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  1. another option... is to use Joomla...which is similar to WordPress in that its a Content Management system...you choose a template, create articles and publish...and thats you. I don't think there is much point using HTML editors anymore, but its horses for courses. I use Heart Internet to host our 4x4 clubs website...and they aren't expensive to use. In work we used to recommend FastHosts and 1&1 in the past, but we don't use them anymore. just my 2p worth.
  2. Something similar happened to the wifes 90...from diagnosis it looks as though your Disco is earthing itself through your handbrake cable... check in the engine bay to make sure that your earthing braids are intact as this was the problem ours was having.
  3. i used some cable ties before for a while...before i eventually got a replacement...
  4. I bought my winchrope & aluminium hawse from WinchIt...haven't used it yet....but a couple of others in the club have...1 had the same rope on a Nissan Patrol, which snapped the first time he used it (and wasn't happy about it, as he went flying down a hill in reverse)...he was able to get one from Andy at Ruftraks...and this hasn't broke... I figured that it will be a while before I ever get good enough to do challenge events, so felt I didn't need a D4x4/Ruftrak/Bowrope just yet...but I think it is like everything else in offroading ..you get what you pay for.
  5. a guy in our club has a isuzu vehicross fully coated in it...apart from the roof
  6. thanks, i saw the circuit diagram on the web..but wanted to make sure! turned out to be a very easy job....the hardest part was threading the trailer cable through the bulkhead on the nissan patrol....we even re-used the on,off,on momentary rocker for the power antenna...looks the business. he was chuffed.
  7. Ok, i've been asked to help hardwire up a comeup winch...as its a DS9.5i...the lead has 6 wires (red, white, black, green, yellow, blue)....from what I can ascertain the Red, White and Black wires are the ones that actually control the solenoid to turn the motor. the other 3 (green, yellow, blue) seem to be part of a monitoring module, which i think works off the temperature of the winch.... when we go to hardwire...if we just concentrate on the red, white and black...will this be enough to control the winch from inside the cab?
  8. yip, there was 2 hanging off the alternator i got out of a disco....think i was told the supressor was for the radio or something...
  9. Well he's decided to get an ARB on the back and do a bit of shaft hardening...do you need to uprate the CV joints at the same time as the shafts?
  10. well after a long drawn out saga, we finally got the Landys brakes sorted. what started out as a busted brake nipple turned out to be 1 - Replaced rear drivers wheel cylinder 2 - Replaced brake shoes (as they turned out to be knackered) 3 - Replace rear passenger wheel cylinder 4 - Replaced rear brake pipes up to the T-piece So was 3 trips to the local Landy parts place, bit of playing around with the shoe springs, and some bleeding and its now 100%. Thanks for the diagrams/tutorials Les.. as the Haynes book was useless!
  11. cool...checked and they are only £20 so agree with you..no point taking risks..do i have to do in pairs?
  12. myself and a mate where finishing off with the 90 before MOT, and we replaced the brake lines..so we were bleeding the brakes...started off with the rear passenger one, all went ok..moved to the rear drivers one, and this is were we experienced problems. basically the bleed nipple is busted...the nipple itself is ok, its the thread on the back of the drum. how do i go about fixing this? What comes to mind is to re-tap a bigger thread onto the plate, but then how/where would i get a bigger bleeding nipple. any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.
  13. yip, sorry about that...i always leave the important bits out...his is a 300tdi 90, with a 2" lift i think... he is looking to compete in challenge events such as the 3 Peaks, and some of the scottish hill ones...not sure on budget but cheaper is probably better.
  14. I have a mate who is looking to get an unbiased opinion on what type of locker he should get...(as the places he was looking to buy seem to only stock one type). The way he explained it to me was that he has 3 options. 1 - A LSD 2 - ARB Lockers 3 - TrueTrac I know a lot of you have these types, but wanted to know the pro's & con's of each, and what would be a good setup. Thanks ciaran
  15. while looking for hoses a while back, i came across "Mr-Silicone-Hoses" on ebay...do a search. whilst i didn't buy any of the hoses, i thought his prices where great.
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