucas servo sjb101650 Problem is the master cylinder when bolted on is at a funny angle. Rotate to servo to othe bolt holes and it still doesn’t work. So do I just redrill the pedal box so the servo can be mounted with the reservoir level? pictures speak a thousand words Thanks
  10. After some help. Putting the tank back in my 90 and struggling to find a picture of how the mounting rubbers go. The parts diagram shows the washers and the rubbers but not what goes which side of the tank and bracket. Do the rubbers go against the mount and tank 1 each side with washers or without Thanks
  11. Jon W

    D2 Steelies

    Coopers were ok. Mine were a little worn so a bit hard to compare with BFG. But I don't think they are as good as BFG, mine may have been a bit old but they just seemed rather hard and didn't seem to grip into things more just polish the surface. Don't think that have as much sidewall grip for getting out of ruts. But I was seriously impressed with the discoverys traction control with the centre diff locked. It would just climb where a 90 would get cross axled. I was more just showing the alloys to give an idea of offset and tyre clearance. The above wheel were chosen by the previous owner over the alloys it had initially as those wheel cover and protect the wheel nuts well. Modulars may look a bit more off roady if that is the look you are going for with the offset. But you may have to sort wheel arches then. Maxxis could be worth a shot
  12. Jon W

    Sheilder bulkheads

    I have just stripped and repaired one bulkhead which is currently at the galvanisers and will be going on my rebuild. The original bulkhead which came off my 90 has been shot blasted and needs 2 footwells and 2 top corners. If I get it repaired and then galvanised what does everyone think itwould be worth to sell compared with one of the shielded items. Just wondering if I can be bothered to do some of the work and running around and also justify spending out on getting all the work done. The ideal would be to be able to make some money back to pay for my recent bulkhead. As if there isn’t likely to be much money in it I will just sell it as a shot blasted bulkhead but again it’s hard to put a price on. Thanks jon
  13. Jon W

    D2 Steelies

    My D2 had that size cooper stt on standard alloys with a britpart 2inch lift and was impressed how well it rode and drove. It had a steel bumper so no rubbing issues. Think they tend to rub the plastic front bumpers or need a slight trim
  14. Jon W

    Wiring through new chassis

    Just bringing this thread back up. What size/diameter tube have people used. I’m not near my loom so can’t measure it Thanks
  15. Sorry for thread hi-jack @scotts90 Currently I have a power flow stainless custom system on it from a Steve Parker downpipe 200tdi disco conversion. 300 would fit, but the Td5 has a silencer in it? Which would be good for me. The middle section isn’t standard anyway so I could have a 3 bolt flange put on it but it might end up a a bit of a cobble together. So I may put a complete 300 or Td5 system on it as can chop the front pipe and slide onto it. Then can sell the previous system rather than butcher it Thanks

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