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  1. Hi all, sorted and now running a dream! Found it was a combination of things... Old fuel (drained it out and filled it back up with new fuel), took out all the spark plugs, cleaned them and when I checked the crank shaft sensor the cable connector fell apart in my hands 😩. Replaced and it fired up as if nothing was wrong! Thanks for all your help! (sorry for the delay posting this reply - covid has put a damper on things!)
  2. Thanks all for your suggestions - ill give them a go over the weekend. I got a nasty feeling this may have started after I replaced the battery...! will go and check the earthing!
  3. Got a 4.0 v8 from a p38 in my 90. Fitted megasquirt back in 2012 which has been working pretty well! I have got it out of dry storage (3 yeard...)to get it back on the road and it started first time! It started to run badly then died and I can't get it running again. We have fuel, 2.7bar on the fuel rail. We have compression and the plugs are getting soaking wet with fuel. I checked the spark and the spark is not that powerful and orange. I am running the stock landrover coils (4 of them) mounted to the rear of the plenum with the edis8 module. I checked the spark on all 4 coils with the same results. Megatune shows sensible readings from all the sensors, including a 150ish rpm reading while cranking. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  4. Hello Everyone I'm new to this so sorry if this has already been covered... Ill start with the back ground... Got a Landrover 90 (E reg) which we fitted a 4.0l P38 engine in to and upgraded to MS1 & EDIS at the same time. When we fitted the engine we never fitted the PWM valve and just relied on right foot when starting! It ran fine for a year or so until we blew up the engine. We have had the engine rebuilt for us and now it is fitted (now with the PWM Valve) it will start and idle at about 1600 rpm and as the engine warms up the tick over drops until the temperature reaches about 80 deg C at which point the engine will rapidly rev up and idle at 2200 rpm! I have checked everything and am now totally baffled! We have done: - checked for air leaks (pulled off all pipes and plugged them) - disabled PWM and plugged inlet - checked throttle poss in ecu & in plenum - re loaded the map from Nige - checked idle in ECU (set at 850) - Totally closed the idle control in plenum Any one have any ideas? Im totally baffled! I can send the map to anyone if they want to check it out. Thanks in advance!
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