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  1. Red90

    Front Calipers

    Yes. They were never "meant" to have vented discs. Adding it is something people do, but it was never designed to work with them on purpose.
  2. Red90

    Front Calipers

    No rush. It would be nice one day to figure this out. There must be some variable that is not obvious.
  3. Red90

    Front Calipers

    Yes. This has been discussed before. Vented calipers on early hubs can hit each other. some people say they don't have the issue. Nobody seems to have figured out why. Western, can you look at yours and see how much clearance exists? Maybe take a picture.
  4. Red90

    Defender heater resistor???

    Here is a new link to a parts page and the part numbers. But....I don't believe that LR sells any of the resistors and harnesses anymore. I "assume" you would be UTP1904. I'm 90% sure it is discontinued. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1228/12822/13493/1050/13558 UTP1281 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ - (V)LA939975 ] UTP1904 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ (V)MA939976 - (V)WA159806 ] UTP1282 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ - (V)WA159806 ] JGK100170 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER 12V [ (V)XA159807 - (V)2A633474 ] JGK100160 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER 12V [ (V)XA159807 - (V)2A633474 ]
  5. Red90

    Heater size help

    If looking at comparison numbers, the stock heater is around 3 kW. One important item to deal with is the stock vent openings. They are too small for the stock heater. You need to plan to make them larger if you are planning a larger heater.
  6. Red90

    Import Help

    Contact Doug Crowther and let him handle the import. He has imported a thousand Defenders. http://www.dividingcreekimports.com/ As above, if it has a 19J, you will need to get an 11J back in there. Or just buy a different Defender. You can import any original 200TDI and some early 300TDIs.
  7. Red90

    VDO Vision Speedo - Mileages correction

    You can send it to VDO and they will set the odometer.
  8. Red90

    VDO boost gauge

    Okay. I didn't understand your original issue then. The olive must be deformed to seal. That is how it works.
  9. Red90

    VDO boost gauge

    The problem is you will have crushed the olive already. Olives are a single use item.
  10. Then ask them.
  11. You need the second page. Where exactly did you find that diagram?
  12. Red90

    VDO boost gauge

    The VDO tubing kit is part number 150-851. Cheap and not hard to find.
  13. Red90

    VDO boost gauge

    It is probably supposed to be 1/4" tube and not 6 mm.
  14. Red90

    Bleedin' Brakes!

    I pressure bleed every car. 20 psi. Never had an issue. Really the easiest way to do brakes and clutches.
  15. Red90

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    You are missing the point. They should be creating a vehicle that is better off road than the previous model AND better off road than any other vehicle being sold for road use today. It should be a world killer. They should be setting a new benchmark that other would need to catch up to. While still being acceptable to drive on road by today's standards. They are not doing that.

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