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  1. Quick Google brought up http://www.extreme4x4.co.uk/acatalog/Section_4.html, that more what you are looking for?
  2. Its pretty normal for it to slip a little in my experience when wet, but can't hurt to check its tight enough. On a 200tdi it should just be a tensioning bolt so pretty straightforward.
  3. I've found its well worth putting on extra ones if you have them lying around, mine is earthed multiple times now and all the flickering light problems I got with the car have gone (touch wood)! Edit: Yes your problem is almost certainly the slipping belt if the puddle is deep enough to touch it.
  4. Fairly tidy alternative, take a look at the bottom of the page of http://simmonites.com/DEFENDER%20LIGHTING.htm They also have the A bar for air con at http://simmonites.com/Defender%20exterior.htm
  5. Are you referring to these at http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/12v-sockets.shtml ? If so they sell the plugs there too..
  6. Having put bigger tyres on recently I'd say this isn't going to help your performance . Best bet would look to be that thread (and perhaps being towed by a RRS )
  7. Fingers crossed, let us know if it fixes it!
  8. Out of interest should they bother to look at this at MOT time? As an aside when I get into the Defender speed limits start to feel like an ambitious targets anyway!
  9. Won't fit into centre switch panel, but on top as a pod, unless adapted of course. http://www.raptor-engineering.co.uk/landrover-dash-accessories/raptor-dashboard-pod May be worth contacting them to see if they would be willing to do something one-off for you? Patrick
  10. Having done this recently I saw the charge light out as well. From what I understand the light on the dash earth's the current from the alternator, so if its not coming up it would indicate that current isn't getting to it, best bet is to swap out the alternator. I got a replacement 70a one for a escort for 20 odd quid off ebay, direct fit. Patrick
  11. I was insured with Adrian Flux, however when I went to Tesco for a quote (t'other half is with them) they gave me a quote 200 quid below Flux's! They do seem to give quite a bit of multi-car discount so if you have another vehicle in the household with them worth a look..
  12. Just a thought, quick check of multimeter over the battery, see what voltage you get when stopped/running?
  13. Unfortunately I have to agree with Frax, I had a car I spent a good few hundred on a fancy new security system and came down one night to find the alarm going off and holes in the doors where someone's little angel had put a screwdriver through them. Best bet in my book would generally be overt measures, disklok being a good one, get some smartwater stickers if you can for the windows and it can't hurt to put a tracker in case you need to recover, should the worst happen. Deadlocks they only find out about after they try and break in, and they wil just use a window. Failing all that, a very loud alarm, big dog, decent rifle and park it on your private range behind your house.
  14. Rimmer Brothers occasionally list some on eBay, but these cappings few and far between at the moment Edit: Please see Jad's post below, Ashtree's is the place I couldn't recall, it's an expensive option at £185 though.
  15. Aye its going to be Halfords to match the colour, or a specialist, don't believe this is a LR colour (prove me wrong )
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