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  1. Did the range rover beside it survive??
  2. Check the bolt holes haven’t gone oval with wear as this can introduce play to the system.
  3. I used this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jenolite-Rust-Converter-Remover-Removal-Spray-Treatment-Primer-Metal-400ml-UK/264144009674?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 when treating a TD5 steel rear door recently, seemed to apply nicely and give a smooth finish to pain over. Can't comment on how long it lasts as I have only just done it. On the rust proofing side have a look the the Built Hamber range of product they are very good and easy to apply Hope that helps Jon
  4. Just to throw this into the fire and add to the flames, it was suggested to me that a remanufactured defender chassis such as Shielder and Richards are not strictly legal.... Series chassis are legal and fine Defender chassis illegal Why?? Well a series chassis is constructed as land rover originally did, whereas the defender chassis are not as land rover made them e.g. they are now 4 bits of flat plate welded together and not 2 C sections put together and hence would perform differently in a crash. Will see what arguments that brings out. Doesn't bother me either way as I have already put a Richards chassis under mine Jon
  5. Just needs some 285/75/16 to really set it off now
  6. Jon

    I am not sure I want to sell the car complete. 

    I built the car in 2012 and was running fine however it now needs the front axle and the gearbox replaced. The interior leaves a lot to be desired and is not somewhere I would want to be. I have thought about rebuilding it again however I have another Disco 2, a V8 Auto that I need to MOT and sell, two Range Rover L322's that need the same treatment. Finally my beloved Range Rover CSK I need to restore for my own pleasure.

  7. @Simon_CSKCan you send me a msg with more details on this. I would possibly be interested as a whole vehicle. Just waiting to see if I am going to have to get another vehicle to tow a horse box around of if I will be allowed to use a work pickup. Gave up looking at discos as chassis were a nightmare Thanks
  8. Could be a wheel bearing seizing up. If the seal is gone or muck has got in they have a tendancy to weld themselves to the stub axle and can lock the wheel up until it frees itself off again and the bearing rips apart. Can cause the brakes to feel spongey as well, Im sure a good garage will work out what it is
  9. The disco engine mounts you have are far superior to the defender type, so I would keep those but try new genuine discovery mounts. If you have ordered Glencoyne engines mounts use a pair of these on the gearbox. My 200tdi rattled like crazy then i put glencoyne on the engine and gearbox mounts. It so much better. The steering wheel used to wobble about Another thing to try after the idle speed and timing. Is lift the engine with a hoist to take the weight, loosen the bolts and retighten, just to check nothing is hitting on the mounts Hope that helps Jon
  10. Have a read of this, i was trying to remember where I had seen the info before. https://www.web-rover.co.uk/my_td5.html?n=2 That goes through how someone else has done it without changing seat box etc I think
  11. 🤣🤣🤣says the guy who is building a vehicle which is completely over engineered for any of the type of off roading he is likely to do 🤪
  12. Bringing this back up. I haven't had a problem with MOTing my series however i now find it only really gets used twice a year and so £50 a year for an MOT makes it rather expensive for the few miles it does and i forget when the MOT is due. I have a 1960 Series 2 which I believe could be argued that it is MOT exempt. It has a Rover V8 in it which is the only substantial change but has taken place in the last 5 years. Although this a more cylinders and a higher cubic capacity than standard. I believe the following could be argued: "Engine – alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine and alternative original equipment engines (if the number of cylinders in an engine is different from the original it is unlikely to be alternative original equipment). " "Changes of a type that have been made when the type of vehicle was in production or in general use (within ten years of the end of production)." Could it be Argued that a Stage 1 had the V8 engine? Thoughts welcomed Thanks Jon
  13. Yer I think the the lack of response was a hint of what was to come! Oh well hopefully by autumn we can get back out and do something. Meanwhile lockdown means more time to finish jobs off and a bit more disposable income to spend on parts rather than fuel and other things!
  14. Thanks for the pictures. I had a price for a set of brackets off Devon 4x4 who could supply them but would have cost be £195 for 2 bits of metal. Having seen the brackets now, it looks quite easy to get some knocked up as they aren't as big or substantial as I thought they would be. I thought they would be like roll cage brackets and be a U shape channel which bolts over the top of the chassis. @Maverik was looking at getting some of these brackets for his 90 I think to tie in with his cage Thanks Jon
  15. I have the same bar in mine, I picked it up second hand and can’t fault it. Did yours come with chassis mounts? and if so have you got any pictures of these? Mine were missing when I got it, but they want a lot of money just for 2 simple brackets Thanks
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