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  1. So I have the second alternator installed but can I use a led light as control light to check the working of the alternator or do I need to use a normal bulb? Solved: it's not a good idea
  2. >Has any one here fitted one of these? https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/7343/files/eng_fre_ger_a5.pdf?483
  3. This is picture of the outlet, he was not sure if I need also the 2 other tubes
  4. On a 2.5D this alu piece on the engine has a 90 degree angle and is not straight as on td5 but I guess such piece does not exist?
  5. My top hose is bend at the place indicated by the first arrow on page 4 of Gwyns instructions It's a 160Ah alternator so bigger than the 100Ah he uses
  6. So the 2nd alternator I would like to use on my td5 is too big to fit under the upper radiator hose. Are there people here that changed or rerouted this upper hose?
  7. Have a 2nd alternator for my winch but this one has a 4 wire PLIS connector like below Do I just need to connect the S and the L?
  8. Camping just before the German/Austrian border: Camping Donautal, Schillerstr, 94577 Nesslbach, DE. In the next small town there is a very good greek restaurant Fuel at the Austrian/Hungarian border: JET Parndorf, exit Outlet center, Strasse 1, Cheap hotel in Hungary just after the AT border with parkingspace: www.hotelminerva.hu
  9. Alternators are out of stock says his website, so that's why I look for an alternative
  10. I would like to install a second alternator on my 110 TD5 using the mount of Gwyn Lewis but is this mount only made for A127 type alternators or would other types also fit?
  11. Position of the panels is maybe not 100%, but indeed 3 panels makes it a lot easier to access for example the wiper motor. I suggested to make new dash versions deeper at the top resulting in more vertical instruments but then you have more space for the window ventilation and more depth for double din radio and cb
  12. Bought some years ago a 110 that was involved in accident, so did a rebuild new chassis, new engine, new wings etc but only discovered later on that the driver hit the heater channel on the bulkhead with his knee and ruined it. 'warm' air arrived on the feet but nothing on the window. I found a dash with Bowy Odink with 3 cover plates So everything out The grey box is folded by hand in alu and connected to the blower. Two holes on top to go to the left and right part of the front window Later on I added 2 small holes at the sides that go to the left and right of the dash as demister for the windows in the doors A first presentation to see if everything fits The black box in the middle I found in Newbury, but the gearstick needs to be bent a bit A first mockup, position of speedo is due to the lack of depth because of the airtube behind Still using the original TD5 switches and the holder for them The blower is now via a pwm and works very good Some weeks later I found a double din radio with Carplay and input for front and rear camera so changed layout again Next step is to fit the tripmaster and some other stuff
  13. Hello, Any one who can tell me the name of the guy that sold new silicon hoses, brake lines etc at Newbury? He had a stand across the street where Foundry was
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