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  1. I don't want to brag but I've watched all episodes of Project Binky (twice) so I'm kind of a fabrication expert now, and I think that looks quite good! It clearly does the job, to leave the ground so clear. It was how it would attach to the car that was the biggest mystery, now answered!
  2. The fact they don't know a value casts doubt on how they came to possess this equipment.
  3. At least you don't have to colour match replacements for the bonnet and rear door when they get nicked. Though that would never happen, these will never get parked outside. I would like it better without the plastic A bar, and is it me or has it been lowered a small amount? Defenders just do not sit well with the wheels crammed up into the arches, there's something else "off" about it. The 5 secs to 60 is truly impressive, definitely can appreciate the hilarity of that in a car that isn't in any other way trying to be a sports car like those Kahn/Chelsea Truck Co abortions. I just t
  4. Let's not have an argument over wheel spacers. We've all miss-phrased something and it comes off differently via text, I don't think the OP intended any offence.
  5. You need to take some photos of that rig in the daylight!
  6. Thought I had KM2s too, but this thread has been educating. Must be 12-13 years old so that tallies. Nice set of 255/85, been dry stored for the last 9 years (because my rebuild was only going to take a year) but going to upgrade to fresh KM3s now.
  7. Just done a hinge to block conversion. They are the same.
  8. I have the pedal lock and column protector. Only problem with the pedal lock is that it seems to want to gouge the floor at either edge where it hinges. I wish there was a fix for that, it's almost like it needs a filler strip under it to raise just a few mm.
  9. ...when you no longer need to put a socket on a bolt to know it's going to shear.
  10. It's a shame Arnie never came back. I was interested in this build, very different from others on here.
  11. Video evidence of an 'ExtremeDiscoDave' in their natural environment from 1:52 onwards: https://youtu.be/kslolJWphZU
  12. If you're getting water in the inner 'gutter' of the roof, that's not standard LR tolerances (which your door issue might be) and not one you need put up with. You have no sunroof, so that's excellent news, but it means that either one or more of the ribs has unsealed, or there's a crack somewhere (look around the external gutter) where someone might have fitted an overladen roof rack or similar. If it's the former, there are various products you can use to re-seal it (putty or bathroom sealant* - have search on here for leaks and you'll find recommendations on what works). If it's
  13. You might have seen this thread but there's some useful info in it. I'm also looking at a CTEK (have a halfords with a repair function which seems fine, but I don't think it's as good).
  14. There are many notable incidents involving poor maintenance of LRs in particular that should have been the wake up call we all needed about the importance of making sure things are done right. Each of these incidents brings us closer to being banned from putting tools anywhere near a vehicle that will be used in the road.
  15. https://foundry4x4.co.uk/pdf/X Eng at Foundry 4x4 X-Fan 34 Instructions.pdf Does this help?
  16. That's the one, there are two versions on the Foundry site; the other is a manual control of one single fan and thermostat control of both. That's what I went for as I didn't want it to run straight from the battery in case of exactly this circumstance. The thermostat is only controlling a relay that takes the load from the fans (15amps each in my case!), so there shouldn't be the welding situation Si describes!
  17. Where are you taking the positive feed to the X Fan from? On my setup it would be possible for the manual 'on' side of the switch to be telling it to constantly run but the great thing about the X Fan is the flexibility of how it can be wired up, do yours may be entirely different. I am by no means electrically knowledgeable but I guess it's a case of breaking out the multimeter and working from the fan backwards. Sounds like it is the X Fan though.
  18. Hi, it might be worth putting up a video of what it's doing if you can, while not familiar with that particular system it is probably common to other vehicles and someone might be able to see what the issue is. If not, there are reset options for systems/ECUs that you might have to use instead.
  19. If I was doing it again, I think I would opt for keeping the body in one piece. If you deliberately set out to do a full nut and bolt rebuild then that's one thing, but if you are just trying to swap a chassis, I would avoid taking it apart any more than you absolutely need to. It's just a rabbit hole you don't want to go down. I thought my build would take a year.
  20. That was a good, fair and balanced review. With Harry having done this, I'm not going to watch any more reviews on it as I thnk there is little, if anything, left to learn and it's getting repetitious. Yes, it's a Discovery 6, yes it's very good off road, yes it's very expensive. I'd own one, but not out of warranty. I really quite like them.
  21. Apologies for another interior trim post, and for brazenly putting Defender content in the International section but this is something people might have experienced across the model range. I bought an X-Tech steering wheel (read silver stitching and perforated leather) in 2012, yes quite tarty and maybe too good for a 30 year old Land Rover. Rather nice. But fear not, logisitical delays before taking delivery meant the mice sorted out any question of it being too good. So, I think it's salvagable as the leather is at worst very lightly chewed where they got to the
  22. That's exactly the setup I'm going for, my Landreizger loom is due in any day now (hadn't even fitted the Boomslang when I read the bad experiences, ditched it immediately). I've never had a problem even just with a set of Wipac crystals so I'm more than happy with the light output, it's just the mismatch in colour I'll now have with my bright white sidelights that I was thinking about. Chicken Drumstick is right though, there's very little around that makes the same light colour as LED so I'll just have tolerate it. Until I don't.
  23. Ah, I have fond memories of accidentally pressing that switch and then posting up a thread about how my gauges wouldn't light up. Not embarrassing at all.
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