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  1. I took a look at it properly for the first time. I can see exactly where the fault lies. I've cut the arches to size so it's now fitting reasonably, except there's no edge formed into the mat so it hangs unsatisfactorily over the sides. Cutting the slope of the wheelarch fronts was easier than expected, in fairness. The problem is the main floor mat isn't cut straight. At all. I could have done a better job taking a run at it with a stanley knife in the dark. This is the one part that is meant to be a fixed size, and it wouldn't fit any vehicle (unless they had wavy wheelarch sides....). See pictures below, pick a line of chequer plate and compare it with the edge! Top quality from Exmoor Trim, I am honestly surprised as I thought they were better than this.
  2. That'll teach me - the link I supplied isn't the one I bought it from (Rimmers live up to their name on price..) so didn't see that information. I maintain that trimming of the wheel arch sections could be referring to the fuel filler though. The fact they've put in metal trims shows the problem in my view. Perhaps I am unrealistic in my expectations, but the product should be tailored to each vehicle, not sold for multiple applications. That only benefits the manufacturer, it has nothing to do with giving the customer what they need and it still doesn't explain why the mats are not just shaped incorrectly but also too wide/deep for any of the vehicles they're for. I am inevitably going to end up with one edge on all three mats that I need to hide. Like I say, perhaps this is just me and my expectations, no point in whinging about it so I will just post up a how-to when I get a minute.
  3. I've done some cursory searching and cannot find anything, so posting here. I bought EXT00914 - you can find details here but the short version is a 3-peice mat, top layer of rubber with a bottom layer of foam. It's meant to do the job of sound deadening and a mat in one which is why I bought it. There are three things you need to know if you are considering this: 1. It was not cheap 2. It does not come cut to size 3. It flipping STINKS. I left it in my house in the box for a couple of days and the smell lingered for a good while after - I hope it's going to vent off before I put the roof on the car... One of these facts should mean the other two are not a problem I have to deal with, hence this post. I cannot believe a product that costs £170 doesn't come cut to size. For a start, the main bed area mat is too wide, the wheel arch mats are too long AND need to be cut at an angle to butt up against the wheel arch ends as they come as just plain rectangles. To be fair, some of the sites that sell it do mention cutting is required, but only for the TD5 fuel filler position! I was glad this was the case as I didn't want to buy one with a slot I don't need, but didn't realise I would be finishing off the basic manufacturing process. From what I read, this is so that the mat can fit 110 and 90 wheel arches but that doesn't excuse it being wrong in the fixed dimensions for all models - the width. So before I start cutting, does anyone have any experience with these mats? It's the long edges that I now have to cut that really concern me as it's impossible to get a perfect line on a surface that has lumps moulded into it. Pictures to follow...
  4. I agree on both counts, but could it be argued that the shape has been copied by those other makes because it was instantly "right" and iconic out of the box? This is similar to what has happened with big brands that got it right first time; Hoover being a generic term for a vacuum, Google when searching on the internet regardless of search engine being used. Brands have legally lost the ability to protect their copyright under these kinds of situations, it might be LR are just too late. I know that there are probably 50 pages of argument to be had over that as the LR is in itself a copy of the Jeep (as much as it might pain us to admit). Even the "iconic" Range Rover owes many design cues to the Bronco, so it's probably best LR don't lean too much on this sort of reasoning. The Jimny manages to look like all of the serious 4x4s in one shape, G Wagen, Jeep, Defender, even a bit of Land Cruiser.... I hate to say it, but I do want one. I hear they're rubbish on road, which only strengthens my yearning.
  5. Reading the Sunday Times, JLR have lost the right to copyright the Defender shape in court this week. Reasons given were that it is not "iconic" enough, and only 20-40% of people could recognise the shape as being a Defender. So this leaves the door wide open for Ineos, but also anyone else to create a near-identical vehicle. In an odd way, this does strengthen JLR's argument for the new Defender. If what they've been making is not iconic, they are not ruining their heritage by changing it. Their lawyers are going to chase this one for all it's worth though, so I doubt they see it that way. I am not someone interested in the "investment" potential of the vehicle as so many who jumped on them in the last few years have been (and are now rapidly having their expectations readjusted by market forces) but if Ineos is can make a product that is to all intents and purposes a Defender with improvements, that has to have an impact on both the old and new vehicles.
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. I have now met two people that swear by Britpart products and won't fit anything else. They buy into the 'it's from the same factory, it's just in a different box' argument . I don't know how some people seem to have such good experiences with them, when so many more have the exact opposite. I have had parts that just flat out will not fit, or are broken from the factory - and I estimate on a 50/50 ratio. I can understand they're cheap and people take a risk if funds are tight and it's all you can find, but to actively avoid other brands in favour... that boggles the mind. It also leads me to another conclusion. With the increase in Land Rover restorations and the fact that BP products more often than not have no fixtures or fittings that you need to finish the job, I wonder how many vehicles are driving around with re-used bolts, nylocs, brake pads with rusted out retaining pins, etc in safety-critical applications (like prop nuts and bolts). There's no way that someone who will only spend £1.99 on brake components is going to spend an additional £5 + P&P for the little bits that actually make the job right (I am making the prices up, but the point remains). Scary times.
  7. Thanks both, I think I will just make my own drilled plate and normal nuts and bolts, can't see any advantage in buying new.
  8. Not sure what these are called, but I need the part numbers for the fixings that hold these things on. Google shows nothing but there should be a plate on the wheel arch end that I need to order two of and the ones securing at the B pillar. For the avoidance of doubt, they're the silver bits flapping in the wind in this photo either side of the bulkhead bar...
  9. Ralph, thanks - I saw that but I've never heard of Hobson Industries and I am wary of setting up yet another account with yet another company to order just one item. Stephen - That looks and sounds perfect. I would rather buy from someone on here than a business I've never heard of. Let me know how much, is PayPal ok for you?
  10. That's right, I just started this part number request with the part number I'm looking for. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a maverick. The problem is, this part number is now obsolete and I cannot find if it has been superseded. After an hour's Googling I can safely say I am out. I even ordered said part from a supplier only to be refunded my cash the next morning with an apologetic email. So, now I look to you, Gods of Microcat. Please tell me If there is another PN I should be looking for. If this fails, is there a way to look up the length, I/D, bend radius, fitting spec, etc and have one made with accuracy?
  11. Abso-fcking-lutely, this thread was already getting on for 45 pages of baseless speculation before we somehow even got into the Daily Mail columnist debate on Civil Servants and the performance of a Main Battle Tank. Now we're judging the new Defender by the way people in the marketing look?! 😂😂 The way that 'off road enthusiasts' in general and Land Rover enthusiasts in specific look and behave is one reason if I'm discussing my build with anyone in real conversation, I avoid drawing myself as being such. I'm just someone that likes Land Rovers, but not part of the Land Rover 'community'. Short of having a bowie knife strapped to their leg (in case of sudden jungle), a sheep under one arm, a hay bail under the other and a 'One Life, Live It' T-shirt, what exactly would people here have been happy with? Most people work in offices. Livestock in that environment is frowned upon. I wouldn't say I look like a Land Rover person and definitely not like someone that spends every free minute in the garage, but then I'm quite proud of that. You don't have to wear your hobbies on your sleeve. Let's be honest, most on here own a Land Rover because we wanted one, not needed one. They are a hobby. What's the alternative? A permanently-affixed pair of cammo trousers and a leather Brokeback Mountain hat? Pretty sure I saw a pair of the former in the video... Fact is, we can analyse every second of every promo video and get increasingly angry about it, or accept marketing is marketing and they might actually be trying to show the new Defender is for everyone? Sounds like some sort of a sales strategy to me.... Until someone you trust buys one and shows you what it can do, nothing is going to matter. I remember when the TD5 was seen as the most complicated, worst thing to ever happen to the Defender, and now they're holding their value well as an alternative to the TDCIs. The Land Rover 'community' is nothing if not fluid in its beliefs.
  12. That is what I hoped, thanks a lot - from the angle I'm at it looks like there isn't much room left for it to travel once I depress it, but I'm not in a rush to drop the box so I think I can make an informed decision on this one. Thanks for the responses and education (your site is also massively useful for my build at the moment).
  13. So perhaps this is where my lack of experience with this comes in, but surely it would have some resistance? I cannot stress just how little effort it takes to press it back into the housing, I would have thought the clutch itself pushes back.... I am working on the assumption fork pressed back at the slave cylinder end = clutch depressed.
  14. Let's play another game of "is it F'ed?". When replacing the clutch slave cylinder, the rod and plastic bracket came out together. Seems a common issue, so I did my research and found a way to refit without taking the gearbox off. However, this is my first time seeing the clutch fork as someone else bolted the engine and gearbox in place for me. It doesn't seem right. Under light pressure, the fork will retract into the bellhousing - surely it's meant to return to the front position? That made it difficult to ensure the rod engages with the slave cylinder. It's also very wobbly. Videos for a slightly more objective description, apologies that they are so large. 20190826_142822_002.mp4 20190826_142822_003.mp4 If this is gearbox out, I am going to be extremely annoyed.
  15. I really like it. Seen a lot worse perpetrated for a lot more money by people who should know better and offer themselves up as experts in our field. A sensible paint job with a bit of relatively hidden chassis art doesn't hurt at all. None of these mods have compromised it's ability off road. In the pursuit of a road-friendly status symbol so many of these end up with a silhouette that looks right but has as much of what makes it a Defender as possible sucked out of it. Not here, it seems. Do I want to do it? No, but I respect it's right to exist.
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