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  1. I am in contact with Peter Lamb already, indeed nice bloke, he sent me all documentation about the kit. Found locally a new 160cc motor so can play now to see what is the best setup
  2. All hoses are DN12 or almost 1/2, the one from tank to pump is DN19 or 3/4
  3. So just had a closer look at the motor, type is MR 100 SH/4 This gives me 100 cm³/rev with max revs of 600 => it can handle 60 liter/min This is in line with the 26 cm³ pump and the V5-60 valve Pressure is cont. 175 bar
  4. Nige, there is no mark at all on the motor so how do I know it’s a low power one? It’s a complete package including a hy-pro v5-60 valve, over centre valve, all tubes but with a small about 6 liter tank
  5. So bought myself an hydraulic winch without knowing the exact type. There is a number on and a CE mark and probably a production date (03 08) but that's it. Winch has the high/low handle als well as the freespool one. There is documentation with how to connect it and they talk about a H12, so I assume it could be a Mile Marker H12 Picture: The documentation also talks about an AML pto. Some googling here tells me this could be an Alfred Murray Ltd pto but I can not find any pictures Picture of the pto below More questions: the pump is a 25cc one, i
  6. I had the same idea but have at both sides these military lockers ... 😳
  7. Got a pto pump and a hydraulic tank long ago but now looking at installing a hydraulic winch. Question is, is it intended for a defender and if yes, where to mount this tank. Some pictures:
  8. So I fitted a second alternator to my 110 using the kit supplied by Gwyn Lewis but has somebody here installed a Sterling external alternator regulator that better charges the battery?
  9. So I have the second alternator installed but can I use a led light as control light to check the working of the alternator or do I need to use a normal bulb? Solved: it's not a good idea
  10. >Has any one here fitted one of these? https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0658/7343/files/eng_fre_ger_a5.pdf?483
  11. This is picture of the outlet, he was not sure if I need also the 2 other tubes
  12. On a 2.5D this alu piece on the engine has a 90 degree angle and is not straight as on td5 but I guess such piece does not exist?
  13. My top hose is bend at the place indicated by the first arrow on page 4 of Gwyns instructions It's a 160Ah alternator so bigger than the 100Ah he uses
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