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  1. Something in the shift mechanism has come loose. Open it up and look.
  2. Good lord. Do you have the shoes assembled correctly yet? Let's see a picture. As mentioned earlier, install all the springs to the shoes with one upper end disconnected. Put the assembly over the hub. Connect the upper spring. Now use a pry bar to get one shoe in place. Then switch to the other starting at the bottom. A proper pry bar is all that is needed. Make sure you understand the leading and trailing shoes per the pin location as detailed in my writeup.
  3. Make sure the shoes are on the right way. It is easy to get them mixed up and then the adjusters do not work properly. http://alre.club/Forum/index.php?topic=1253.msg8344#msg8344 The other possible problem is the pads backing off. That can happen with warped discs, or loose hub bearings.
  4. That normally means the drums are not adjusted properly.
  5. Red90

    front brake upgrade?

    I would be concerned with this. The reason for the short hard pipe is that it comes really close to the springs when you turn.
  6. Red90

    front brake upgrade?

    They all fit. There are only vented and non vented in one size. All the calipers bolt straight on. Simply change the calipers and discs or install spacers to the existing calipers. Discs: LR017952 Calipers: SEB500450 and SEB500460 Pads: SFP000260 Pin kit: STC8575
  7. Red90

    New product from xcess4x4

    The parts book says 110s with GVW over 3050 kg and all 130s prior to LA930435 (Drums). Should have a 21S for normal and 24S for HD. Then some V8 110s after and all 130s (Discs). 39S for normal and 38S for heavy duty.
  8. You do know, that you can buy the plastic reservoir on its own, right? Front is farthest from the servo.
  9. Red90

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Individually they will work. If all hooked up at the same time, you are back feeding power to the combined light circuits. The converter has diodes in it to prevent the back feeding. You need to find someone to look at it in person that understands electrics.
  10. Red90

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    Then you wired it incorrectly. The converter must work. It is all pretty simple. My best guess is the truck has a bad ground. It is very common as the light share a common ground that runs back to the single ground point on the bulkhead. You MUST use a converter to use a North American trailer. It is the only way it can work.
  11. Red90

    Trailer Adaptor: How Complicated Can it Be?

    You need a trailer light converter. Available at any auto parts store. you would have been better off asking in a North american forum...... https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/4-way-tail-light-converter/A-p8465841e http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/reese-towpower-tail-light-converter-8507900-0409898p.html
  12. I find it easiest to push the bulb holder from the back to get it out.
  13. The 255 is 3 phase. Not suitable for this. The smaller ones are multi voltage. You can plug them into a 120 or 208V or 240 V single phase supply and they will just work. They provide them with multiple plugs to work in different outlets. Most modern portable commercial welders work this way. North American standard residential wiring is 240 V split phase making 120 V or 240 V available. Commercial wiring is 480 or 600 V, 3 phase, with local transformers to supply low voltage at 120 V and 208 V, single phase.
  14. You would not want to being doing MIG welding in the field. You cannot have any wind and the surfaces must be completely spotless.
  15. Yes. All power steering boxes have the same internal design.

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