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  1. teabag

    Plenum question

    This may help https://www.actproducts.co.uk/2011/lucas-14cux-fuel-injection-system-–-installation-and-diagnostic-notes/
  2. teabag

    hard brake pedal

    The vacuum pipe has a one way valve which can block with carbon, and will give u that symptom, you may have two valves one each end as my 3.9 disco has, so remove and soak in brake cleaner fluid or similar to clean and replace, problem gone as mine did, that’s if that your issue. 😋
  3. You have already asked your question in a previous thread, and a reply showing the components involved with the internal mirror. There’s nothing called “shoe”. Give us the description and I’ll look in my parts catalogue for the part number, which will be obsolete nowadays, so won’t be a lot of use.
  4. Not the part number but it’s a correct discription of the items that do have a part number which u can use in your www search. https://allbrit.de/epc.cfm?PAGE=C01290&CAR=L2&SPRACHE=EN
  5. teabag

    2001 discovery 2 td5 auto

    Happy you have resolve your discos issue, it’s a known problem with the receiver. Re. the access code, that’s normal... enter the code but don’t lock lock the vehicle there’s no need to enter it again, then because you re locked the access code had to be re entered again, I assume that’s what u did.🙂
  6. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    At last it looks promising for you. 😎
  7. teabag

    3.9v8 not starting

    It’s something that to my engine a few years ago. Run a temporary wire from the battery + to your coil + then see if it starts. If so I tell u what to do. There’s no need now to remove the dash as stated in the link above which also has a few technical errors in it.
  8. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    New relays if required, take your pick on the price. https://www.lrdirect.com/AFU2913L-Rly-Fuel-Injection/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAh9njBRCYARIsALJhQkFFxu-bLdHmWv4qT5GLT2nqXeHiZYaOH9gLDIq_quleFWqppJTO3gYaAiNtEALw_wcB
  9. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    Then can I have your wheel centre caps Land V8 Rover ?😃
  10. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    That will be the Bosch relay then with the parallel terminals 😋 therefore the oxy heaters and fuel pump are working simultaneously ... so Ooops I made a error the relay is not the change over variety although the LR diagram shows it as 87 & 87a.
  11. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    The correct relay for the V8 EFI system fitted to the D1 has terminal 87 and terminal 87a which is a change over relay, according to the disco’s EFI diagram. There another relay with a dual 87 terminals are just in parallel, plus theres the common relay with a single 87 terminal.
  12. teabag

    V8i random starting problem.

    The symptoms that your disco has is very similar failing immobiliser. Fortunately as you have a1994 disco you don’t have the passive ‘spider’ immobiliser which was introduced with the 1996MY disco which is known to have issues, such as intermittent starting, it happened to me, but a single wire overcame that issue so fortunately no need to remove the front of the dash. Testing your pump relay is simple when remover, just a 12v supply and a multimeter is all that’s required, if you can hear it clicking your halfway there, or of course you could just replace it. Do you know where to find the relay? The ignition amplifier on your vehicle is attached to the distributor so could fail intermittently due to the hot environment in that area. LR moved the amp to a new location with the 1996MY and positioned it near to the coil at the rear of the slam panel on it own heat sink and linked it back to the distributor with is own dedicated cable. So no heat issues. That’s it and now back to work.
  13. teabag

    Sunroofs again

    Drain holes! For owners that open and tilt their sunroof while it’s covered with water, hence drains only at the front of the sunroof. 💦
  14. teabag

    Sunroofs again

    Why go to the trouble of making something that’s water tight to replace the sunroofs, when all u have to do is replace one or both of the existing seals.
  15. teabag

    disco 1 3.5 v8 cut out on downhill

    Remove it and give it a quick spray of brake cleaner, they have been known to carbon up but normally they are clean unless there’s a underlying course.
  16. teabag

    disco 1 3.5 v8 cut out on downhill

    An automatic and it’s stalling? Try cleaning the crankcase breather (flame trap) and the hose leading to the plenum chamber first. I had a similar issue when I owned a 3.5 RR other wise 🤔 I didn’t know.
  17. teabag

    RRC Heater upgrade

    My Haynes manual diagrams seem ok to me, but then I’ve never had to use them them. Bit I’ll do a screen print of page from my book if u wish.
  18. teabag

    Disco 200tdi air vent

    That’s normal, those vents are just for outside fresh air, u are talking about the dash centre vents?
  19. teabag

    dip and main beam relay no lights

    Don’t worry about the dim-dip relay function, it only operates when the engine is running, if you have one I can isolate it by simply unplugging the resistor which is positioned on the engine bay bulkhead by the screen wash bottle. There’s a main fuse in the engine bay fuse box something like 30amp, for the headlamps, it’s in the row of 6 ‘fusible links if I remember correctly.
  20. teabag

    Our discovery has a bladder issue

    I take it as a Td5 as u refer to a “fuel cooler,” your cooling system is a close circuit system so no overflow as such, but excess pressure arriving due to say a blown head gasket would be via the valve “bottle” filler cap. I suggest u remove your diy pipe and reinstall the correct hose. The exact cooling hose layouts can be found in LRs Rave workshop manual.
  21. teabag

    RRC Heater upgrade

    The 1970 - Oct 1992 RR Haynes workshop manual is quite comprehensive with electrical wiring diagrams. The fan speed is controlled by the slider switch MXC5705, “potentiometer” is the LR description in my RR parts catalogue and was fitted to my 1997 RR which may have been 4speed, your 96 model may the same but that was a change over year between carb and EFI. Yes the heat from my vehicles heater was very poor (compared to the cars I was driving at the time) from the day I drove it from the from the LR showroom and for all the 10 years I had it. The middle dash vents only were fitted with the AC system, my RR didn’t have AC so no middle vents. The best heater would have been the 4speed one as is fitted into the later RR, which was on called and badged Classic, also fitted to the 300 series disco and the disco 2, but would require the require the complete removal the front part of the dash
  22. teabag

    Electrical issues

    Well Done 😄
  23. So it looks if you have the EFI system up and running, so great, but now your concerns are the operation of a heated rear screen. Why not go back in time when such items were switched on with a dash switch, plus a lamp with a colour of your choice which was illuminated when ON, Is that not a simples way of achieving your objective. Plus if you feel that u won’t see the lamp illumination, move on a couple of years in time and interface a “timer” relay into the ignition supply circuit... Simples 😊
  24. Hi Nick As I’m sure you know, that’s a very good safety function, that the D1 has for the rear heated screen. The front heated screen also has the same feature, both are control by the D1s multifunction unit which also gives the heating time duration function for the two screens. So I suspect that the D2 doesn’t have that feature.

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