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  1. We decided to make some about a month ago, will be available in about 3-4 months,
  2. they are the same, its just the short R380 one thats about 5mm shorter Dave
  3. the bush ID is too small on the britpart ones, we fit them to the stub axle then kiss the ID on a lathe so the CV drops in nicely Dave
  4. Yes we can fit it for you but if you want to keep the cost down you can get 90% from a MOT failed disco and just buy the Compushift, you can then either make your own interior or we can supply later as the budget allows
  5. Hi Guys, a small tech thread to show you what we have been upto for those with the 6BT Cummins engines, this is meant as a non commercial technical thread to show how flexible the LT230 can be. features are : 0.900 Ratio, we have been aware for some time of demand for higher gearing for these low revving engines so after successfully making the 26 Tooth input gear for Reece to run with the 1.003 ratio gear set, we looked at how we could do this. Land Rover raised the ratios in the LT230 by reducing the diameter of the output gear but it was not possible to do this further as the 1.003 gear is already quite small and reducing it further would not be reliable so we made a new larger diameter input gear with 28T instead of 26T and this also allowed us to raise the output gear from 28 to 30T which helps strength. This gives an increase of 10.27% on high range. Increased width of gear teeth on the input gear and corresponding intermediate gear. Rather than leave wide air gaps between the 3 rows of teeth on the intermediate gear we have increased the width of the input gear and middle row of teeth on the intermediate gear by 4mm from 32.50mm to 36.50mm. Bigger bearing on high range side of intermediate gear. We have seen failures in the past of other brands of these input gears and I suspect these failures are related to the taper roller bearing in the intermediate gear failing on the high range gear side which then allows the intermediate gear to move out of mesh with the input gear teeth and the teeth then fail. We have machined the intermediate gear on the high range side to accept a 62mm diameter x 25mm wide bearing rather than the stock 52mm diameter x 22mm wide bearing. The bigger bearing has ratings of 64Kn Dynamic and 76Kn Static as opposed to the stock bearing having 54Kn Dynamic and 56Kn Static. This bearing (Timken brand) is supplied with a sleeve and spacer which are required to fit. See 'install' ref fitting notes. Please see below comparison of the standard bearing and the larger bearing supplied with the kit we are really quite chuffed with this, its taken about 9 months to get made and needs long term testing but the gears are from a proven supplier and gears are stronger than the 1.003 ratio which had no failures so I don't anticipate any issues, full blurb here : https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/0-900-gear-set.html Cheers Dave
  6. Nonimouse this is slanderous internet bull***t, come and see our racks of thousands of Timken bearings, we also use Koyo and NKE bearings, NKE for the R380 rear support bearings which are better than the genuine RHP bearings landrover used and are specially made for us, the other brands of these are rubbish, we tested them all. We make our own baulk rings and buy about 30,000 at a time, not because we can get them cheaper, its because all other brands are rubbish. Our gears are made in Turkey, this is no secret, I am proud to use this supplier, their production methods are state of the art, good communications, good prices and great quality, who else can manufacture custom gears sets like the 1.100 and 1.301. We have new products coming which take the engineering to another level, we don't just paint them a different colour and give them a silly name like some. You mention cheap Turkish oil seals, all ours are Corteco, thats the best. We have never been so busy are upping our production from 20 to 25 gearboxes a day, July (Mid Covid) was our biggest ever month in business, this is not because we sell cheap rubbish as you suggest, Your comments have no truth, you have irritated me, keep your LT77. Roy, I strongly suspect your noises are clutch rattle from the HD clutch, pls return the unit, you can witness it being stripped on the bench, if I am wrong I will eat humble pie, apologise and contribute to your costs, Northwards, pls do the checks we discussed earlier and let me know how you get on. Reb78 yes you had some genuine issues which I apologise for but I did refund you in full after 10 years from purchase. Good night all ! Dave Ashcroft
  7. The 200 mounts will fit the R380, the 380 was designed as a direct drop in, you will also need the use the 380 diff lock linkage
  8. The one in the photo is from a disco, the parts diagram is defender, I don’t think the disco one comes apart .
  9. This wear is common and it is a problem for us but many customers spec the ATB centre diff which gives us a reasonable supply of stock diffs for other rebuilds.
  10. Sorry I forgot you were wanting to put it in a P38, I don’t know of any adapters to do this so it’s 4HP22/24 or make one I think
  11. Look on Facebook for MW machines, Marcus Williams can put Together an M57, 6HP26 and LT230 https://www.facebook.com/837260399956385/
  12. Yes you would need to make a new gate plate to match the ZF detent positions, easier said than done to get right in my experience
  13. The L322 diesel used the GM 5L40E, to put in a P38 you would need an adapter for the back end and a controller to run the autobox, lots of work for a pretty rubbish autobox, not worth it in my opinion
  14. Sorry I can’t explain why, I am not that familiar with the internals but nevertheless it’s the overdrive that’s the problem
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