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  1. the lock ring is skipping over the side gear engagement teeth when loaded, thats what making the ticking noise, Dave
  2. ashtrans

    LT77 Stuck in reverse

    Hi, I suspect the arm that flicks the reverse idler gear has come off the gear and the lever then cant return, I think you will have to strip the box, Dave
  3. ashtrans

    New LT230 ratios

    Hi all, a short note to make you aware we have recently taken delivery of two new LT230 ratios we have designed and made. One is 1.100 : 1, ideal for those with tuned TD5 Discos or tuned TDCi Defenders who 'want another gear' The other is 1 .301 : 1 ratio, good for those who have put bigger tyres on their Disco or TDCi Defender and find the 1.211 too high, or those with a TDi or TD5 Defender who want to gear it up a little but think the 1.2 ratio may make it a bit too high. please take a look and let me know what you think, New LT230 ratios the ratio calculator is quite useful to see the difference any changes will make : Ratio Calculator Dave Ashcroft Ashcroft Transmissions
  4. ashtrans

    ZF Auto at jaunty angle ?

    Hi, I dont know why it was clocked in Landrovers but it runs flat in most 2 wheel drive applications with a different sump, filter and oil pickup pipe, Dave
  5. Hi, if you are using the M57 and ZF 4HP22/24 see : https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/m57-bmw-engine-to-zf-kit.html Dave
  6. ashtrans

    R380 clutch wont disengage

    Do you have the short R380 or the ‘normal’ longer bellhousing 300 tdi type ?
  7. ashtrans

    Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Hi, not so much backlash, it’s the crown wheel runout that may need checking Dave
  8. ashtrans

    V8 R380 Differences - D1, D2 and P38

    you can use the D1 or D2 disco box to fit our adapter to along with the defender top housing, forget the P38, very different, Dave
  9. ashtrans

    Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Hi, once you have removed it, get it on a bench, remove the sump and give me a call and I will talk you through removing the gear, changing the intermediate bearings and dropping the gear back in, or you can stick it on a pallet and send it to me , if it just needs these 2 bearings, with new spacer and nut only about £75 parts and labour and about £60 return carriage, Dave 01582 496040
  10. ashtrans

    Transfer box

    Check for any front to back float in the intermediate gear, if it moves then the intermediate bearings have failed, quite a common failure
  11. ashtrans

    r380 leak

    Hi Richard, the LT77 is not the same as the oil pump is internal so cannot leak externally, Dave
  12. ashtrans

    r380 leak

    Hi, who was the collar from ? about 2 years ago we had some leaks which we found to be due to the poor surface finish on the collars so we now make our own with a much better surface finish, another area they can leak from is the oil pump, (often misdiagnosed as the mainsheet seal above) sometimes down the pump screws, sometimes around the outer O ring (can get cut if the pump does not go in true) and also sometimes from the gasket under the steel cover, always fit new, note the britpart pumps are good but the gaskets that come with them are not, we change them, Dave
  13. ashtrans

    HD drive flanges

    Hi, yes, ours are dearer but not £ 108 / corner, ours are £ 108 (inc VAT) for a pair, we don't have a huge margin on them, this is just what they cost with UK sourced EN24T and being machined in the UK, thanks, Dave
  14. ashtrans

    Locking a VCU

    Hi, not really, the diff is only locked if the viscous coupling has siezed, the rear is not locked to the drive constantly. think of it as the same as the LT230 in terms of it having a centre diff but instead of manually locking it, the VC does this by limiting the amount the diff can differentiate ie only allows a low speed difference in the diff side gears, (propshafts) Dave
  15. ashtrans

    R 380 Gearbox Whine

    Hi, it's not too bad, the hardest bit is removing the rear mainshaft collar, then the rear housing can be removed and you can then get to the bearings, You will find a PDF of the R380 manual online : Manual here I would ensure you only use bearings marked 'RHP' or our 'NKE' ones, there are 3 other brands, all of which are rubbish, will fail in 3-4 months Dave

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