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  1. Yes. If they write a bad review, they are blacklisted and will never see a car again. I'm sure Land Rover was very careful in who to choose so as not to get in that situation.
  2. You are not going to argue, while continuing to argue with me. And then making personal attacks by calling me annoying. How about we agree that we are not going to agree?
  3. None of the journalists have any off road experience. Of course they are impressed. Every single person is impressed the first time they go off road. Without experience in other vehicles in driving off road, they can't provide any opinion whatsoever if these are good or bad. Secondly, I'm not being a cynic. They are paid by Land Rover. This trip is 100% funded by Land Rover. You are only chosen to come if you have said nice things in the past. If you ever want to drive one again, you will continue to say good things. Automotive journalism is always highly biased as they need to get the vehicle provided for free. In this case it is much worse as Land Rover also needed to pay for the entire trip.
  4. With them all being paid by LR to write them, you would hope so.
  5. Lots of men do not want to be at home with their families.... I saw a lot of guys push back against not being allowed to work at the office.
  6. Imagine needing to import 100% of your parts like me...... https://www.waytekwire.com/item/43919/Littelfuse-75600-04-Universal-Single-Motor/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cole-Hersee-75600-04-BX-12V-Electronic-Wire-Switch-Rot-W-W-Knob/264541150245?epid=1815162537&hash=item3d97e19c25:g:qXoAAOSwdkNd1u6d https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cole-Hersee-Boat-Windshield-Wiper-Switch-75600-01-Push-Button/193369183332?epid=1940311691&hash=item2d05b39464:g:BoYAAOSwwcJeYBal
  7. It can cause viral pneumonia directly, but most people dying are not from that directly. See this article from Harvard. https://www.jhltonline.org/article/S1053-2498(20)31473-X/fulltext The overall discussion is on Covid, but the sub discussion that you quoted me on was about whether or not it can be completely stopped or not.
  8. With this disease, it does not appear that the virus is killing many people directly. Studies show that it is your immune system attacking healthy cells what is killing people. By the time most people are in serious distress the virus has been killed off and your immune system is continuing to attack healthy cells. I can link papers on this if you wish. In any case, that was NOT what was being discussed. We were discussing whether or not the virus could be eliminated within a local area completely. smallfry was suggesting that it could hang around much like TB. It can't. It must have live carriers and those carriers will not hold it for more than two weeks.
  9. To be even more clear. TB is a bacteria. When you get it, most people's immune systems do not kill it. Most people show no symptoms and thus have and spread the bacteria for the rest of their lives. In addition, the bacteria can live for very long periods outside of a host. Sars-cov-2 is a virus. Everybody that gets the virus kills it off in two weeks. Past that point, there is no virus in that person. A virus is not alive and can't remain stable for more than a few days outside of a host.
  10. Try and read what I wrote. The reason TB does not go away is because it stays in people that are infected. That is NOT what Covid does. They are completely and totally unrelated things that have no analogies in any way whatsoever.
  11. It has no similarities to TB. TB is a bacterial infection that your body can't kill. Without antibiotics, it stays in your body forever, so you can pass it along. Covid is a virus. Everyone's body will kill the virus completely within two weeks and then it is gone.
  12. Well...not really. Once there are no cases in an area, there is no virus. It can't live outside a host for long. Then it is just a case of managing travelers. I think you guys are not really thinking the whole thing through very well. You do not go from complete lockdown to normal business in one day. They are much more advanced..... After the restrictions were relaxed, there was still strict control and monitoring. Masks to go anywhere. Limited people in buildings with permission. Temperatures measured on every person entering every building. Strict and continuous testing of any symptomatic people and aggressive contact tracing.
  13. Unfortunately no. A proper lockdown stops the spread and makes for less cases and a quicker end. They did not just slow it. They stopped it. In one night, they closed everything and controlled all movement. I have friends that have been there the whole time. They think we are all idiots for not taking this seriously.
  14. China shut down for six weeks. Place like the UK will be much longer as they are not behaving as nicely. These are the daily case counts for the UK. Just starting to see the steep part of exponential growth.
  15. Because they would be really hard to get in unless everything was really precisely machined. Having one, aligns the swivel and then the other six screw in with no problem. The system is well designed. Stop worrying about it. There should be no shear stress on the bolts in service when torqued properly. I only first mentioned it because clearly many people do not know. Most people work one side at a time, so can't have an issue. Some people do both at once and mix up the parts. This can cause an issue.
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