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  1. Position of the panels is maybe not 100%, but indeed 3 panels makes it a lot easier to access for example the wiper motor. I suggested to make new dash versions deeper at the top resulting in more vertical instruments but then you have more space for the window ventilation and more depth for double din radio and cb
  2. Bought some years ago a 110 that was involved in accident, so did a rebuild new chassis, new engine, new wings etc but only discovered later on that the driver hit the heater channel on the bulkhead with his knee and ruined it. 'warm' air arrived on the feet but nothing on the window. I found a dash with Bowy Odink with 3 cover plates So everything out The grey box is folded by hand in alu and connected to the blower. Two holes on top to go to the left and right part of the front window Later on I added 2 small holes at the sides that go to the left and right of the dash as demister for the windows in the doors A first presentation to see if everything fits The black box in the middle I found in Newbury, but the gearstick needs to be bent a bit A first mockup, position of speedo is due to the lack of depth because of the airtube behind Still using the original TD5 switches and the holder for them The blower is now via a pwm and works very good Some weeks later I found a double din radio with Carplay and input for front and rear camera so changed layout again Next step is to fit the tripmaster and some other stuff
  3. Hello, Any one who can tell me the name of the guy that sold new silicon hoses, brake lines etc at Newbury? He had a stand across the street where Foundry was
  4. Any one here that can recommend a good winch bumper where a G10 will fit in?
  5. Anyone here who replaced his td5 speedometer by a smaller one? I am replacing my dash by an alu one but I lack some space and vdo seems to make also a 85mm version
  6. Nugget stuff (sold by First Four in the UK) makes a bezel so you can use original td5 switches in a Puma dash (see picture below) I am putting an alu dash in my td5 and am looking for an alternative for the hazard switch. Has carling something?
  7. They do not have them anymore ... :(
  8. Thanks, will contact him once
  9. Any idea where I could find wheel nuts for Performance TX rims to be fitted on a Def?
  10. Maybe Off-topic but: You can compare EU commisioners with your cabinet ministers, neither of them is elected. An EU commisioner is appointed by the elected government of his country, your cabinet ministers are appointed and may be dismissed by the monarch without notice or reason, on the advice of the prime minister. Germany has his TUV (your MOT). A company can send products (example springs) to TUV to test and after agreement, everybody can legally add these springs on his car and pass MOT and the modification will be registered in the carpass. In Belgium none of this exists and in principle your car should be 100% standaard otherwise you risk to fail MOT. I put polybushes on my 110 and got the remark they are 100 times better than the standard ones but not legal. For us everything should be painted in black (=looks standard) but when you buy suspension parts in the UK they are available in every fluo color you want exept black
  11. Thanks for the tips: it worked fine but they were a bit stuck
  12. So the screw is the white waved ring covering the gauges? Same for the speedo?
  13. Making a complete new dashboard for my 110 but I have troubles removing the gauges from the display. Do I need to turn them? And what about the warning light panel, is it screwed or ... ?.
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