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  1. That was exactly what I thought so if we both were reminded of the same vehicle, did they not suceed in some weird way?
  2. I know this subject has been touched on multiple times, and I am sure I even inputting in one recent discussion, but I can't find it now. I am interested in working out which seal belts (by part number) fit to which vehicles, both in terms of year and body style. The reason for this is that I have messed up and purchased the type that secures the bottom end to the reel mounting bracket (BTR8410), as below: On the old CSW trims I had, this would have been fine as the seatbelt top anchor is on the outiside and doesn't need to pass through anything: The problem is, I have newe
  3. Was there any explanation as to what they were trying to acheive or why? They must have had a very specific look in their mind, I am genuinely curious as to how they feel about the result and what the motivation was. There's a fair amount of effort gone into it, like movng the hinges and slam pannel, the sheet metal in making up the sides. Then making a hole in the raised section for no apparent reason. And that's not even mentioning the paintwork. So many questions to be answered. On a side note, looking back through this thread there are now many ebay ads that are gone forev
  4. Thank you for lifting your top....... the result looks pretty professional! Wasn't quite sure when you started how it was all going to come together, but it really has. I think I've seen you driving around already...
  5. That's a nice looking car Escape! I would love to make some of these regrettable late night auction buys but all the cash goes into the 90. It's just as well, I love Jags and unlike LRs, they are cheap enough to end up with too many. Selling my XK8 this summer, missed the opportunity last year so I want this to be someone else's late night spontaneous alcohol-fueled auction buying story. Going to regret it, but can't really justify two V8s. It'll be my first time Jag-less in 8 years
  6. Sometimes I wish there was a 'dislike' button.
  7. Glad you got it sorted but as I am doing this job in the next two weeks, I am really not looking forward to it. Especially as I have zero patience when things don't fit immediately.
  8. I dunno, Western can get a bit agitated if he has too many Ribenas, other than that we're relatively sedate.
  9. Even the 25k for a G Reg on there is utterly ridiculous, but £250k for the least desirable model? I wonder how they even came up with that number. Personally love 110 HTs as they're pure workhorses and therefore "proper" but that's a very niche market.
  10. I've been thinking about this more and I need to change my answer. You should must get a 110 Tomb Raider double cab in immaculate, unmodified condition.
  11. I hate to keep agreeing with everything Fridge says, but for me this is the best approach. Buy a decent TD5/TDCI in standard trim, drive it about a bit and get to love it as-is. Form a shopping list of things that drive you nuts about it (heated seats, mirrors, windscreen, etc) then throw that money at it with a clear plan for what you're doing, how and when, in one go. With that budget, you could pay someone else to do the work and still have enough left over for a sensible daily. I must have spent double what mine is worth, but apart from the time it has taken (I didn't follow my own ad
  12. Seems like this site is dead now, assume along with the product...
  13. So what you're saying is that I haven't invented some new way of fixing mudguards but just seen yours and then forgotten. Yours are exactly what I had pictured, but will require much bigger holes being drilled than I am comfortable with! Filbee - thank you, I'm going to fit the Gywn Lewis front and rear mudhsield kits in the next few months but I still want to leave the mudguards in their original factory locations. I think that should hit the right balance between not having to clean every inch of the chassis at the first sight of mud, while retaining a factory look that I am trying to r
  14. You can put forward any opnion you might wish to, so long as you do so with the basic respect and decency we all should expect of each other. Getting angry because someone doesn't agree with your opinion is not an option, though. All of the credible science does point to it.... But I didn't mention climate change. I merely said these schemes are designed to keep more-polluting engines out of areas. Separate climate change from this for a minute; we can prove that air quality increases when traffic is lower. We can prove that smog is a thing. We can prove that instances of respiratory d
  15. They are unlikely to ban anything in a meaningful way, just tax things so they're too expensive to run for normal people. It's the point with the LEZs etc. The fact they are making people not take vehicles into those areas or even changing their engines is exactly what they are meant to do; the point is cleaner air, not revenue generation (yes, I know the argument that it is, or is both). I've worked on the principle that by 2030 it will be too expensive in tax, fuel and societal percetion to drive the 90. All the more reason to get a few years' enjoyment out of it now.
  16. There's a similar sounding car but a 2009 on Autotrader for 18k in metalic grey. Given there are a couple of HTs at 15-16k, I think they're dreaming. Pure guess as it's all dependent on condition, colour and how much it can be tidied up but I would say: £12k low £13.5k medium £15k high Being a truck cab does limit the market, but conversions are easy enough and the market is still strong (though prices are softening as expensive cars aren't moving).
  17. I am looking at drilling my chassis to accept the standard mudguard brackets. On my Richards chassis, there is no indication where these holes should go. Can anyone take measurements to show exactly where the holes are drilled? I am not too pleased to be drilling a galvanised chassis at all, so being as exact as possible would really help me out. I need front and rear bolt holes, please. While Googling this, one repeated answer to the question on forums was "why?" (no answer to the original question, though). Yes they get hooked up off road but the car isn't going to spend more than 5% of
  18. Either way, still looks like the best-executed Disco pickup conversion on EBay right now. Seems particularly difficult to convert while keeping the proportions right, you could wheelie some of them by sitting on the tailgate. I would be interested in how a supercharged 300TDI drives. I do love the dashboard and steering wheel combination with no irony whatsoever.
  19. On the colour front, is it definitely orange and not yellow? I believe AA ones were all yellow.
  20. 3, (not 14 - looking on a tiny screen so made a mistake!) Is the fan speed control, 13 is the heat, 16 is which direction the air goes (feet or up).
  21. Yep 13 goes to top of the heater, 3 goes to the bottom side fixing on the heater, 16 goes to the dashboard flap control.
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