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  1. It is not just that. They chose a size that does not exist. You can't buy a tire of that size anywhere.
  2. And tyres of a size that don't exist and you can't purchase anywhere. Makes a great idea to be in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I assume that you do not understand the definition of "wear". Obviously it can happen from contamination. But contamination aside, roller bearing failure modes do not include wear. Overloading or overlife use failures are from fatigue of the metal which leads to spalling of the surface. To the untrained, this may appear to be wear. Bearings are sized to a load and life that will leave them unchanged through their life period and will show not change in dimensions unless this load or life is exceeded as long as the lubricant is maintained and not contaminated. There is no "wear" of the parts. As to the design change shown above, they most likely changed as it is easier to setup the taper roller bearings. There is little thrust load, so the benefit is little from a bearing loading perspective.
  4. Roller bearings don't wear.... That is not a failure mode for them.
  5. Residential power supply here is 24 kW minimum with most new installs being 48 kW. No rural supply would be less than 48. Normal level 2 installs would be 7 to 12 kW. I've not heard it ever being an issue. The biggest issue with electric cars today is the cost. They are very expensive compared to ICE cars.
  6. They become rough because they have no extension travel left.
  7. Same carp marketing, slightly different editing. It is that kind of carp video that gets areas closed down. Bunch of idiots wrecking vehicles and the land.
  8. Red90


    That one. The Detroit Locker. You don't need an axle strengthening kit for what you are doing. That is for people that are racing and planning to jump.
  9. The rich people that buy these things only care if their neighbour is jealous of them having one or not. I'm not sure if there is anything there that would make them buy this instead of a RR.
  10. You said they should have launched it with this video. I'm saying that they did. This video came out at the same time as the product launch.
  11. Red90


    A Detroit locker in the Salisbury is the way to go. Very easy install and you won't know it is there other than having lots of traction. add a set of Ashcroft chrome- moly halfshafts and you will never break it.
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