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  1. Never change the pinion height on a used ring and pinion. A used gear set wears into a pattern. If you change the pinon height, it will run in a different spot and not work well.
  2. The problem is 20" wheels and no rear diff lock are counter to the entire purpose of what they had planned. They had wanted to maximize off road capability to show that you could get one that was good off road without being extremely expensive. They really missed the mark by accepting this one.
  3. I would suggest it is a lot of interest in watching it break down....
  4. It is not just the dealer. Land Rover corporate had the first vehicle moved to their own facility and flew in factory engineers to diagnose the problem. This is an engine that has been in production for years. Good luck repairing it in the bush.
  5. Injector size and position is different. Rocker assembly and valve cover is different. Thermostat housing connection is different. They can be interchanged if you do not mind adjusting things to accommodate the difference.
  6. Land Rover has (had?) all axles built by GKN. In 1995, Dana purchased GKN's axle group. Prior to that, Dana axles like the Salisbury where made by GKN under license for the UK market.
  7. If you want to do a good job run a cooling system flushing fluid, then flush out fully with clean water.
  8. The Bronco is much cheaper than a Defender and speced much more for off road. It will sell 20 times more than the Defender. The Defender is more a rich person's play thing. There will be little crossover.
  9. That is a big difference. Those are proper race car with very long suspension arms that prevent space for passengers. In a full body vehicle, the arms are very short and the travel very limited. That is the whole reason this entire thing is stupid. Huge money for a crappy race car and a crappy supercar. If you do not understand these basic concepts, that is pretty scary.
  10. I assume this was an inlet valve. What happens is you partially starve that cylinder but the fuel rates stay constant. The downside is that you have probably damaged that cylinder from excessive fuel washing. It does not take long.
  11. And two weeks with a factory engineer flown around the world and they can't fix it. What a fabulous machine to take deep into the bush. Maybe if you have a big YouTube channel, LR will long line in a repair team.
  12. This is double the price of even the crazy Defenders. Apples and oranges.
  13. Really? At that price point, I would expect a real race car. This is neither a proper race car, nor a road car. It is supercar money. I can't see the market, but who knows what super rich people decide is a good way to waste money.
  14. You think your brand new luxurymobile that you spent a normal person's yearly salary on should misfire and be ignored? Do you work for LR QC?
  15. It is not a "handful of Defenders". It is ALL of them. 100%. I've never seen a good truck come out of the UK. Other countries, they are usually fine. The UK, they are horrible. My question is to if this is so regulated, how does it appear to be so common that vehicles get certificates while being unsafe? You can't act like it is a rare thing.
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