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  1. Keep the info coming its all being made a note. Once again thankyou
  2. thanx for the heads up guys appreicated now just need to find 350 for a trip down to somerset lol
  3. My 1986 c PLATE 2.5 petrol needs a new gearbox (lt77) and I would like to fit a TDI enigne. Theres 1000's of threads all over the net about it but I wanted the respected opinion of guys here Is it easier to recon the lt77 and stick in a 200 or 300 tdi defender engine ? Or could i upgrade the box to the later R380 ? (not sure what its called). I know discovery tdi engines are cheaper but i understand it needs a lot more work. Or is it better jsut to flog the 90 petrol pickup and buy a tdi ? any idea when the more newer gearbox;s came in ?
  4. Ahh I am not on Mudclub forums. I got a mate of mine to knock up some spacers for my rear anti roll bar and its not been a problem since. Nice tip about mudclub site though ty
  5. Its good that you got yoru setup that you are happy with. To "Rangeroverblues" It is good to find someone else who actually knows about that problem. Exactly the same thing happend to me on my rear anti roll bars after a day at Bala off road. I now have spacers fitted. The landy specialist I use couldnt understand how I had managed it seeing that I have standard height springs and shocks (although being HD springs the Disco sits about 1 " higer") when unloaded. I have mentioned this problem before to others but always get puzzled looks.
  6. Been running 265/75/17 bgf at on my 300tdi with standard height bearmach blue springs and monroe adv shocks. I have modular wheels. I have entended bump stops. Its got winch, bumper guards etc as well. How do I find it ? Good points - feel very nice on the road and rolls less and handles well. Good on side slopes I had to do the camel cut on my rear arches. A m8 of mine had the same setup but on standard D1 wheels and he had to cut out less of his arches as the modualrs push the wheels out furthur. Never had an issue following friends defenders or discos anywhere. Deoesnt matter what I throw into or onto it it sits level as well. Bad points - Down side is it will feel sluggish and slower with 265/75/16 wheels. Also ride is quite hard and can "skip " sometimes. When it comes to lifting 2" it should be ok. However friend of mine lifted his (MHE mechanic) so hes fairly switched on. He has pulled one of his trailing arms bushes out while greenlaning and also tore the rubber donut on his rear prop off as well. I was following him had no issues. We both put that down to the 2" lift. The thing that put me off the most was watching him on slide slopes. Leans over a lot more and looks lot scarier. I guess it depends what you want to do. We use my D1 for greenlaning around wales, taking 4 kids camping for the weekend (roofrack. roofbox blah blah)and daily run around so that setup suits me. If i was permanantly towing i woudl go with 245 as i think thats biggest you can do without having to modify anything.
  7. Scorpion have reappeared as Extreme 4x4 No idea if the staff are the same or showroom. No idea if they honour the lifetime gaurantee on their scorpion suspension kits either since Scor got wound up.
  8. Stu2985

    265 75's

    i run 265/75/16 on my D1 If its just gonna be a toy Just get a set of mud tyres and dont go too large there is another post similar to this thread about someone else asking about that tyre size that size tyre will knock your speedo out and kill any form a standstill acceleration larger tyres may help you out on rocks and maybe help you not sink into the mud but too large and you wont get the tyres to dig down you will need to make some mods to fit that size depending on wheel, suspension etc
  9. I have 265/75/16 at on my disco 300 tdi I have bearmach HD blue springs which make it sit about an 1" higher I had to camel cut my rear arches I have a winch bumper so dont know if you would need to trim your front bumper Mine has Steel modulars which stick out furthur than normal Disco alloys. My m8 has same setup as me except he has standard alloys he did the camel cut and has never caught his arches since because mine stick out more even after making a second larger camel cut I can still catch the rear of my back arches under heavy articulation You may not have to cut your arches one guy used a metal bracket fastened to his mudflap bracket to push his rear arches out at the bottom so the tyres would fit in ok. He also pulled out the front wings making them more flared - surprisingly it looked ok and you couldnt really tell. what you almost certainly will need is bigger bump stops or else you will start having problems. Depending on your wheels you may have to adjust yoru steering stops as well
  10. depends what you are going to do with it heavy duty springs will add a tiny bit of lift and make it feel less leaning in a corner but can cut down on articulation off road. If you tow or have a fully loaded disco then HD are a great help I have monroe adventurer shocks (Standard height) as well and they seem pretty good take it laning regularly and never had any issues - I suppose in a pay and play site the HD springs I have and standard shocks may cost me some articulation over a 2" lift but cant justify replacing a perfectly good setup thats only a year old. Other thing to check is your rubber suspension bushes and anti roll bar. Some times people remove the anti role bars to give better articulation off road
  11. my 300 tdi did esaxctly the same thing turned out a seal on the caliper was leaking under braking once the disc got brake carp on it it was less effective whip your wheels off and have a good look
  12. thanx for the the help I have it all fitted now however in the instructions it doesnt mention fitting an inline fuse anywhere after I put it all together I have realised there is no fuse between the battery and winch I assume it should really be fused any idea what the fuse should be rated at ?
  13. thanx for the replies it is to isolate the winch postive cable wasnt sure how it fitted or where to put it the switch came with the winch so I hope its correctly rated
  14. Now I have fitted a winch was wondering where to put the isolator switch doesnt seem to be a lot of room anywhere what have you guys done ? my isolator looks like this - i ahve no clue how to attach it to anything - the bottom nuts are for the live cables but do i need to drill a big old hole for it to sit in ?
  15. hmm It was de egr'd by someone else so not sure if they decrudded it guess I will have to take it apart to have a look
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