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  1. The shifters are in the wrong location because you used a Disco box. That does not help to determine the position of the transfer case, which is what is needed. Carefully measure the length of the propshafts, center of flange to flange and post up the numbers.
  2. Brass and stainless steel nuts on steel studs are a bad choice for a hot applications as they expand more than steel, thus loosen in service. The copper plated steel nuts mentioned here work well.
  3. Yes. They are copper plated steel nuts. Pure copper nuts would be a very bad idea.... Galvanizing does not work. Zinc melts at 420 C, well below typical exhaust temperature.
  4. I wear a mask when in any shops. It is no big deal. It is common to wear a mask at work all day long. People can manage for 15 minutes.
  5. I was simply providing data to clarify the statement that you had made earlier. You may believe the UK is reporting better than the US, but that is not supported by data. The number of non-Covid excess deaths is proportionally a little higher in the UK scaled for population and number of Covid deaths. That said, the UK is doing better currently, so a few months from now this may all change. As to you and others complaining about the subjects I'm discussing. You do not need to get involved. Getting angry and throwing insults is in no way productive. Beyond my first post which was a bit derogatory towards your country, the rest has been straightforward data presentation and analysis to clarify facts. I'm not sure of the point of getting angry at facts.
  6. There is a short hose on each side connecting the lower dash to the top vents. They just slip on with no clamps.
  7. Cool. I went and downloaded it. Based on that data, there is a statistically significant number of excess deaths for all of April that can not be accounted for where the "Deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate". This results in around 2 to 3000 per week. This is nearly identical to the trend seen in the CDC graph above. In any case, the general reporting trend is similar between the two jurisdictions so a comparison of per capita deaths is reasonable.
  8. If the old data had been adjusted then would there not be a step change in the death trends? As far as I can see, the overall death trends in most countries show a higher spike than can be accounted for by the reported Covid death number. The US data is quite transparent and I can't see the UK being any more accurate. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm
  9. The data that exists shows the UK under reported a bit worse than the US on a percentage basis. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/07/uk/coronavirus-uk-deaths-intl-gbr/index.html https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/21/world/coronavirus-missing-deaths.html
  10. This is true, but the UK is known to be under reporting deaths, so I doubt that is a factor. The UK under reporting rate is likely similar to the US. There are most likely countries that are miles off, but if we limit the comparison to modern western countries, the conclusions are valid. Officially the UK is only second to Belgium, who is over reporting deaths. It may all change as the US has entered wave 1.1 quite strongly.
  11. You guys really should not be too cocky about doing a good job with nearly twice the per capita deaths as the US and second only to Belgium in the world. Probably below Spain though as they are making up the data now.
  12. No further back. The 300TDI/R380 and all V8s have the gearbox mounted ~2" forward compared to the LT77.
  13. Red90

    T Seals

    So what exactly are the T seals sealing? There is clearly oil on both sides of the bearing cap.
  14. You seem to not be understand what I'm saying. The ONLY difference between a regular R380 and a stumpy R380 is the bellhousing and input shaft. You do not need to move the gearbox mounts when using an R380. You can leave it in the LT77 position and keep the tunnel as is.
  15. If you use the regular TD5 bellhousing, it is then a regular R380 and not a stumpy. A "stumpy" is an R380 with a short bellhousing and input shaft.
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