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  1. Mine was done this way as I had very little room between the door tracks and the ceiling, the operator would have hit this rear cross brace if left in place. Hopefully that's clearer now.
  2. Ive just realised what you meant, there is an option in the instructions to cut the middle brace and bolt the ends into the wall. It's in the instructions on the garage door online website, I'll take a look tomorrow and screen shot it when I'm less inebriated.
  3. I would say it's holding some weight, especially as the wood supports have no doubt settled on mine. That said, your idea of tying the side brackets into the wall rather than cutting off the extra length is a great idea and a bit more confidence inspiring.
  4. You've got it, I cut the video before it closes as I was just showing the clearance. When shut, all door sections are vertical in the front door channel as if it's a solid door. I would say it takes up marginally more room than an up and over because the springs are in the upper roof channels but everything can be tucked up so high it's basically irrelevant. A roller door needs more headroom at the front but doesn't go into the garage at all, so it's swings and roundabouts.
  5. Well it's up (two weeks ago, actually) and the car goes in and out without having to take the door off. The power operator was well worth the extra, it changes the whole way you look at it and I also like that I won't need to get in and out of the car to open/close it. I went with garage doors online, they were fine. Fitting and instructions were some of the most complicated, most stressful things going. Having a mate helping was essential, as much a second opinion on the instructions which were often unclear and contradictory. The biggest concern was the assumption that it was being fitted to a concrete ceiling. I had sheets of plywood to screw into but even then I had to use some battens between the rafters to give it enough meat to screw into. Thanks for all the help and advice, while expensive it was definitely worth it. Fridge's thread is a must-read for anyone doing this as I encountered everything he did during the installation.
  6. I have a pre-07 ARB bumper on mine (1988), fully declared (with pictures) to the insurer but nowhere is there an E mark on it. I wonder where that leaves me.
  7. I'll do that then, it looks more lined up in the photo than it actually is. Or I should say, was. That is from the previous build-up of the engine as I haven't been able to get time to go out and do anything on it and frankly I don't have much motivation this week. I had better get it done soon. Just to build a fake sense of drama, my MOT is booked for the 1st. If I don't get everything finished before then, I'm going to lose the shop!* *or I'm going to phone to rebook it the Friday before.
  8. Quick question, I was never quite sure when I was fitting the timing gear what was the best setup. In this photo it looks like the marks line up, but in reality the big cog is always 1/2 a tooth left or right of the crank mark. It cannot line up exactly. I remember Mark talking about this in a 4x4 Is Born... I would assume a slight mechanical advance would be good? Which, unless I am very mistaken would be left of the crank mark.
  9. It wasn't intentionally dramatic, at the time of posting I didn't know exactly how bad it was so wanted to wait until I knew more. So you may recall I replaced some of the rear lifters to see if they were the cause of my top end noise (in desperation) before I could decide it was probably a slipped liner. At that time, the carefully run-in cam and lifters were all fine. I received my block back and started cleaning everything up to re-assemble. During cleaning, the 4th lobe from rear looked like this: I hadn't checked it as it had only run for about 15 minutes before the full stripdown. It just never occured to me to look for damage. The brand new lifter looked like this: That is a very pronounced groove dug into the middle. I knew this was trashed without question, the unknown part was if the cam could be polished or repaired in some way so I sent it to Turner's and they've confirmed the cam can't be salvaged. Their best guess is that the lifter got stuck and was unable to revolve as they are designed to, so it wore in the same place. Bear in mind how little time this took. If I had even thought to look for cam damage before sending off the block I would be a week ahead by now, but I didn't because of how little time I'd put on it. I now have a new cam on its way to me which is extremely annoying, but Turners have been great throughout this and I cannot speak highly enough of them.
  10. Well on putting my engine back together I found more issues, so I might just binge their videos until petrol is illegal and call it quits.
  11. I bought a wheel carrier from them, paid a couple of hundred and had one fitting query as there were of course no instructions. Apparently I didn't pay enough to get the email reply service. Will never deal with them again.
  12. I retract the last part of what I said before, as CD says, on a later car with the right spec this is a good way to go. I do prefer it to the standard windows. Plus I think glass is harder than paint so better at resisting bush scratches if you do go laning, but of course glass doesn't take a dent quite like Ali.
  13. Worth a watch. My ethos is always to get the V8 version of any car.... But I'm not sure there's any point here.
  14. I can't fault them, they've been consistently excellent in both the products and availablity of advice. Even the block was supplied spotlessly clean.
  15. Turners have said they're not true stretch bolts, I have a full set used once from the last rebuild so I'll just replace the offending bolt with one of those and do up to the correct torque.
  16. Shame about the photos on that one but the text serves as a checklist, at least. I've done something stupid. I was bolting up the big ends last night doing the manuals instruction of 20nm and then 80 degrees further. Got distracted by something ridiculous and tightened the same bolt, but realised about 20 degrees into the extra turn. So 20nm, 80 degrees and then 20. I don't want to slacken it off as they're stretch bolts, the rod can move on the crank freely but nor do I want yet another potential time bomb on the car. Is this likely to be an issue and I need to buy a new bolt?
  17. Will we be getting a build thread? I'm mildly obsessed with camel stuff.
  18. My laptop decided to die (I'm having a great month) so it's difficult to use the search function but I cannot bring up a thread on it... Can you easily get it? I did try!
  19. Completely, I think they've cleaned it well but everything I've read says clean a returned engine as though it's covered in filth. I might actually gap the rings this time, the luxury.
  20. Just as well there's a fuel shortage, I wouldn't be able to afford the petrol anyway.
  21. It's back. Turners had it turned around within two days which is pretty astounding. I have a lot of cleaning ahead of me first, but a garage door to fit before that...
  22. I'm not out to upset anyone or be inflammatory. I want to be clear that I like a lot about this car, I like what it represents. I'm just trying to work out if I like what it is turning out to be as much as what it should be. For example, I am certain that the use of TFT screens in the Defender was commented as the worst betrayal of the original that LR could have perpetrated... yet the main vehicle gauges in the Ineos are presented in a TFT screen. It has suspension parts that hang very low and look very vulnerable to damage/compromising off-road ability, it has a powerplant that is not DIY-friendly (though modern DIY engines are a thing of the past). It's an automatic. They don't want customers looking under the bonnet. They don't want customers taking the interior as finished. They don't want anyone taking photos of the underneath. I understand they have nice components under there, but what if the reason they don't/didn't want photos was because they don't have agreements in place with those suppliers and they don't end up on the final product? I know that details need to be ironed out, but to me there is more unknown than known at this point yet they are happy to take money - refundable or otherwise. I know each of my points can be picked out and debated but the result won't be any more certain. Jeremy summed it up perfectly in the other thread, it's 'tease fatigue'. And only a mother could love that front end.
  23. People should start looking at what the Ineos was meant to be at the outset and where it is now, with the number of broken promises and changes that absolutely would not be excused if they came from JLR.
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