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  1. Valve block stripped,all pipe ports drilled and tapped to take 3/8 BSP pipe fittings.
  2. Pipes made. Made them longer than the originals so to avoid the awkward bends over the axle. I have some 10 mm stainless pipe to go into the valve block. I will post some pictures of them once fitted. Cost,less thanĀ£50 for everything.
  3. I have just decided to replace the rear pipes on the system,following a ruptured pipe. I was wondering if anyone has replaced the originals with made up units, a combination of metal and flexible hose. I have taken mine off and made a bypass on the valve block for now to keep the pump lubricated. Any pics or plans would be great. If I have any success I will post the outcome.
  4. All sorted. Battery fully charged and cranked with foot on the floor.
  5. Was running fine till I changed the filter,now it won't start! I have tried all the priming processes,still nothing. Can I tow start it? Will it sort out the issue? All and any suggestions welcomed.
  6. Is that it,I take it the hinges will be ok then?
  7. My doors are knackered I'm thinking of fitting Series lift ups instead of push buttons because they are cheaper. Are there any issues or will they fit straight on? Apart from the doors and locks , what will I need.
  8. 3 broken springs in the drive plate. All changed and back on the road.
  9. Spigot bush changed,wasn't worth not doing it. Tried to move it before, clutch isn't releasing for some reason. Looks like the box is going to have come out again.
  10. Don't believe this. Put it all back,bled off. Try to select reverse - heavy grinding. good firm pedal - what the hell is wrong with it.
  11. I'm not overly impressed with the suppliers either(landrover specialists) who I purchased both the original and replacement clutches from. I explained that the clutch had done little mileage and asked if they had any ideas as to why? No ideas, I did think they may have offered to send it back ,all they really wanted was to sell me a new one.
  12. Can you fit a 130 clutch to a 90 ? I have replaced it with another Borg & beck. I could understand the clutch going if I did a lot of towing or off road work but it doesn't. It's done the majority of its miles on road.
  13. Gearbox out. 2 broken springs in the drive plate. Not happy . Borg & beck clutch,less than 40'000 miles.
  14. Shuttle valve switch in the bottom of the abs censor.
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