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  1. If I was doing it again, I think I would opt for keeping the body in one piece. If you deliberately set out to do a full nut and bolt rebuild then that's one thing, but if you are just trying to swap a chassis, I would avoid taking it apart any more than you absolutely need to. It's just a rabbit hole you don't want to go down. I thought my build would take a year.
  2. That was a good, fair and balanced review. With Harry having done this, I'm not going to watch any more reviews on it as I thnk there is little, if anything, left to learn and it's getting repetitious. Yes, it's a Discovery 6, yes it's very good off road, yes it's very expensive. I'd own one, but not out of warranty. I really quite like them.
  3. Apologies for another interior trim post, and for brazenly putting Defender content in the International section but this is something people might have experienced across the model range. I bought an X-Tech steering wheel (read silver stitching and perforated leather) in 2012, yes quite tarty and maybe too good for a 30 year old Land Rover. Rather nice. But fear not, logisitical delays before taking delivery meant the mice sorted out any question of it being too good. So, I think it's salvagable as the leather is at worst very lightly chewed where they got to the
  4. That's exactly the setup I'm going for, my Landreizger loom is due in any day now (hadn't even fitted the Boomslang when I read the bad experiences, ditched it immediately). I've never had a problem even just with a set of Wipac crystals so I'm more than happy with the light output, it's just the mismatch in colour I'll now have with my bright white sidelights that I was thinking about. Chicken Drumstick is right though, there's very little around that makes the same light colour as LED so I'll just have tolerate it. Until I don't.
  5. Ah, I have fond memories of accidentally pressing that switch and then posting up a thread about how my gauges wouldn't light up. Not embarrassing at all.
  6. Have to love a Perentie, never realised how ugly the windscreens were before, though.
  7. I don't want to derail the discussion but as its quite clear where we sit legally, I'm wondering about halogens. as said, I have LED all around but standard headlights so it's going to look very odd. Are there any halogens with a similar colour temp to LED? I've seen blue tinted bulbs but they're unbranded so wouldn't trust them for interior lights let alone safety-critical.
  8. Just read this all, absolutely amazing stuff. I wish I had a tenth of your skill/intelligence.
  9. After all these poncey campers recently, that Suzuki puts them to shame.
  10. Stupid question: do I need to use loctite on the conrod bolts? The manual doesn't say. I found the whole build suspiciously loctite-free. I'm doing it this weekend when I have plenty of time and no distractions. Then I'll be trying out all of the little changes I have made to fix my running issues.
  11. I like that, it's not trying to be anything. Spending months out in a desert with 9 other people, on the other hand.... Cant imagine it's too fun to be a passenger if you're not sat in the cab.
  12. It has to be unofficial, someone's first time playing around with 3D modelling software.... I hope.
  13. The panel gaps are certainly staying true to the original, if nothing else is.
  14. It could be worse.... The annoying thing is the kit itself is practical and sensible - I found this while looking for something similar to organise the interior for camping gear and address the lack of storage in the interior. I just wish it didn't have to look like you're about to storm the Capitol Building.
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