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  1. Jon W

    Advice required on selling a Series

    A tax exempt project can be worth a bit. I brought mine needing a lot more work for £400 8 years ago and prices have shot up since defender production ended. is it lwb or swb as I may have a friend interested Thanks Jon
  2. Heading over to Harrogate/York way. Are there any must do lanes in the area? I will check trailwise as well , but thought I would check for any local experience on here. Thanks Jon
  3. This would be a long way off. As am still finishing my 90 and want to use and enjoy that before throwing more money and time at another’s project. but i have a 88inch series with 3.5 carb V8 and series 2 box and no synchro. I love the engine but I’m not a fan of the gearbox or steering. Would like a nicer gearbox and maybe put power steering on. My D2 2001 V8 i think is coming to the end of its life. It could go on for another year with a few jobsdoing but in reality once my defender is on the road it is surplus to requirements. It is probably worth circa £1k or less. is it feasible to put the Thor V8 and box into the series? I know some say it is too long in a swb but is it? If the slam panel stays in its original place but rad moved as far forward as possible would it fit. can the Thor be run simply without too much electronics/management system? Gearbox is electronic but it does seem a lot better that a standard box in that you can lock it in gear and also torque converter lock up in 3rd and 4th. It would be hard to encorporate so probably better with a Disco 1 box Any thoughts or wisdoms appreciated Do I keep the engine and box and break the disco or just get shot of it when the time comes. i should probably just focus on one project at a time
  4. Jon W

    Forum Get Together

    Agreed summer sisters and seven sisters are great events! Am hoping to be at both this year!
  5. I converted mine about 12years ago, but have just rechassised it so have redone a few bits on it recently. www.glencoyne.co.uk has a really good write up on it. i have just got a discovery 200tdi bottom water pipe from paddocks, a britpart item which I tend to avoid but wasn’t sure which hoses I had used previously and thought I would be hacking it around. Instead of a 1 piece moulded hose it came as 3 different hose and a joint in the middle. This made it very easy to make a neater job of the bottom hose. note I have cut the hose to add the xeng fan switch
  6. Jon W

    Bulkhead exterior soundproofing

    Putting my 90 back together at the moment and haven't put sound proofing on the outside of the bulkhead yet. Its probably got a bit to far to put much on now. But just wondering how people are getting on with it now after a few years. Has it remained tidy, is it easy to clean etc? has it still stuck. My bulkhead is galved and painted so rot shouldn't be an issue. I was in a rush putting my bulkhead back on so didn't get chance to cover it but not sure whether I want to or not. I have now brought some silent coat so am going to do a lot of the interior bulkhead before the rest of the dash goes in. I only have the lower dash in so far, I am not sure whether to unscrew this and put silent coat behind it. I will do the battery box, trans tunnel and floor plates. Thanks Jon
  7. Jon W

    Exhaust for project

    couple of options which could work. buy a td5 mid pipe and rear box, should bolt upto your current front section. The reason for changing both is the td5 has a 3bolt flange on the rear section. or fit a 3 bolt flange to your mid pipe and fit a td5 rear box. this gives you a silencer which fits with the rear tank. or there is a 300tdi rear pipe which fits with the tank ROW spec, and then you can fit a 300 centre silencer.
  8. Jon W

    Ladoga trophy 2019

    Just watching the video now. Not sure I have seen it before, really enjoying it. Mike a few questions, what was the spec of 45 for the competition and what did you carry on board, tools and spares? Is it lockers I could hear in the video? Did you off load a lot of spare and that onto the house of flying spanner’s? Thanks Jon
  9. Jon W

    Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

    Would love to do Ireland properly at some point. Is there much laning to do on the west coast? Or wild Atlantic way? Also can you drive on the beaches etc?
  10. Jon W

    Breakdown Cover

    Which ever breakdown you choose to go with check the small print as many now only cover cars under 10years old. I am now covered on any vehicle I am in with Britannia rescue through LV, both me and my wife on the policy £108 recovered to anywhere in the UK. i used to do it through my insurance but to many vehicles now and fell out with flux rescue, after being left for 4+ hours at the side of the road, yes not immediately their fault as they used subcontractors who kept letting me down but they didn’t handle it very well at all. however previously when my wife broke down the girl on the end of the phone was so good and helpful and even rang before she finished her shift to make sure all was ok with the recovery and the horse etc. So it very much depends who is on the phones I think
  11. Hi Bish thanks for the offer, I have already brought a 2nd hand one. I have drilled the rivets out and am working from above with auto shifter and everything removed already. The clips should undo and pins come out, but being a disco 2 it is rusted clips have snapped and the pins are rusted in place! will have another fight with it on sunday thanks Jon
  12. No one got any words of wisdom? They seem to be w kind of clip but mine are rusted solid. The lever end I can drill out on he work bench but will struggle to access it where it is on the transfer box end
  13. My cable snapped so am in the process of changing it. I have the old one off but can’t get the pins out the end of the cable which attach it to the transfer box end and the lever end. These are rusted and seem an odd configuration. Also can find out any info on replacements or how the are meant to work. Is there a special way they release as mine are stuck fast. Lever is on the bench so access is good. Butntransfer box end will be more difficult to reach which is where the cable snapped in the 1st place thanks Jon
  14. Jon W

    Is this practical

    I have the V8 auto D2 and mileage wise on petrol the best I think I had was a motorway run which gave 17-18mpg. On lpg I get 13mpg running around home about 300miles to 100litres. Towing drops to 200mile ish which is about 10mpg. so it isn’t great but that is on an engine which is 130k and had no significant work. Drives lovely though, just a shame the rest of the vehicle needs attention around it
  15. Guessing the spare axle case wasn’t for this one then? Actually you could have taken the front axle case with you as the mounts would be correct for your radius arms???

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