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  1. I'm sure the WRs will be better in snow and ice. The Vatiivas are not sold in Finland (it might be an old model). Finish Site. I don't know anyone with the Vatiivas, so can not be of any help. I know lots of people with WRs, and they are all happy. The only Discovery owner I know with Nokians has a second set of studded 10LTs, but that is not what you really need.
  2. I think Land Rover is making up words. "Loadage" is not a word used for coil springs. Like stated, it must refer to the maximum load acceptable on the spring. Bush65 has it all correct.
  3. Unless it gets cold where you live. Where do you live? In places that see below freezing... Engine: 5W-40 synthetic ACEA E5 or API CI-4. Gearbox: ATF or better to use a low viscosity MTF. All others 75W-90 gear oil.
  4. NGK Iridiums are the best. You asked for the best, so don't complain about the cost. But yes, the NGK V-grooves will work just as well in a Rover V8 although the Iridiums should last forever.
  5. See here The owner is a Land Rover enthusiast also.
  6. Not until he flips it on a climb.
  7. I use Contura III rocker switches. They are waterproof and have a modular design. They can by on/off, on/off/on, monetary, with or without light(s). They gang together. Really very nice and not expensive. Theya re the same ones used by ARB for their switches. This is the manufacturer's page. These are a couple on my dash. I bought them from Waytek, http://www.waytekwire.com/
  8. Red90


    Sure, lots of gauges for air pressure. Many use the VDO Vision series. They have a 150 psi mechanical one. Here are many options
  9. ?????? On a 90, the only thing you can adjust is the Toe. It looks like they changed castor and camber, which is not possible. I would be asking what they did. You can do the Toe adjustment yourself, very simple. Castor is usually low due to a lift. There are fixes but that involves modification. Camber can only change if the axle is bent.
  10. Yes, but all modern vents have little pressure relief valves in them. They shouldn't leak liquid in a rollover.
  11. No, you need to add it yourself. A bit of Aluminium welding required.
  12. Red90


    I had a quick read of the manual. There is no mention of brightness adjustment. I'm planning on mounting in the center gauge area (middle lower part of the dash). There is lots of depth there. It may depend on how new your Defender is as they have done many different things in that area over the years. One other thing. The model I quited does not appear to have the relay outputs. You need to get that as an option which increases the price somewhat.
  13. Red90


    For a 6mm TC, that response rate seems normal. There is nothing you can do but put in a smaller one. A 3mm unit will repsond 4 times faster. Ther eis no need for a 6mm unit, a 3mm 304 or 316SS sheathed type K TC will last forever in that application.
  14. Red90


    Not to bash that system, but I would seriously suggest using a 3mm thermocouple and not a 6mm one as is in that kit. The thermal inertia of a 6mm TC is too high to see short term peak. I design/build/operate high temperature process equipment for a living and this includes running a lot of test equipment so have a very good feeling for the reponse time of a thermocouple. 3mm is perfectly adequate for this installation and will give much better response.
  15. Red90


    The i32 gauges are 25.4 x 48 mm so take up less room than a 52 mm round gauge. The could also measure coolant temperature. Manual here
  16. Red90


    When I get one, I'll get an Omega DPi32-DC See here, $175USD or or 117 UKP or $240 CAD Very nice. Programmable alarms with digital outputs to run a buzzer if you like. The numbers change colour depending on alarm state. Maximum and minimum memory. Accept RTDs or TCs.
  17. See here. http://www.x-eng.co.uk/X-Brake.asp I have no experience with the product, but I'm sure someone will speak up.
  18. There you go. Just joined the other day,
  19. That's funny Tuko, who do you think I am????
  20. I will assume 16.5 mm which only makes sense for the Disco rear. This gives 210 lb/in until the tighter two coils touch, which will be after around 5" of compression. Once the lower two coils are touching you go to about 290 lb/in. The usual idea for these things is with the rig unloaded all coils are free and the lower spring rate in in place. When you load the truck up it should be enough to close the tight coils and increase the spring rate. IMO, it works well for most people who want to use the vehicle for play and work. It isn't the best for pure off roading as you tend to want a lighter rate throughout travel to get more travel.
  21. I don't have any data in my database. Tell you what. 1) Snap a picture of one so I can see the progression design. 2) Carefully count the coils, be as exact as possible. 3) Carefully measure the coil diameter with something accurate. Measure up/down and side/side as the forming process slightly ovallizes the coils. Based on iformation you provided so far, it is similar to NRC9462/3 but longer. It is important though to get an accurate coil diameter as that affects things quite a bit.
  22. Don't have the colour code. What is the part number?
  23. So that picture shows a dual rate spring. Similar but heavier than the NRC8044/5. An accurate measurement of the coil diameter will allow a guestimate of the rate.
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