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  1. I mailed the company for more info and got this reply: Our CV are produced in Germany, from the manufacturer that produce all the drivetrain products for Porsche Cup, or the original CV´s for the G-Wagon, and all German and European Rallye Raid Dakar TeamsThe Ashcroft CV is made from S155 or 300M, and we learned that the ball ways are not clear it is raw machined witch give shorter lifetime to ball cage and balls. The cv it self is strong. But it is stiff because it is made fromone material.We also use many Ashcroft parts as well and they are great...We follow another technology, the CV
  2. Back to topic: 41CrV4 seems to be an equivalent of the us 4340 steel
  3. As parts from the UK will be now more expensive for us due to import taxes, I looked at an alternative for Ashcroft cv’s and found a German company that can be found here: Engage4x4.com (Home/Catalog/Defender Accessories/Defender Drivetrain/CV joint kit Defender) They make cv’s but no much details on the web. They claim strenght to be between RM 1350-1400mm2 but I have no clue how this compares to the Ashcroft ones. Material is 41CrV4 & S155 Anybody here who knows them?
  4. I am in contact with Peter Lamb already, indeed nice bloke, he sent me all documentation about the kit. Found locally a new 160cc motor so can play now to see what is the best setup
  5. All hoses are DN12 or almost 1/2, the one from tank to pump is DN19 or 3/4
  6. So just had a closer look at the motor, type is MR 100 SH/4 This gives me 100 cm³/rev with max revs of 600 => it can handle 60 liter/min This is in line with the 26 cm³ pump and the V5-60 valve Pressure is cont. 175 bar
  7. Nige, there is no mark at all on the motor so how do I know it’s a low power one? It’s a complete package including a hy-pro v5-60 valve, over centre valve, all tubes but with a small about 6 liter tank
  8. So bought myself an hydraulic winch without knowing the exact type. There is a number on and a CE mark and probably a production date (03 08) but that's it. Winch has the high/low handle als well as the freespool one. There is documentation with how to connect it and they talk about a H12, so I assume it could be a Mile Marker H12 Picture: The documentation also talks about an AML pto. Some googling here tells me this could be an Alfred Murray Ltd pto but I can not find any pictures Picture of the pto below More questions: the pump is a 25cc one, i
  9. I had the same idea but have at both sides these military lockers ... 😳
  10. Got a pto pump and a hydraulic tank long ago but now looking at installing a hydraulic winch. Question is, is it intended for a defender and if yes, where to mount this tank. Some pictures:
  11. So I fitted a second alternator to my 110 using the kit supplied by Gwyn Lewis but has somebody here installed a Sterling external alternator regulator that better charges the battery?
  12. So I have the second alternator installed but can I use a led light as control light to check the working of the alternator or do I need to use a normal bulb? Solved: it's not a good idea
  13. >Has any one here fitted one of these? https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/7343/files/eng_fre_ger_a5.pdf?483
  14. This is picture of the outlet, he was not sure if I need also the 2 other tubes
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