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  1. Yer having searched actually Terrafirma do a bolt on kit which fits with the rear tub on. It was the king suspension and Devon 4x4 kit I was thinking of which didn’t fit unless you had a tray back
  2. On a simple note at Land Rover level and not competition My thoughts are, good shocks, progressive springs to try and avoid springs becoming coil bound, and hydraulic bumpstops. The bumpstops being the cause of the hard bangs when hitting bumps at a faster pace. I know mine crashes over bumps as big tyres on standard height suspension means the extended bumpstops hit. So if these could cushion that would help. coil over shocks being long and progressive absorb the bigger bumps better. Well that’s what I think would like to get hydraulic bumpstops to fit without having to modify the rear tub on a 90
  3. Probably cheaper to buy second hand rubber matting for a Td5. That’s what I did. Cost about £50 for the bulkhead piece transmission tunnel and seat box or if you really want to spend then the Wright off road sound deadening will sort it Jon
  4. Definitely buy a run around. It is likely to take 3 times as long as you think and cost twice what you imagine. I did my 90 bulkhead and chassis on my own at a friends workshop which granted was 50miles away so could only do weekends on it. I tried to do as much as I could and said to myself 4months. In reality life gets in the way and fatigue. So it was nice to not have to spend every spare moment on it. Just under 1 year later I finished. Granted if I was better at electrics it would probably have been done sooner.
  5. Completely agree with this, 1 of the reasons I haven’t joined 4x4 response. I a, happy to help out but the high vis brigade and the way they go about things means I won the joining anytime soon
  6. I haven't experience of them but I think the fitted Britpart ones are meant to be quite good on the defender. I had a pair on my discovery which seemed good. Problem with to heavy duty material is you tend to get a bot more sweaty on them . Tough covers are another option as mentioned but I haven't actually driven anything with them fitted. But the company I work for has involvement with them so I can ask which covers fit defender seats best if you want Jon
  7. Jon W

    Rock sliders

    I have a set of these for sale for a 90 if you are interested? I decided the tree bars stick out too far for what I want. would save you some hassle £100
  8. I have done what you are planning. Chassis swap would have been easy. Bulkhead a pure faff as i hate wiring and faffy bits of plastic dash. on the engine side is it a disco or defender 200? As think where you want a bracket for the clutch pipe if at all. There is a wiring bracket / earth point above the trans tunnel in the middle on the engine side. I removed it before halving the bulkhead. But in hind sight it probably could have stayed . I welded a bar across the feet of the bulkhead to prevent warping. Good luck
  9. Any info on this and dimension I maybe interested
  10. I will play too, chopping logs after putting a different set of wheels on
  11. Agreed with mike, having done a complete rebuild and not be able to drive it, it is very easy to ignore it. A rolling restoration or project you use inbetween and enjoy as you go keeping the enthusiasm alive
  12. Bulkheads are just horrible. When I rebuild my 90 due to all the fiddly bits plastic trim etc and wiring It seems to take and age and visually you can see very little progress for your hard work so hence is less rewarding. as others have said just try and do small bits half an hour in the evenings etc. And take breaks I can be fiddling all day and getting fustrated, but take the dog for a walk when I am truely fed up. Then come back and things seem clearer and a different approach has sometimes come into my mind.
  13. Right looking at the calendar and I want to fill it with lots of Laning and off road weekend. So just looking for a list of what is on. I will be going on various laning weekends and Shire Summer Seven Sisters end of June. What other sites are worth the trip for the weekend or a play day? I don't mind travelling as can always do a days laning then do a play day the next day? I was thinking of maybe trying to do the triangle vert or something abroad and further afield but it depends on whether we end up spending money and holiday allowance on a trip to Oz Let me know your thoughts or plans! Thanks Jon
  14. My Disco 2 had a cill tank and twin rear cylinders where the fuel tank was giving 100L of gas then a replacement fuel tank in the wing which held 30L petrol. This was a great system and gave 300miles of range on gas or 200 if towing. Only problem was it rusted out and the cost of replacement was worth more then the car at the time.
  15. On the subject of caster correction, I see britpart do caster correction swivel housing. Surely this would be a better way to go that changing to castor correction arms?? Any thoughts Jon
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