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  1. Hello All been a while since I had my head in a landrover anyway was looking at a Disco today and was wondering if there was a site that would allow me to check the vehicle build history i.e. what it should have
  2. siggy


    ONly in london on weekends and have been meaning to
  3. siggy


    Although keep the ammeter for troubleshooting circuits etc and other faults
  4. siggy


    $26,000 CAD or £13,000 GBP plus shipping $4000 CAD or £2000 GBP shipping $2000 CAD or £1000 GBP purchase hmmm Plus I'm not really desparate to drive it so I can spend my time and make my vehicle thhe way I want it probably buy a disco instead
  5. siggy


    Yes It is to drive around in a unique vehicle!
  6. siggy


    Jules Well when you cant get them here and you fancy a project Mo Life well working for CN as a supervisor Ralph I'm planning on just wonder if the "BOSS" SWMBO will allow it
  7. Not been on for a while how is every body Not got a landy at the minute how much would a non runner defender 110 cost?? Probably minimum of 15 years old to import to Canada
  8. As I now recide in London Ont So if any one driving a solihull product finds themselves being waved at by a wierd looking chap in a silver/grey toyota echo....................That'll be me wave back Spotted a ivory white 109 in London tonight anybody on here?
  9. Tis ok I found it Here if anybody needs it here
  10. French Geezer "Sorry Mate I didn't see you stopped because I was to busy eating my stinking cheeze"
  11. By placing two identical resistors* in series across the 24V supply and tapping the centre you should be able to get 12V's so if you can't get 24V rated fans etc that might be an option * I mean rated the same i.e. 100 ohms with the same tolerances
  12. Can anybody remember the software program that was put on here (I think) that enabled you to create cones from flat sheet it showed the flat shape to cut out to create said cone and also the cone it will make I had it on my laptop along with other cad software but the laptop died and I lost the programs
  13. According to CTV facebook is a bit dodgey
  14. We've just re-inherited the wifes garden furniture, which has been stored in a friends garden for the last six years. Now some of the furniture has light surface rust. Now before we take it out and use it I would like to remove this rust. The area where it's rusted will be inaccessable to any form of tool removal/ sanding so I looking for a paint on rust eater that I can spray/paint over Back in the UK I'd have used this stuff What's available in Canada that's paint on/over. Preferably one that I can buy in small amounts and from a shop Many thanks
  15. siggy


    Just gotta find work then beg SWMBO for a project
  16. Would prefer the $4500 Cdn range
  17. To waspfarmer and tpb How much did you pay for them and where did you purchase them from I'm looking for a project
  18. Would that be a problem? if the engine number matches the invoice/customs dockets customs may ask what happened to the original if they know it should be 3.5L
  19. I suppose I now have to be a member in here aswell as the international forum seeing as I now recide in London Ontario So hello to all the chaps and chappesses in United States and Canada From the newest Canadian siggy
  20. From landrover enthusiast website................. This could be a bobtail (repeat) but # NO I DON'T * Oh Dear just have to go to billing then
  21. Pictures of The Double cab defender front, back, into the rear tub and side on without the canvas part If anybody has got any pictures can you post them up here Many thanks
  22. Well I got a house and I got cable and internet no phone yet there's a fast food franchise at every corner they haven't a clue about driving on the correct side of road as yet but I'll show them I have swopped my english licence for a canadian one took less than 30 minutes (no test)
  23. I certainly am this fine march morning Mister Henson Sir! And how is everything in the Old Country?
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