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  1. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?app=galleryℑ=6536 this is my one i made
  2. well when your finnish i may see you down at C&D
  3. i do rtvs with the alrc and your not alowed dislocation cones
  4. jubilee clips all the way i have them on mine with standered springs
  5. for comps i don't think it matters if you go 100 or 88 but if you go 88 you can have a play at the CCVs as well (most ccvs at C&D are set up with 80" so 88" is a bit long but you can have a bit of fun) you could also talk to terry shepherd or matt braire for help with bulding up to ALRC rules
  6. i got someone of ebay to pick up my 110 cost £250 over 240miles witch was cheaper than i could have done it with my 90 & trailer (just the fuel would of cost that + full day to drive up and back). try to find one cloce to the pick up point as thay should know the area better.
  7. my renewal cam the friday had gone up from £260 with brake down cover to £337 best quote i get was £240+ brake down cover form a company i've never heard of got on the phone to NFU monday got them to £299, so i have stayed with NFU as i know thay pay when you have an bump witch some make you work hard for any money
  8. i had this problem when trying to get paint for my 110 had to have the right colour made as it wasn't the sam as any(due to fading, age)
  9. i've found one shot dosn't getup to the top swivel
  10. my tractors lose oil pressure if theres too much weir but land rovers may be much better, my tractor are 30+ years old and most have had a full rebuild
  11. if it was me i'd take the sump off, undo the big ends put a photo of the shells up if there very bad take the center main off if thats bad regrind needed as the center main get first pull on the oil so if that starts to go theres been no oil for a long time(engine wise)
  12. i can't think you get 3k for it as parts but you may get that as a compleat motor
  13. when we had a tractor crank done last year it was about £100 well from my experance(mainly tractors) scoring tends to eat the new shells. we do 1 or 2 engines up each year
  14. any sign of scoring on the crank it will need regrinding
  15. get on the phone to your local office give them hell thay should get it to near were it was. my renewal is due next month we'll see how i get on.
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