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  1. White smoke is fuel or oil that gets in too late to burn. Either injected too late or engine oil getting into the exhaust.
  2. I will be not so confident. The exhaust ports are always under pressure other than maybe idle, so leakage is into the valve gallery, not oil out, so no white smoke. Intake only leaks in off boost and this would burn cleanly and you would not notice. This is not like a petrol with the intake running at how vacuum.
  3. Schrader valves do not use a standard thread size. It is specific to them.
  4. The crosshatching is gone. I would be doing the bottom end.
  5. So you are complaining about something that a company used to make at some point in the past?
  6. The bores are worn and need a refurb. Can't see any problems on the head gasket from the pictures shown. Is the oil in the pistons sump oil or diesel? I agree to look at doing the turbo seals.
  7. If it is LHD, you can't do this. Everything in that area just fits to clear the steering shaft. The spacer is ERR2375.
  8. That is the problem. The state of modern vehicle styling is horrid.
  9. Detroit locker and Ashcfroft halfshafts in the rear axle. Should be well under your budget and will make all the difference in the world. What tires do you have currently and what pressure were you running?
  10. The already poor D5 sales will drop so far that they will probably need to drop the model.
  11. Just shonky made in China with pot metal that may or may not resemble steel.
  12. I would guess he dropped off a ledge onto the arm looking at the location and type of failure.
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